Friday, 3 February 2012


Aaye ho tum,
Meri berang zindagi mein, Indradhanush ke saare rang chadaane
Meri sehmi dhadkan ko, Sangeet ke saare raag sunaane
Mere phike sapno mein, Sansaar ki saari mithaas bharne
Meri bejaan aatma ko, teri pavitrata se zinda karne
Mere sookhe mann ke aangann mein, teri maasumiyat ke phool sajaane
Aaye ho tum,
Meri niswarth mamata ko, Maa shabd se amar banaane


  1. OH MY! What a gorgeous opening photo!!! Wish I could understand the language but I'm sure it's beautiful because it's penned by you :-) ♥

  2. hello there, greeting from indonesia.
    although i don't understand the language, i think the baby is cute! i really love the flower baby picture :)
    do you edit it your self? that's ao lovely

    mind to visit my blog?

  3. ahay the pix is soooooooooo cute..I can't understand it Sonia but I think it has to do with being a mother..and I know it had very nice message with it..passing by with much love ;)

  4. Very beautiful poem. There is absolutely nothing in this world quite like a Mother's love. :)

  5. Nice use of words.

    Nicely expressed.

    Your Hindi is too Gud.

    I wonder from where u learnt this language.

    I guess this poetry is a fiction.

    Overall nicely written .....Keep writting:) :)

  6. The bond of a mother and a new born child :)
    The picture reminded me of Thumbelina :D
    Lovely lines :)

  7. HAHAHA.. Obviously it is a fiction Mithlash:)

    And I have learnt Hindi 4m our Bollywood and I just Love dis language:)

    Thanks for the appreciation:)

  8. Great work, i must say. Your poem on 'Mamata' which is about being a mother was fascinatingly amazing. Every mother would definitely go through same kind of experience the way you have described it. And all the words - music, colours..everthing goes with the poetry so perfectly.

  9. Love the pic and the post!!

  10. woww.. so serene and pure. exceptionally written. :)

  11. @Elvirah: Thats a lovely comment.. Thank u so much for dat:)

    @Rià: Thank u soo much:)

    @Raj: Thanks Raj.. Glad u liked it:)

  12. Wow! What a cute baby here! I love it! :) Muahhhh!! Thanks for sharing! Wish I can understand the language too,hehehe.. But, because of the image , for sure this post means a lot and a lovely as the baby here..:)

    Wonderful day to you! :) Muaahhh .. hug hug..:)

  13. Beautiful...I wrote 'Nine months and beyond' last year. I wish my words had the same warmth your words carry.

    Can you please post your hindi work in 'Hindi'. It would be all the more beautiful then...

  14. I did comment on your post. But now I can't see the comment anywhere :s Weird :P
    The pictures are lovely :) And yes, the look of a mother holding her child is just amazing :)
    Lovely poetry!

  15. @Sagittarian: Thats so nice of u to post such a cute comment even though u did not understand the language. This just show the sweetness u have in u:)

    Saru Singhal: Come on Saru ur words have a power in dem which can touch anybody's heart. Btw, thanks for such an wonderful comment:)
    And even I would love to write it in Hindi symbols but I don't know how to use them.. Is there any kinda software used?? Pls let me know..

    ♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ : I have got a comment of yours in my inbox of mail id but then I could not find it here in Bloggers.. Truely wierd :-P Anyways Thank u so much for commenting once again on my post..

  16. Hello! :)
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving positive comments. I am glad that you enjoyed my posts. It is always delighting to make an acquaintance with creative bloggers such as you.
    Have a nice day! :)

  17. Wah G baat hy apki..koe good news hy kia?
    All the best dear!

  18. Thank you for the wishes Khadija.. *Blush Blush*

    But koi Good news nahi hai.. Abhi toh mein Kunwaari hoon.. Just a poetry..

    Well, Thanks for the comment:)

  19. very nicely written
    being a mother is a whole different experience & you expressed it well in these lines

  20. Lovely poem! If you have such feelings even before having a child the I am sure that you are gonna dot over your future kid(s). Don't pamper them too much though. ;)
    Have a good day! :)

  21. Sorry, it's 'then' not 'the'. My bad. :P

  22. @Sujatha Sathya: Thank U Sujatha:)

    @Sui generis Writer: Initially I thought you are from some other country when I had visited your blog.. But you can understand Hindi so now I know that you from here itself.. Thanks for the beautiful comment:)

  23. I was dying to comment here.... Mamata sirf ma se hoti hai :) :) Lovely words...


  24. Haha ok. For once I thought that I might have forgotten to comment :P
    Thank you for your lovely comment too! I'm glad you liked the story :)

  25. Well, it's quite simple to get the translations. I visit many sites with unknown languages and hence I got accustomed to using transliteration packages.
    About my location, I intend to remain tight lipped. I have my reasons. You are free to assume though.
    I was just taking a stroll to my newly found blogs of interest, thus came the clarification.
    Have a nice day! :)

  26. @ Tanvi: Aahhh I am Glad that Finally you are able to comment on my post.. And Thanks a ton for your suggestions.. *Love* <3 <3 <3