Saturday, 15 October 2011

Lazy days...

Alarm rings at morning 7.00 AM and I snooze it (thinking Oh! I can sleep for some more time). It again rings at 7.30 AM and I again snoozes it thinking the same. Once again alarm starts ringing at 8.00AM and this time(Oh God! left with no option to snooze it)  manages to get up somehow. Have my shower and breakfast and till I get ready its 9.00AM (Oh No! I ll be late again). I run to the bus stop promising myself that from next morning I'll get up sharp at 7.00AM with the first ring of the alarm. Somehow manages to get into 9.10 AM bus. After getting into bus first thing to do is take out I-pod from my bag and start listening to my song collections and will be lost into my deep thoughts...

What made me change so much? I din't even realize when I turned from a naughty college going girl into boring serious girl.
Where has my cheerfulness lost? 
Things became so advanced that friends remained only in facebook, texts and phone calls. Can the span of two years in an atmosphere without friends change someone so much?
Same people who use to envy me for my bindaas nature are now surprised to see this change in me.
So have I become matured now? If being boring is matured then I would be happy staying immature, childish and crazy for ever.
As these lazy days are passing I am becoming more lazier and irresponsible because of my Mom's pamper. I never realized when I became so dependent on her who was so independent earlier.
Where is that girl lost who was interested in knowing about every new invention? Where is that girl lost who had spirit of struggling and achieving something? 
The girl who loved to freak out on every weekends  now like to stay at home the whole day. 
Where will this lead me?  Will I ever be able to become that cheerful bindaas girl to whom life was so carefree? 

Thinking all these things I reach office by 10.15AM and even today I find no good work to do here.I waste my time on social networking sites and leave my office at 5.30 PM, reach home by  7.00 PM, help mom in cooking for sometime, spend time on my laptop, than watch daily serials and sleep off thinking when are these lazy days going to end. 

Alarm rings at morning 7.00 AM again and I snooze it (thinking Oh! I can sleep for some more time) and this is how one more lazy day starts.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

In Memories of My Best Friend Veena...

It was when I was 8 years old. I use to stay along with my Aunt and Grani. My only best friend at that time was Veena. Veena, my Lovely CAT. I don't remember from when she was staying with me. I don't even remember why have I named her as Veena. But, the only thing I know is she was most closest friend of mine.

Every day when I came back from school with my school bag and water bottle it was Veena who came running and welcomed me with her affection.
Whenever I was happy,  it was Veena with whom I shared my happiness and she cherished in my joy.
Whenever I was sad, it was Veena with whom I shared my sadness and  she cried along with me.
Whenever Veena was hurt it would hurt me the most and I wept in her pain.

Veena... I can still remember her soft touch, her warm affection, her trust in me, her silent love, her sweet gesture. My days started wit Veena and ended with Veena. She had silently become my life, my best friend in my loneliness, who knew all the mistakes that I did as a kid.

It was one of the most worsetest night when I wished Veena goodnight and went to my bed. I still remember that morning so clearly when my aunt at around 7.00 am woke me up and said, "Veena is no more". My heart stopped beating for a while. For a moment I thought my aunt was lying to make me get up early. I just looked at my aunt and she told Veena fell in well which was next to my house. I went running to the well to see what has happened but could only helplessly see some people removing her dead body from the well.

What could I do now? I could do nothing other than crying looking at her. We become so helpless when God takes away someone we love. And the most worst part is God only take that person away from us and not the memories, which keep killing us every moment.

I kept crying for days together. I blamed God for taking my Veena away from me. The thought which I had during my childhood that everything I love God takes away from me became more stronger. Even after weeks I kept crying all alone remembering her, hiding my tears from my aunt. After all, this time I dint even had my best friend Veena with whom I use to share my sadness. I started skipping my food and became weak. I guess my aunt was silently observing all this and she told my uncle.

One day when I came back from school my uncle told me that Veena has come back. I cherished with joy and threw my school bag and water bottle and asked where she is? My uncle replied, that she is sitting under the cot. I bent down the cot and saw her starring at me. I lift my hand to touch her but she was scared of me. Then I realized no it was not Veena but some other cat my uncle has brought so that I can forget Veena.

This new cat has best eyes and was very beautiful. My aunt started calling her as Veena but I could not. So, I named her as Sini. I never shared my happiness or sadness with her and she never came running to me when i got back from school. My uncle has brought her in replacement of Veena but she could never take my Veena's place.

Some relationship's are always special and can never be replaced by anyone. Veena will always be that special one till my last breath. MISS YOU VEENA.

Monday, 3 October 2011

The Generation Gap...

A Small Conversation that I had with my Aayi (Grani, Mom's Mom) some years back when I got ready to go out with my friends.

AAYI :  What is that you are wearing?
ME     : My new Jeans and a Sleeveless top.
AAYI  :  But why are you wearing the clothes like a boy wear and where are the hands of your top?
ME     : Oh Aayi, this is the way nowadays most of the girls dress up.
AAYI  :  But I never dressed up like this and nor did your Mom. So from where did you learn
ME     : (In a hurry who had no answers for my Grani's questions with a sarcastic laugh)
             Bye Aayi :-)

Everyone amongst us must have gone through a similar kind a situation. May be with our grand parents or even with our parents. There is so many times when I buy certain dress and my friends love it, but my mom finds the same dress weird. This is the most common thing we all must have come across. The Television shows which we watch and our parents watch are so completely different. The same fight for remote control in everybody's house. And finally its we younger generation who compromises with the TV shows and ends the fight by silently handing over the remote to our parents. Why is that our likes and dislikes vary so much. Is this is what called as  THE GENERATION GAP?

