Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Najaane kab mithega yeh bebasi ka aalam
Najaane kab thamega yeh uljhano ka tufaan
Najaane kab bujhegi yeh sholon si jalan
Najaane kab milega ek pal bhar ka aaraam...

Ab saans bhi leti hu toh sene mein chubti hai
Dard itna hai ke yeh jaan nikalne ko tadapti hai
Ab na bardash hai in dhadkano ke shor ko sunna,
na or bardash hai in saanson ke boj ko uthana...

Najaane kab thairega yeh tadapta dil dhadakna
Najaane kab rukega in bebas sanson ka chalna...


  1. Hi Sonia, passing by to greet..:) I don't understand what's written but because of your friends comment,hmmmmm... I can say... beautiful also..:) muaaahhhhh..:)

  2. Hello Sonia..visiting you *hugs hugs*..I think it stated about her reflections of her life..I may not understand but I know the words written are beautiful because it was penned by a beautiful soul..passing by ;)

  3. Beautiful Sonia. You are so talented in both languages. :) Hope to read a Kannada poem soon from you. :)

  4. Wow.. simply brilliant. You brought out the emotion so well. And I really like the words you chose. Very intense. :)

  5. That was nicely penned poem, Sonia!

  6. @Sagittarian & Sie: I wish you both cud understand Hindi :-( Thanks for the Lovely words:)

    @Akshay: Akshay I wud surely like to try writing in Kannada but I dun have that grip on kannada words. Hmmm But I can write in my Mother Tongue Konkani for sure :-P

    @Raj: Thank U sooo much Raj.. I am glad u liked it.

    @Rahul Bhatia: Thank U sooo much :)

  7. Wonderful! I liked the title of the poem "Bebasi"...but I have question also,poem ka character itna bebas kyun hai and why the characters wants to die..?

    No doubt your Hindi is far better but kindly try to write the words in Hindi,it will look more beautiful..

  8. Thank you for your concern but now a days I am pretending to do hard work in office as appraisal is around the corner...:)

  9. @Mithlash: Oh glad that u liked it.. It has become a routine to get a comment from u and some of my otr blogger friends on every new post:) so I feel my post is incomplete if any one of u dun comment or visit my blog:-P And since i dint get a comment from u i got to know dat u weren't online these days.:)

    And regarding characters pain, its left on the readers assumptions. I hav just done an attempt to describe pain :-P

    Well, I may do mistake while writing hindi symbols.. And I dunno d method to use hindi symbols too.. Is there any software for it?

    And ya good luck for the appraisal :-)

  10. You can try google transliteration when you write there and press the space button it will automatically convert into Hindi word..

    Just try it!

    BTW Thanks for your wishes:)

  11. ना जाने कब मिटेगा ये बेबसी का आलम
    ना जाने कब थमेगा ये उलझनों का तूफ़ान
    ना जाने कब बुझेगी ये शोलो सी जलन
    ना जाने कब मिलेगा एक पल भर का आराम ...
    अब सांस भी लेती हु तो सिने में चुभती है
    दर्द इतना है के ये जान निकलने को तड़पती है
    अब न बर्दाश है इन धडकनों के शोर को सुनना ,
    न और बर्दाश है इन साँसों के बोझ को उठाना ...
    ना जाने कब थैरेगा यह तड़पता दिल धड़कना
    ना जाने कब रुकेगा इन बेबस सांसों का चलना
    ~सोनिया .

    Now see the beauty of Hindi:)

  12. Wowyy wow.. Thank u soo much Mithlash.. I even tried google transliteration.. And it works so good.. Thank u soo much and double thanks for these lovely hindi symbols.. I am editing my post now and re posting it with these magical symbols:) *BIG SMILES*

  13. Is it you in facebook profile pic?

  14. Hmmm copying the symbols and pasting it is a bad idea in my blog as the background of my blog is dark pink.. The preview looked bad wen i tried doing so.. Neways I ll try it some otr time.. Thank u soo much..:)

    Yea its me :-P Pic is taken in a candle light..:) But y wat hapnd?

  15. Following line and second paragraph is really beautiful.

    "Najaane kab milega ek pal bhar ka aaraam."

  16. lovely :) short one but expressed the emotion so well

    your MT is konkani?

  17. beautifully written

  18. @Ria: Thank u Ria:)

    @Saru: Thank u so much dear.. Ur comment means a lot to me:)

    @Sujatha: Hey Thank u.. N ya as my hometown is Karwar which is situated on the border of Goa and Karnataka, despite of being a Karnatakan our culture, language, food everything is highly influenced by Goa..

    @debajyoti: Thank u :) Glad u liked it:)

  19. Oey Hoeyyyyy...
    Kia baat hy aapki :) good poem ..
    Enjoy dear!

  20. hi Sonia.. so sad I can't understand but I'm sure it is lovely! I gave you an award, check it out!

  21. Beautiful and touching words :)

  22. @Fida: hey Thank u sooo much for the award dear:) It means a lot to me.. *hugs*

    Aisha: Thanks aisha.. Glad u liked it:)

  23. WOW! My hindi aint that good! But still I can understand!

    Catch me on FB:

  24. wow ...touched deep.

    nazron me kaid kiye hain wo lamhe
    ye raaste poochte hain kab aayenge wo humse milne!

  25. @Megha: Tanks:)

    @Mak: Hey dats indeed a lovely comment.. Thanks for that:)