Thursday, 25 August 2011

Expectations... A Real Wierdest Word.

Expectations, Expectations, Expectations...............

Nowadays wherever we go, whomever we meet the most common thing we come across is Expectations.

Every time it makes me wonder, Why do people have so many expectations? Is having Expectations is really a worth?

Some people say to be successful in life one need to have high expectations and then try hard to achieve them. But, what when they are not able to achieve that height as they expected. Will they be able to take this failure in positive way? May be some people might take it in positive manner also but not everyone can. After all everyone are different and so is there thinking too.

Few days back I just shared a thought in my Facebook which was like "We Always get what we "DESERVE" and not what we "EXPECT"". It was really surprising to see that so many of them agreed with it. But, this again made me think that when people really agree with it then why do they have so many expectations.

Well, will I be ever able to find someone who has no expectations from anyone as I do???

Hmmmmm... :-) These are just thoughts which has no ending and this is what is making me think 
"Expectations... A Real Wierdest Word."

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  1. Ma'am as far as I think expectations is sweetest and cutest word because when we expect we create new and beautiful world inside us and it gives us a reason to smile most of the time. Problem arises when people are so attach to their expectation that When they dont get their desire result they feel sad or bad. So the problem is not with the word, problem is with person. Its like flipping a coin, sometime you may get head or sometime you may get tail.Both are the part of life.
    Overall nicely written..keep writing:)