Sunday, 22 April 2018

Dream Bigger... #DefinitelyPTE

Today I am going to tell you a story of Lakshmi. Lakshmi is a small town girl but her dreams are much bigger. She was not made to be bounded and live all her life in that small town. In fact, she was born to fly. She continuously made self-improvements and took baby steps to move ahead in life. She was a technical goof and read and learned every new thing she came across.

Lakhsmis dedication and eagerness made her technical knowledge too strong and soon she got an opportunity to work for a multinational company in a metropolitan city. It was a completely new life for her. She met many different types of people whom she never knew even existed. Some of them left her in awe due to their multi-talent. They spoke different languages all with an ace and Lakshmi, on the other hand, was from Hindi medium and hence could not communicate in English as well as others. Though she was lacking in this field, she had total confidence in her technical knowledge that she had gained since so many years. And honestly, nobody could beat her in that.

Days passed into weeks and weeks into months. Lakshmi was doing great in the project that she was assigned to. She impressed everyone in her team and almost major part of the project has been completed by her. She was extremely happy to have made her place in a completely new city, being from a small town, until that fateful day.

One day Lakshmi's team got to know that they are getting an excellent opportunity to fly to the United States of America in just a few days for the project that they were working on. Everyone in the team was super excited to know it. Lakshmi's happiness knew no bound that day. From a small town to a metropolitan city and from there to the USA that too in the span of few months gave her a big high. She slowly pats her back when she was isolated and made a little happy dance to herself. But, if only everything was so easily achieved.

On the same day later, their manager asked for their passport from the team for the future formalities. Lakshmi, in her excitement, collected her passport and almost ran to submit it. Her manager on seeing her with the passport, told her in a blank tone, that her passport was not needed as she was not going to the USA. She was shocked and asked the reason for this unfair treatment. The answer she got left her in shock once again. She was told that her English communication is not good and hence she is not nominated. All the hard work and her talent were brought down to nil just because of one factor. Lakshmi was shattered. Since she was from Hindi medium, she has never taken this one factor so seriously and that led her to this day today.

But, Laksmi was not someone who would remain bounded. This incident stirred something deep within her and she made her mind that this is not the place where she has to stop herself. From that day she decided that she will learn English and travel abroad on her own terms without being dependent on anyone. She began her research on how to grab a job abroad. It was at that time she came to know about the most important and mandatory factor to travel abroad. It was to pass English Test. She came to know that if this test is passed, it becomes easier to get into the companies abroad.

On reading more about it, she came across many English tests and was confused on which one to take. She compared every available test and then came to a conclusion that there was nothing better than Pearson PTE. And hence she would go for #DefinitelyPTE.

Who would not go for it? After all, it provides so many features like,

  • Multiple test centers present all across the world in more than 50 countries and still expanding.
  • You get multiple options to prepare for the tests in forms of practice materials developed by test developers. To have a look click here.
  • You get accurate assessments of your skill online with their scored practice tests.
  • An amazing access to practice with their interactive test tutorials, videos, and tips.
  • Recognised by a vast number of list of universities which also includes some of the highly prestigious institutions across the globe. Some of them are Standford University, Harward University, Imperial College London and there is a long list.
Lakshmi knew this was the best test for her. She quickly enrolled and selected the available center and dates as per her convenience and thereafter she knew that the door for multiple opportunities has opened for her. The practice materials provided by PTE helped her a lot to know more about the test. Her test date was approaching near and with that, even her confidence was increasing and this was because of the practice test online where she could check her real score after the mock test.

Lakshmi, also saw this interesting video to know what she can expect when she will be appearing in the test centers and was pre-prepared for everything before the tests.

And finally came the day of Lakshmis English test. She reached on said time to the center. Everything went on smoothly as due to the practice materials provided by PTE, Lakshmi knew beforehand what to expect and was totally prepared for it. It was hassle free test. She did well in all three sections which included Speaking and writing, reading and Listening which was for the duration of single three hours. She was also allowed to take a break of 10 minutes in between. This is how Lakshmi completed her test and was more than happy with her performance.

After the test, the wait for the result started. But this wait was not much longer as the results were announced in just 5 working days. Lakshmi cleared this test with flying colors as expected.

Thereafter, she began to apply for the jobs in the US. Now since she even had the Pearson PTE test passed, she did not find it that difficult to grab a job. And as we all know she was already technically strong. The only barrier she had was also cleared by taking this test and clearing it.

