Monday, 26 December 2011

Santa Claus Gifts...

Just yesterday the entire world celebrated Christmas. By now Santa Claus must have finished distributing his gifts to everyone. So what did Santa uncle gift you friends? 

Hmmm.. Let me tell you about his gifts for me :-)

Today morning as usual I was walking to my office after the bus droped me at the bus stand. After walking for a while my eyes all of a sudden got stuck on the little colourful  dolls which a old lady has kept on a table nearby her. It was the first time this old lady was sitting there as I had never seen these dolls on my way to office earlier. I kept walking and went few steps ahead but I realized that those little dolls were still on my mind. They were not ready to leave my mind and have grabbed all my attention just in 1 look. It was not possible for me to keep walking ignoring them. I turned back and went to that old lady sitting there and asked her,'Are they for sale?'. She replied,'Yes!'. (I immediately felt how stupid I was to ask this question. What else a old lady will do sitting besides a table full of dolls at morning).

Out of those so many colorful dolls I selected this one.  "A LITTLE ANGEL". I don't know the reason but I am very much fantasized about angels. I have a wish that some day I meet an angel in reality. :) But, till than I am happy with this one.

The second piece I selected is " A SWEET COUPLE" sitting holding each others hands. May be I picked it up thinking that its me and my Mr.Right. *Wink*.

These cute colorful dolls made my entire day beautiful. I am sure that while getting back home I will not find that old lady sitting there with the dolls. May be Santa has sent his gifts to me in this way. :-D

So readers, what do you say? Did you like them? :-D

First image of Christmas decoration from Goggle and other two images clicked by my cell.


  1. Awww the dolls look so sweet. And I too love angels! I hope some day I will have a tattoo of an angel :P!!!

  2. Those are cute pieces. Everything has a reason. Had your bus not left you behind, you would have missed out on these gifts.

    Thanks for dropping by my space and leaving your mark :)

  3. Hello my best wishes for these dates as indicated
    and for the new year arrives that your wishes are met
    Happy New Year 2012!.
    A hug.

  4. It's so much of fun to open gifts and to watch others smile as they open theirs :)

    Happy New Year to you :)

  5. @Writing Bee: Ya u r right angels r really beautiful. I hope u get a tattoo done soon :-P

    @Neha: U deserve it dear.. U looked d beautiful bride on ur big day:-)

    @Ricardo Miñana: Hey thanks a lot.. And happy new year to u too :)

    @♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫: U r like a little butterfly who keeps flying from 1 place to other in this entire blogsphere and making it more beautiful place. Thanks for all ur lovely comments dear.. Keep smiling :-)

  6. Those dolls are so cute. I didn't receive anything from Santa this year. But I did go on an awesome vacation! Hope that counts :)

  7. These dolls no doubt cute. Dont worry your angel is sitting right inside you and she keeps guiding you all the time to follow the right direction. So picking of angel is reflection of your subconcious. About couples dolls, dont worry your angel will help you to find Mr. right for you:)

    Keep writting:)

  8. @Gayatri: Hey dat surely counts. I feel Gifts r not only material things which v get from our loved once but it can even b such stuffs which give us happiness:) So Santa has gifted u with awesome vacation dis Christmas huh:) Lucky girl:) Cheers:)

  9. @Mithlash: Hey dats really very sweet of u. Dat is a very lovely comment:) Thanks a lot:)

  10. hey sweetheart - thanks for stopping by...

    wow lovely presents-
    happy new year to you as well.

    love xx

    following you - i would be glad if you follow me back :)

  11. Thank u Uruj and Shama :) These dolls which are resting on my computer table are also glad to c ur lovely comments for dem :-)