Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Little Joys...

In this journey of life, when we are in the rat race for achieving something big, we ignore and forget to appreciate the small things which bring smile on our lips. Why do we always forget the fact that the happiness is not always in achieving the big things in life, but it also lies in enjoying those simple moments which give us the feeling of joy. We have so many countless complaints that God did not grant us the wish we desired but we never be grateful to God for those awesome small things that he has given us and made our life so beautiful.  

So, my this blog is dedicated to some of those small moments that gives me the joy of happiness. So in which small moments does the happiness lies? Lets check out few of them ;-)

Happiness lies when the first rain drops of the first rain falls on my face and I feel it with closed eyes and open arms.
Happiness lies when I sit at the window seat while travelling listening to my favorite songs and the naughty breeze tickles me by playing with my untied hairs.
Happiness lies when a small cute stranger kid smiles looking at me and tries to touch me as if it knows me from years together.
And OMG, how can I stop that wide smile spreading my face when i see my closest once name blinking on my cell phone.
Well, happiness also lies when I start getting infinite number of calls at midnight on my birthday and some of the stupid friends of mine talks all the stupid stuffs of the world and hangs the call without wishing me to irritate me. I love you all stupids for doing such crazy things that makes me smile even now when I think of it.
To me happiness lies when I see people's crazy dance on festivals like Ganesh Chaturti and Holi and I feel like joining them and dancing as if nobody is seeing me.
Happiness lies when I realize my friends are listening to a boring song along with me just because its my favorite.
Happiness lies when my friend Surabhi reads every blog of mine with so much of interest even though its pakavu and compliments me for my writing ;-)

Even though if we are in search and struggle for something big, we need to learn to identify these small moments from our life and feel it as much as we can. So readers, just take a small break from your busy life and think about those little moments that gives you joy and start enjoying its feeling to the fullest.


  1. your blogs r never pakau honey.... well happiness for me is reading your blog wid da eager nd smile on my lips... happiness for me is smiling even wider n thinking tht u never fail to mention my name in every blog u write nd happiness for me is always taking pride in sharing da same wid my hubby wid e1 more wider smile:Deeeee i love u n now i love ur blogs even more than u:)

  2. For true happiness lies in the smallest of things :) The stuff that makes you giggle, thumbs up for the same :)

    Love, ~Moonlight~ :)

    P.S: Thank you for your kind words for my writing. Feels loved.

  3. @~Moonlight~: The Best compliment ever is when u get it from the person you admire for the same. And here I got it from the one whom I admired :) Thank You,~Moonlight~ :)

  4. Very true!! People just miss out on those tiny little things which would bring in a lot more of happiness than those million dollar gifts!! Well said :)

  5. Every tiny thing in this world is wonderful creation of God. Glad that u liked my words.
    Thank You, Writing Bee :)

  6. Little joys are indeed necessary in our lives.
    Nicely written.

  7. @Uruj: Thanks for going through the post:)

  8. Well everyone is well aware of this little joy but prefer to ignore it, thinking if they shift their focus on these little joy they might miss their dream life. But I liked you still didn't loose your focus till now..Overall nicely n wisely written :) Keep writing:)

  9. @Mithlash: Hey m really glad u liked it. U made my day by these words:) Thanks a lot:)

  10. Very true. The smaller things in life gives us more happiness than the larger thing in life. Beautiful post Sonia. :)