Now 6 months later, Lakshmi is working in Mountain View, California, US for one of the most sought company to work in the world. All thanks to #DefinitelyPTE.

When you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it - Poulo Coelho

Saturday, 7 April 2018

What is your take on lie?

Recently I got this question while scrolling down through my FB feed. It was asked by my bestest blog friend Izdiher. When I read this question I suddenly recalled my past experiences and the way how I had a deal with such situations.

So what is your take on lie? Especially when liars give explanation about something which you already know. This was her exact question.

I have decided to answer it here with the scenario when someone close to us lie unaware of the fact that we already knows the truth. To me, a lie is a overrated word. When we realize our close one is lying with us, our brain shuts down and just starts to judge the other person. We lose the control over our-self to understand his intentions of telling that lie.

When a person is lying to us he is either scared of hurting the other persons emotions or he is afraid of the drama that the other person is going to create which is far more to handle than a lie. Before we become angry on our loved ones for lying, it is must that we need to introspect by asking one simple question to our inner self. Did we give so much freedom to that person that he can trust and tell us the truth?

If not then we do not deserve to know each and every truth from the other person. This is the time when we need to start working on our self to be more better and accepting rather than being angry and making the other person feel guilty.

So readers... What is your take on lies? Do leave your response in the comments below.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Open Talk - A way to connect to the world!

Life is so short and there is so much to know and learn in this short period. Thankfully, in this era of the internet, we have so many mediums by which we can gain the knowledge of multiple things. There are articles, online courses, blogs, videos and the list is never ending. One can learn anything and everything he wants just by having an internet connection. But, despite all these mediums, there is one such simple thing which cannot be replaced no matter how many technologies come. And yes, that simple thing is nothing but communication. We human beings are designed to talk to each other and communicate by sharing our thoughts, rather than being restrained by just having a one-way interaction by reading or watching videos.

But talking to the same old people we know can help us for no good deal. Our thoughts and knowledge remains limited. So it's important to explore more and know new people across the world. And to this, all we need to do is install an app named 'OPEN TALK' on our phone and indulge yourself by being able to explore a whole new horizon. Open Talk is an app which not only helps us connect to the new people around the world, but it also helps us find like-minded people whom we could never have been able to connect otherwise. 

How to use the OPEN TALK App:

1) Download and install the Open Talk App from here.
2) Create your profile and select the topic of your interest from the below screen.

3) Click on Talk Now.

4) You instantly get connected to a new person from anywhere in the world with a similar interest as that of yours.

5) Once you are done with the talking and the call ends you can also rate the call with the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down with respect to your call experience.

Isn't it simple?

So guys what are you waiting for. Come on, grab up your phone and witness a whole new way of connecting to the world and knowing new people just with your fingertips with Open Talk.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Namaste Italy!!!

This is a true story based on a simple man named Mahendra who fought against all the odds and despite being knocked out by life ruthlessly, raised back to his feet stronger than before. A man who has set the best example that an Indian can achieve anything when stuck to his roots. Presently, Mahendra Mahi Sirsat is a successful entrepreneur in Italy who is spreading the Indian culture in a #MoreIndianThanYouThink way. 

So here it goes...

Nagpur, a small town in the Maharastra state is stuffed with rich Indian culture. The religious festivals are celebrated with a great zeal in this city and the various mythological temples and places have made Nagpur one among the auspicious city in India. It wouldn't be wrong to say that the Indian culture is in the air in Nagpur and hence every person who is born here has it running in his veins. 

Mahendra was born and brought up in this city, Nagpur. As a child, his mornings were spent doing yoga with his dad. His dad would proudly tell at home how Mahendra was a fast learner and did every poses perfectly even at such a young age. His evenings went playing the games like Gilli Danda and Goti in the streets of Nagpur. When the sun would set and the aroma of tempering from the curries and vegetables would linger the entire town, which was being prepared for dinner by the women of the house, his Aai (mother) would call out his name loudly but sweetly, asking him to get back home. Mahendra would run back to his small house to enjoy the hot and crispy bhaji made by his Aai, served along with spicy chutney and lots of love. The house that Mahendra lived was too small for his traditional joint family to fit in comfortably. He could sense his mother's adjustments and compromises even at such a young age. He used to say, 'When I will grow up, I will build a palace for you Aai'. His mother would ignore him with a smile thinking that he was just a child weaving dreams which will fade with the time. Being in a small town with such a sparse earnings as then, building even an average house was a distant dream.

