Monday, 2 January 2012

Notice for Celebrating New Year...

It was since more than one month me and my cousins  were planning for New Year Party. This years New Year party meant a lot for us as one of my cousin is getting married this year and so probably we may not get a chance to celebrate this occasion together from now on wards. I promised my little cousin Aishu who was most excited amongst us for this party that I will take a leave on 31st and will reach my home town early morning and we will make all the arrangements.
The party was planned. It was a beach party with some good food, some games, gifts and other stuffs.

So, finally the day had come. It was 30th and I had to apply for the leave(I have saved some leaves so that I can easily get it on 31st), I completed all my work before afternoon and with full excitement I applied for a leave. And guess what??? My leave was not sanctioned. My heart broke into thousand pieces :-(How could I cancel the entire plan just because of my silly boss who did not grant me a leave? Neither I wanted to break my little cousin Aishu's heart who was waiting for me and nor I wanted to cancel the entire plan just because of me. I requested my boss that its really urgent and I have completed all the office work. But he replied with  a big NO. I told him since its an emergency I will have to go even if leave won't be granted. But, my stoned hearted boss did not agree. I told myself, *Leave ki toh aisi ki taisi, Maar goli office ko* and I bunked the office.

We enjoyed the  party to the fullest and welcomed the year wholeheartedly. 

So 1st was Sunday and I spent it enjoying with my lovely cousins and today is the 1st day of this year at my office. As I entered today morning I was been welcomed by a notice for being absent on 31st. Notice states that my 1 day salary will be deducted and I need to give a reply to it within 24 hours or strict action will be taken against me :-P

Well, this is how my new year has started. Now let me see what all this year has got for me along with it.:-)

A Very Happy New Year Readers:-) May this year brings a lot of good luck to u all:) Happy Blogging:-)

P.S:  After a long wait from and Bluedart couriers finally the book reached me today. Starting this year with the book Of Course I Love You..! I hope it is up to my expectations :-)


  1. I am very happy that you got one of the vital lesson of your life beginning of this year..this will become too long if I explain this... Accept your mistake n tell them from next time onward you'll inform them well in advance for any leave.. If you can plan your leave, you can plan your leave as well.. Chill n thanks to your angel who gave you the theme of the year-Learning:)... Keep writing :)

  2. @Mithlash: Yea u r right. I ll have to do that. But well I still have no regrets for wat I have done :-P cos I have spent a quality time with my family at d beginning of this year. N Thanks for u r comments. It really means a lot:)

  3. hope u had a gr8 new yr. :) And this is a nice way of kick starting the new yr.

  4. @☆ Rià ღ: :-P Yeah u r right. It was really a hard Kick :-P

  5. I love your blog.
    and hope 2012 bring lots of fun stuff for you.

    Stay bless.

  6. @♥●• İzdihër •●♥ : Thanks a lot:-)

  7. Aww...that's a sad start. Don't worry...let go of it and start afresh.
    Regarding leaves, either take a planned leave or fall sick. Taking a leave when not granted one is a full-on panga. Avoid that :)

    Hoping your new year gets better from here. Take care :)

  8. Hey Neha :) Dat's so sweet of u.. Thanks for the lovely comment:)

  9. Exams end on the 11th. So Il be back then :)
    Hope you're doing well!

  10. @♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ : Ok do well in exams and come back soon. We r waiting 4 u :-)

  11. Happy New Year and you got a wonderful blog here my friend, please submit your at our New! SB Blog Directory... see you my friend :)

  12. Happy New Year Sonia...You had great time...Do tell us about the book...

  13. @Saru Singhal: Wish u d same saru and thanks for dropping a comment:) Well abt d book its a first book of author Durjoy Dutta. The book focuses the actual lifestyle of Delhi youngsters, but lacks emotions and is full of lust in some initial contents. The character Debashish Roy (Deb) is a nightmare in any girls life when he is in college but as the story proceeds the author has done a good job. The journey of Deb from a careless college going guy into a caring person when his life gets screwed after his college completes is well written. And some of the last contents in book are really touching. Well, book is worth reading once:)

  14. :)
    It pays to do what you love to do. And it's worth every penny.

    Happy New Year!

    keep it goin;)