Saturday, 15 October 2011

Lazy days...

Alarm rings at morning 7.00 AM and I snooze it (thinking Oh! I can sleep for some more time). It again rings at 7.30 AM and I again snoozes it thinking the same. Once again alarm starts ringing at 8.00AM and this time(Oh God! left with no option to snooze it)  manages to get up somehow. Have my shower and breakfast and till I get ready its 9.00AM (Oh No! I ll be late again). I run to the bus stop promising myself that from next morning I'll get up sharp at 7.00AM with the first ring of the alarm. Somehow manages to get into 9.10 AM bus. After getting into bus first thing to do is take out I-pod from my bag and start listening to my song collections and will be lost into my deep thoughts...

What made me change so much? I din't even realize when I turned from a naughty college going girl into boring serious girl.
Where has my cheerfulness lost? 
Things became so advanced that friends remained only in facebook, texts and phone calls. Can the span of two years in an atmosphere without friends change someone so much?
Same people who use to envy me for my bindaas nature are now surprised to see this change in me.
So have I become matured now? If being boring is matured then I would be happy staying immature, childish and crazy for ever.
As these lazy days are passing I am becoming more lazier and irresponsible because of my Mom's pamper. I never realized when I became so dependent on her who was so independent earlier.
Where is that girl lost who was interested in knowing about every new invention? Where is that girl lost who had spirit of struggling and achieving something? 
The girl who loved to freak out on every weekends  now like to stay at home the whole day. 
Where will this lead me?  Will I ever be able to become that cheerful bindaas girl to whom life was so carefree? 

Thinking all these things I reach office by 10.15AM and even today I find no good work to do here.I waste my time on social networking sites and leave my office at 5.30 PM, reach home by  7.00 PM, help mom in cooking for sometime, spend time on my laptop, than watch daily serials and sleep off thinking when are these lazy days going to end. 

Alarm rings at morning 7.00 AM again and I snooze it (thinking Oh! I can sleep for some more time) and this is how one more lazy day starts.


  1. ya sonia i completely agree with u... Things will be happening only when we are adaptable. So stop breaking ur head everything will be fine once u meet a person with whom u can share same frequency at ur place..

  2. ya ur right surabhi.. but can't escape 4m my mood swings. dis was written wen my mood was off. But now m perfectly fine..

  3. Good Emotional Writer :(
    When ur mood Goes Off na.. U can write something on me 2 dear....

  4. @savi: Thanks 4 d appreciation dear. N i can write 1 whole book if i start writing on ur sweetness, care and strength and for dat i dun even hav to be in any frustration:)

  5. This post is quite contrary to your post "Little joys".

  6. @Mithlash: Well, U r right. What to do me n my mood swings. Can't escape from it :-P

  7. I can understand your point of view. After sometime, our lives become very mundane and we follow the same routine everyday.

    Hope you found that cheerful and bubbly Sonia again. :)

  8. @akshay: Well, i too hope for the same.. Thanks for reading:)

  9. truly said
    most of d frnds exist on FB only