Mahendra grew up but his dream of building a palace for his Aai did not vanish with time. In fact, it became even stronger with the every passing day. He spent many sleepless nights thinking different ways of making his dream come true but everything he did in Nagpur seemed like tiny droplets of dew in front of his vast ocean like dream.

One fine day in the late evening, Aai heard someone knock their house door. On opening the door, she found a thin young man with fair complexion and trimmed beard standing behind the door. He enquired for Mahendra and so she asked him to come inside and have a seat. His tall stature made him bend a little lower while entering their house. He took his seat on one of the plastic chair sitting in their modest but neat and tidy, dimly lit room. Mahendra came out of another room surprised to see some stranger asking for him. He strained his eyes to look at him and it took him a few seconds to realize that this man is none other than his old friend named Raghav, who had suddenly disappeared 10 years ago. When Mahendra had learned that even his parents had no idea where he has gone, he along with his other friends had searched him through every street and every corner of Nagpur for days and nights together. But all their efforts were in vain. Mahendra was excited to see him and even before he could say a word he hugged him tightly. The excitement in Raghav too was no less than Mahendra. Just as the old friends finished welcoming each other, Mahendra informed his Aai that he will be back in sometime and both left the house for a walk to their old usual place. Reaching there both the friends became nostalgic and laughed their hearts out recalling the naughty memories of their childhood until their eyes flooded with the uncontrollable happy tears. And then, for a moment, the sudden silence crept in between both of them. It was then when Raghav slowly began narrating his story.

He told him how one of his uncles spoke to his parents about taking Raghav to some European country but his parents being orthodox strictly denied it. But, it was too late as his uncle had already instilled the thought in Raghav and even he was dreaming of making it big. He then revealed how he and his uncle both hiding from the eyes of everyone made all the arrangements for getting a passport, visa and collecting the enough cash and fled to their dream destination one fine day. Within the first few days of reaching there, with few of his uncle's reference, he got a job as a cook in one of the restaurants and today after 10 years he has made enough earnings by which he can spend his entire life more than comfortably in Nagpur. Raghav was back to his roots now. Back to his home Nagpur never to go back again.

Mahendra's eyes sparkled listening to Raghav's story and he instantly knew what he has to do next. And above all, it all sounded so easy. He jumped excitingly and told Raghav that even he wants to go there and work. Raghav was more than happy to help him as much as he could. Mahendra went back to home and told his Aai about his conversation with his friend. With initial denials, Raghav convinced everyone at his home and within few months he arranged all that was required and finally set on his journey to Italy.

On reaching Italy, Mahendra checked into a modest hotel room with Raghav's guidance. He was exhilarated thinking about how easily everything was falling in its places. After all, until now everything was happening exactly the way it was planned. He spent that day exploring the city around. Italy did not fail to mesmerize him in the every step that he took. After getting back to his room that night, lying on his back and gazing at the ceiling he imagined himself sitting in his palace like a house with his Aai, eating hot and crispy bhaji made by her, served along with spicy chutney and lots of love. He recalled his childhood words 'When I will grow up, I will build a palace for you Aai' and fell asleep.

Mahendra woke up early morning next day and after finishing with his daily Yoga, he left his hotel in search of a job. He went to the employment registrar office as per the Italian rules to register his resume and other documents. He had a tough time communicating as none of them understood what he was trying to say. He somehow managed to complete all the formalities and his resume registered successfully. That was the day when his mind slowly began to register that it was not going to be as easy as he had thought. Tired he returned back to his hotel in the night. Lying on his back and gazing at the ceiling he consoled himself that it was just the first day and next morning would be better. He fell asleep with the words swirling in his mind again 'When I will grow up, I will build a palace for you Aai'.

Slowly the days turned into weeks and weeks into the month. One month had passed but yet, Mahendra was not getting any response for his job. His quick learning skills have helped him learn some of the basic Italian by now, by which he was able to communicate with the people around. His savings were all depleted rapidly and now he was left with no much cash. In just a few days later there came a time when he had to even leave his hotel and just wander the streets only to be disappointed by the end of the day. During nights he slept on the benches in the park, but the unbearable freezing cold of Italy knew no mercy. To avoid the cold, he used to cover himself under the debris of old newspapers. After doing his morning Yoga in the park, he would go to registrar office to inquire only to be disappointed by the end of the day. He was slowly losing hopes. But even the mere thought of returning back to Nagpur petrified him. The words 'When I will grow up, I will build a palace for you Aai' kept on resonating in his mind whenever he thought of giving up.