Whenever I liked to do something during my High school days and if I was being restricted by my elder cousins I hated it. I use to think so backward and old fashioned my cousins are. But, now when my younger cousin who is studying in 7th standard wanted to create her Facebook account, I was the first person to restrict her in spite of knowing the fact that most of her classmates already has a FB account. OMG!!! What is wrong with me now???  Well, this restriction is just because of my own experience. I am thinking when I myself am so much addicted to FB then how much will she be, as she is now stepping into her teen age which is the best age to get distracted. Obviously, even she might be thinking the same about me as I am backward and old fashioned as I would think about my elder cousins.

I was allowed to use a cell phone from the time I joined my Graduation college and that too because it was a necessity as I was staying away from home at a hostel. But, now my younger cousin brother is using a cell phone right from the class 8th even after staying at home. He even has a personal computer with internet access. Is this the development in technology or a Generation Gap again?

If this is the case now itself then what will be our kids demand. May be they will demand for a cell phone right from the Kinder Garden. And when I did not allow my cousin to create a FB account, will I allow my kids to use a cell right from their KG class.? Or I will be among those strict sunkey Mother who screws all the freedom of her kids? How will they feel about me when all their other friends will use a cell phone but I would not permit them? Ohh Nooo..... Why am I thinking all this? When I have got so much of freedom from my Mom and when all my wishes have been fulfilled then obviously even my kids wishes also will be. No doubt.

After experiencing all these things the thoughts which I am getting is, the only reason why the elder generation restricts their younger generation is they care for them and so they don't want their younger generation to commit the same mistake as they themselves had once committed. But, it is only after falling one learn to stand. We learn  only after committing mistakes and we have to accept the fact that even our younger generation will learn from their own mistakes and not from our suggestions and restrictions. The more we restrict some one the tendency of that person to break the restriction also increases and its a human nature. So its good to be a friend to the younger generation rather then restricting them for each and everything. I think restriction can only make them hide the mistakes that they commit because of our fear and which may lead them in a wrong path.

The only way to understand both our elder as well as younger generation is that we need to keep our self in their shoes and think how would we react if we were to be in their place. Only then we will realize neither our elders who keeps questioning us are wrong and nor our younger's who keep committing mistakes are wrong. The only differences in all these people is nothing but THE GENERATION GAP..

Saturday, 1 October 2011

My Present Job... A Curse Or A Boon???

I always had so many complaints about my present job. May be this was because I had a dream of working in a MNC and not in a Government office. Unfortunately, being a 2009, Computer Science & Engineering passed out it was such a tough time to get placed during the time of recession. But, even during such a tough time when most of my batch mates were struggling to get placed, I luckily got a job so easily which had so many plus points. Plus points like my office was in my hometown, good designation, Mom made food, living at home and of course  a good payment (no private companies were paying so much for a fresher at the time of recession as much as my office offered me). Only a fool would refuse such an offer and I was not the one. So with out a second thought I jumped into it and this is how the story of my first job begins. 

So, now I had stepped into a journey of complete new experience. I started meeting some good people in this journey whom I will never forget in my lifetime and even met many irritating peoples too, whom I can never forget as well ;-P. From these day to day experiences i learnt a new lesson everyday which made me to understand people and life in a more better way. Well, initially I thought that I would have people around me at work place who has got similar thinking as that of mine, but here it was completely different. The most shocking thing for me was is and will always be is that even a highly qualified Officer with so many years of experience have to follow the orders of an illiterate politician who has no knowledge of anything which I hated from the core of my heart. I started hating such rules and regulations which had no sense at all.
So many wrong things keep happening around me everyday and there are none to stop them, as nobody think it is wrong. A very simple example I can give here is usage of Paper. I am very stingy while making use of office paper. I don't usually take printouts unless and until it is very necessary. But, they make fun of my this behavior at office. Even my boss asks me to take printouts of certain things which he wont even give a look and those papers directly go into his dustbin. If I say something regarding this my colleagues give a common comment " GOVERNMENT KA PAISA HAI, TU KYU TENSION LE RAHI HAI". I don't want to argue more with them on this matter because I believe in a policy "Live and Let Live, without interfering in anyone's business". Nor I want to protest against all these things and become a great personality. I am a common girl and happy with what I am. Hmmmm... if I keep on counting the negativities now then it will be a never ending list.

Well, now let me come to the advantages part. The most biggest and beautiful advantage of doing a job here is I got a chance to stay along with my Mom. Mom due to her work responsibilities could not stay with me since my childhood as she had to migrate from one place to other due to the frequent official transfers, she could not even take me along with her as it would effect my academics. So this was the first time in my lifetime, that is after 22 years of my  birth I started staying along with my mom. Its being almost 2 years now. This job has given me a chance to know my mom in more better way. The closeness that we share now was not there when we were not staying together.  I learnt so many good things from her which will be helpful to me throughout my life. Though there are lots of negative points in my job this one advantage puts a shadow over all the negativities.


Now when I question myself "My Present Job... A Curse Or A Boon???" My heart spontaneously answers me Yeah!!! It is a boon :-)