Friday, 20 January 2012


Today is one more day which I can list in one of the most embarrassing day in my life. In spite of being in such an embarrassing situation today, the mere thought of it is making me laugh on my stupidity.

This embarrassing time started with a phone call which I got this morning as I reached office. It was my colleague's call who asked me to hurry to the ground which was near to my office. On asking her the reason she told me that some competition is held there and so she wants me to come. Hearing this I got excited as I thought that there must be some competition in which kids would participate in singing or dancing or may be some rangoli competition which I could capture in my cell phone. Without a second thought I left office immediately and reached the place as told by her only to know that it was a complete different scene there from what I had expected it to be. 

To my shock it was not any easy participation but it was a women's throw ball competition of my office staff Vs some other office staff. Even before I was out of this shock they gave me another shock saying they want me to participate in it. My ear drums burst when I heard such a thing. All my efforts to deny it went it vain. A girl who was never involved in any outdoor sports even during the primary schooling was now a player in a team representing my office.  

A voice from my brain started taunting and teasing me with a wicked laugh *Khi Khi Khi Khi, Ab kya karegi Sonia?*

Within no time they instructed me the rules of the game and the game started. I was surprised to see a lady of age around 54 years who was so active and was playing so well and me being so young was standing numb like a statue looking here and there. I could not catch a single throw :-((. I heard my office political people commenting in Kannada, "Shaalege Hoglilva Ninu, Aata aadlilva? Ille direct appoint aagi bandiddiya?"(Din't you ever go to school and play? Are you directly appointed here?) I ignored them at that moment and prayed god to tear the earth wide open and engulf me inside it. I was just waiting eagerly for that embarrassing time to pass by soon and at last the game was finished.

Result was obvious. My office lost terribly. Well, its an understood fact that how can a team win if it has great players like me. :-P

I did nothing much there on ground rather than two or three failed attempts to catch the ball but I can sense that some of the bolts of my body parts are loosened and can even sense a little pain in my right leg too. I think I need a recharge after getting back home. Oh God why have I become so delicate or may be a better name would be dumb.:-/

So readers, have you ever been in such an awkward moment in your life? Then share it here in comments and lets laugh out hard and overcome that awkwardness which is still somewhere in our mind :-)

P.S: Just finished reading a book "Life is what you make it" by Preeti Shenoy. A very nice book with a inspiring story of Ankita's life. The author is capable to create the magic of words in this. I suggest every girl has to read this book. :)


  1. ha ha ha...I can imagine your situation. Though I love sports and can't do without them.

    Have you read 'Almost Single'? If not, get a copy. You will love it!

  2. well, an experience that you would cherish long!

    then...keep sharing the names of interesting books and also write a short review,like blurb.
    i love reading fiction.

  3. I am sure there have been many awkward moments in my life where I too have felt like the earth should open up and swallow me whole, but we should not be embarassed, God has created each one of us in a unique way. Maybe for you sports is not your thing, but I'll bet there are other things your very good at. Either way I applaud you for trying!

    You know I think it so cool that your office has these type of events, I wish my office had this.

  4. @Neha: I will surely try to get a copy and read it. Thank u:)

    @aishwarya: sure i ll keep sharing names of book and a short review of which i read. Thanks for following:)

    @Diana: its my pleasure to receive such a nice comment from you:) Thanks a lot dear:)

  5. Hmmm...I think today you did well by participating n you tried too. Loosing n winning should not be criteria to judge yourself or anyone...these situation comes when god wants you to come out from your comfort shell n be the different..if you think you are delicate make yourself strong..every embarassing moment is the learning oppotunity for you. Now dust yourself off n rock the world...keep writing:):)

  6. @Mithlash: Thanks for the inspiring words:)

  7. oh, that was unforgettable experienced! :) Same here, never tried in any sports activities at school because I'm dead when it comes to sports! LOL..:)

    By the way, I would like to thank you for visiting one of my blog and sharing comment as well.:) It was an honor for me..:) Thank you so much:) I would like to invite you to visit my other blog too if you have free time..:)

    May God bless you sweety!:)

  8. Thanks for sharing that embarrassing moment with us! Sports was never my forte in school either so I really can empathize with your situation. In spite of it all, you stayed and contributed your best so that makes you a winner, in my book :-)

    The book you listed here has caught my attention also! Sounds like a good one :-)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog and leave such an uplifting comment. I always *love* to see a new visitor and reader! Much appreciated!

    Take care and I'll see you soon here :-)
    Best Wishes,

  9. P.S. ~ I love the colors of your blog ~ my fav!!

    Your picture is so beautiful, Sonia :-)

  10. @Sagittarian: Thank u so much for the lovely comment.. I must say ur blogs are really beautiful.

    @~*Princesa Fiona*~: Hey Dear thanks a lot for the beautiful words.. U r a Princess of words and I love the evry word of ur blog.

    Thank u both for following me.. U both have made my day :)

  11. :-)))) Cute very cute. To tell you honestly, I have been in more embarassing situations that this, so I can relate to it. But hey i loveeee sports!!! :-)

  12. Once, during an office outing, I volunteered(!) to play volleyball in a beach resort. I played that game for a year, so I was confident of at least picking up the ball that came my way. This was about 3-4 years after I finished college/active playing.

    The game was on and one ball came to me, but it was quite short. I had to either jump forward to take it or leave it. Having been in such situations before and since it was beach mud, I thought no injury can happen and leaped forward with my hands in the front.

    Guess what, I took the ball perfectly and it even landed on the other side in a perfect no-man's land. We won the point and people were even clapping at my efforts. Perfect, hun?

    1 min, 5 min, 10 min passed and I was not able to get up! I had the worst back-sprain of my life and people had to lift me and take me back home! It was such an embarrassing situation that I stopped playing any game after that. Nah, I did not exercise :D

  13. @Jenny: Thank u so much dear..

    @RK: OMG.. Now that's sound more embarrassing moment then that of mine.. But dun stop playing games just cos of 1 such incident.. I am sure u ll do it great next time :)