A few days later he was left with only a mere amount of cash which would be enough just for a weeks food supply. With a heavy heart, he was finally making his mind prepared to accept the reality and return back to India. That morning just like any other day, he finished with his daily yoga and was shocked to see a lady staring right into his face, as he opened his eyes. He hesitated a little and then questioned her, "Che cosa sta cercando?"(What are you looking for?). When she heard him speak Italian, her eyes glittered and she was visibly relaxed. At first, she apologized him, for her sudden appearance but then revealed how eager she was to know more about Yoga. She told him that she had read the benefits and seen videos on yoga on the internet and had always wanted to learn it and practice herself. After their conversation for a while, she came to know about Mahendra's struggle for a job. She thought for a while and offered him if he could teach her a yoga, she could pay him for it. Mahendra fumbled for words. To him, yoga was just a casual thing which he was doing since his childhood just as a daily routine. He had not even imagined in his distant dream that he could use it for his earning someday. He instantly agreed and started to teach her yoga immediately from the next morning, in the same park where they had met the previous day. Just as his first session was about to end, seeing them doing the yoga poses, there came an another man expressing his interest in yoga.

15 years later...

Mahendra now runs a yoga institute named Krishnalila in Turin, Italy and is quite popular among Italians. He has a huge number of Italians as his yoga students today. 


Apart from his regular yoga classes, Mahendra also plans trips for his yoga students to India during the festivals and let them experience Indian festivals in more Indian than you think way. 

And regarding his dream of building a Palace for his Aai in Nagpur. Here it is...

Photo credits: All the photos and videos used in this post are with Mr. Mahendra Sirsat's permission.
You can reach him at
Or he can be also reached on

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Some Lyrics Says It All...

If silence is beautiful, words are powerful. It is the power of words, by which listening to an old song sometimes evokes so many untouched emotions in you. The emotions which were buried deep under the piles of all the debris in your heart. The poor emotions which could not surface above, no matter how much they tried to. But, just one old song is capable of bringing back all the old memories associated with it like a hurricane and churn you inside out, leaving you shattered for a long after its gone. All we can do is collect the broken pieces once again and try to bind them together and make sense of it, even though it made no sense then, nor today.

One of my most unforgettable memories related to a song is from the last days in my Engineering hostel. The memory which is deeply carved in my heart. One evening I and my best friend Surabhi were lying on her bed together and listening to the random songs on her cell phone. One earphone was in my ear and she was using the other. Then the song began playing which we loved the most. It was the song Kahi Toh Hogi Woh from the movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Initially, we were enjoying the song and its soulful lyrics but as the song proceeded we both slowly became quite. Completely quite. So quite that in a few moments, the tears began welling up in our eyes and soon after we begun weeping like babies, hugging each other. No words were required in that moment to convey each other the reason for us to weep. The pain of separation which we were avoiding to accept was approaching soon. It was the magic of the song, that made a way to our pain to surface out, which we were avoiding.

The song whose every word was meant for us and our state of mind at that moment. From then, even after so many years have passed, this song has remained close to my heart. And I am sure it is equally important to my friend Surabhi as well.

And here it goes...

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Randomness!!! Awesomeness!!!

Blogging!!! It is something where you pour your hearts content and feel out of the world. This place is the world where you can shout and scream your inner thoughts, which otherwise no one would have heard in your real world. I have made many friends in this world of blogging. Though I had never met them in personal, they are more closer to me than most of the people I have met in real. To be specific Ifrah Iman from Pakistan, Saru Singhal from New York, Fida Bosu from Malysia, Akshay Kumar G from Bangalore, Mithlash Jha from Delhi, Rajgopalan Ratnaraj from Chicago. I am glad to have been met you lovely people on this journey. When I had started blogging 6 years back I was not knowing where I was heading to. I had not even imagined that our companionship is going to be for so long. Yes, there are times when I am stucked up with so many things that I cannot give time here, but that never means that I have forgotten this place.

Blogging makes me proud. I read the old short-stories written by me and they make me so happy. Blogging has shown me a complete different side of me, which I never knew even existed. What makes me more happier is that my readers remembering my older posts even now and reminding me to write more. The other day when I was video chatting with one of my Blog friend Ifrah, she reminded me of an old post which I had written 2 years back and I was so surprised to know that. According to her, I should write more short-stories. :) My husband constantly gave me reminders to write something; not that I had not tried. But, nothing worked out. There are so many incomplete things fallen in my drafts which I am not able to complete.

