Monday, 25 July 2011

An Initiative For My New Interest...

Hi Readers.. 

As This Is My First Blog The First Thing I Would Like To Share Is How I Developed A New Interest In Blogging.. 

I Am An Active Reader Of My Pal's Blogs And Enjoy Reading It The Most..But Never Had An Idea About Blogging Myself And That's Because I Know I Am Not So Good In Writing..

But Today Morning While I Was Travelling From My Home To Office All Of A Sudden A Thought Striked My Mind.. So What If I Am Not So Good In Writing? Blog Is A Place To Express So Many Things Which You Have Kept Deep In Your Thoughts.. So "LETS START BLOGGING" [However Most Of The Initiative Thoughts Strike My Mind While I Travel :-P]..

And That's The Reason I Am Here With AN INITIATIVE FOR MY NEW INTEREST..

Lots More To Come And I Hope You Will Like It..