My readers must have been thinking that why am I blabbering so much today. It's just that I have been away for too long from this place.So I thought to write the random thoughts that are hitting my mind like a storm and make a fresh start. After all there is a weird Awesomeness in this Randomness. Isn't it??? So here it goes. I will be around more often. See you guys...

Monday, 2 May 2016

Life Through A Bamboo Plant's Eyes...

I was born once again on that day. It was a day of a new life for me. My happiness knew no bound when, finally a lovely lady adopted me, from that dull boring gift shop. I was a little Bamboo Plant then and was happy anticipating my life full of care and love from this lady. On reaching my new home, to my surprise, she handed me over to a man and said, "Hey Sweetheart, since you love plants, I have brought this gift for you". He took me in his hands and began examining me closely, touching the tender leaves of mine with his bare hands. I hesitated. I was scared that he might hurt the delicate stems of mine with his harsh manly hands. He placed me in a plastic container with some water in it and kept me on a window pane. 

With open arms, I began enjoying the fresh air that gave me a feeling of independence. The mild sunlight kept me warm and cozy. This was everything I had wished for, while I was at that lifeless gift shop. My life changed in just one day and that too in a beautiful way. He kept visiting me every alternate day and served me new fresh water. Now, I was no more scared of him. He also sprayed some water on me, that gave me the tickling sensation and I felt so much loved. His care and attention made me feel on the top of the world and I grew like never before. The new leaves begun sprouting out of me. I was on the cloud nine.

In between all these good things, there was something crawling continuously behind my mind. The lady who had brought me to this home, not even once looked at me, after that first day. I saw her often here and there, but forget about touching me, she dint even gave a mere glance at me. Every time she passed by the window, I would eagerly look forward to her little attention. But, that day never came. My heart ached. I longed for her to touch me at least once that would make me feel complete. After all, there were only two people in my entire world.

I had overheard them discussing about me once. 
He had said, "Have you looked at our Bamboo plant? It's growing up."
She replied disinterestedly, "Oh! Is it?"
"Why don't you ever water it?," He questioned. 
She said, "Everything in this home, which is green in color belongs to you honey". Breaking my heart into hundred pieces, she had revealed on that day, that she doesn't like plants.

Days passed into weeks and weeks into months. Everything was normal in my life until that fateful day. He was going out of town for a few days. Before going he had filled my bowl with lots of water. It was unusual. I was never been filled with so much of water before. While leaving, he casually informed her to water me. I don't know if her mind had registered what he had said. First two days passed and I was already missing him. I had thought at least his absence would bring her a bit closer to me. But, I was wrong. I remained as an unwanted lifeless thing in her life.

Four days passed and the summer heat ruthlessly began depleting the water from my bowl. I was worried. After a few more days there was no water left. Not even a drop. I was thirsty. The hot sun made it even more miserable. I wanted to scream and call her out for help. I was dying. She remained ignorant of my plight. Not that it was her mistake. It was just that I never came into her mind. Two more days passed and my green leaves began to dry. Few of them turned into brown and I became weaker. I thought I would spend my last days recalling the good times of my life. I closed my eyes and smiled reliving the days, from the first day when I was brought to this home and ever since showered with so much love from him. I missed him. 

Due to the lack of water content in me, I had become very weak and weightless. The breeze was shaking me and I couldn't hold myself for long. I fell down from the window pane on the floor, with the thud noise, along with the plastic container that was holding me. Listening to the noise, she came running and saw me fallen on the floor. She picked me up in a panic state and for the first time ever I saw the compassion in her eyes for me. She placed me back on the window pane and ran inside only to return back with a mug of water. She not only served me the water that day but she also spoke to me. She touched me with her soft hands and said, "I am so sorry dear". She sprayed me with lots of water and I drank till my hearts content. 

From that day onwards, something changed. I cannot remember a single day since then, when she did not come and checked me out. She began loving me. It did take a few days for me to recover, but it was all worth it. The happy news is that, I heard that even He will be back to home tomorrow. The more new green leaves have started emerging out of me. To my surprise now there is another little Bamboo plant sitting next to me. I have got a new companion. But, no doubt, they love me more. I have got a complete family now.