Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I would dedicate this complete post to one of my dearest blogger friend Sie. Sie is a wonderful lady with a very sweet heart. The purity of her soul reflects in every post of her blog. The way she appreciates and encourages her other blogger friends is truely adorable.  Despite of facing so many difficulties and problems in her life she stand straight and fights with it and that is the most inspiring fact about this lovely lady. Even though she is so much worried and tensed she never forgets to shower her love on her friends and I feel really so lucky to meet someone like Sie in my life. Thanks for being there Sie :)

I don't know if I really deserve it or not but Sie has given me 3 awards and this has made me totally spell bound. You can see the awards here. I am so much overwhelmed by this that I don't know how to thank her for this sweet gifts of hers. Thanks would be a very small word for all the love that she has given me. Hey Sie, I wish a blessed life for you and may all the problems of your life disappear within a moment and you always stay happy all your life. Thank you :)  

My friends can visit sie here ✿Sie✿

Before I forward these awards to my friends I have to write 7 facts about myself. So the seven fact about me are,
1) I like to stay alone or can say that I like to spend my holiday or weekends alone at home in my own world just with TV and i-pod. Staying alone recharges me and I feel refreshed.
2) I can watch even 4 movies back to back in a day.
3) I love Cats.
4) I like cooking but not when I am alone. I like to cook when there is someone at least to taste it along with me.
5) Eating vegetarian food is big task for me. Totally addicted to non-veg food.
6) After getting back home from my office I watch all the Saas-Bahu serials on star plus. This shows I am a true Indian girl :-P *Blush Blush*
7) I can't be sad or depressed more then 1 hour. Well, I consider myself as a strong girl :-)

So these are some facts about me. So now its my turn to forward the awards that I have. So the award goes to...

Butterfly Award

Versatile Blogger Award 

                                                                 Words (Saru Singhal)
                                                   Little Moments Of Bliss (Serendipity)
                                                       What Matters Most (Sagittarian)
                                                       Conversations (Sujatha Sathya)
                                                                  Deeviations (:-Dee) 

Touching Hearts Blog Award

This award is been specially created by Sie for her friends and I would not share this award with anyone as this award is a token of friendship by Sie. But before placing this award in my site I have to answer the two questions which you can see here.

1) The best quality of me which I am proud of is that I am optimist.
2) I must not have touched any ones life but I am sure many a times I have brought a smile on my blogger friends face by my comments or post.

Thank  you once again Sie.. Keep Rocking :-)


  1. Congratulations on your awards, Sonia! This post was penned beautifully! Sie will love it! Thank you very much for considering me to be worthy of this *beautiful* award! I *love* it and especially because it is being presented to me by you!! Wishing you many more to come as you continue on your blogging journey :-) *hugs*

  2. Many many congratulations sonia :):)
    Thank You so much for awarding me with this awesome honour :)

    May you receive a thousand more :):)

    Love :*

  3. thank you so much Sonia..thank you for accepting the awards and most of all for accepting my friendship..I really appreciate it sooooooooooo much..we have similarities I love to cook and even if I get so emotional sometimes I can say I am optimistic too..often times when life gives me a heavy down pour all I can do is cry but after that saying I can do this..rising up and moving on again ;)

    Thank you again Sonia *hugs hugs* ;) I repeat it again you deserve it mwahhhhhhhh ;)

  4. thank you and Many Many Congratulations on all the awards Sonia :)

    the 7th point about you was really interesting

  5. Way to go Sonia...her's wishing you many many more.

    Glad to have found you.

  6. Congrats Sonia!! so happy for you ;)

  7. Congratulations Sonia for the awards, you truly deserve them. :) I wish you get many more in future. :)

    You know I also share the third fact with you. I love cats as well. And the first one too. Staying alone energizes me. :)

  8. Congratulations on these lovely awards Sonia:)May you get many more..

  9. Congratulations Sonia and thanks a ton dear...:) :) :)

  10. well congrats! seven fact about you is quite interesting...but beware of this saas-bahu serial...

  11. Congratulations :D
    You forgot to write speech ;)

  12. @Princesa: Thanks for accepting the award and pls keep dis award on ur site if u dont mind.

    @Serendipity: Thank u so much:)

    @Sie: Awww thats so sweet of u:) And Thank u once again for your sweetness and friendship:)

    @Sujatha: Oh u found it interesting huh.. Thanks for that:)

    @Kajal: Welcome to my world Kajal.. And Thank u so much:)

    @Fida: Hey Thank u dear:)

    @Akshay: Aww nice to know dat.. Its always feel good to know someone who is alike us.. Cheers for our likes akshay:)

    @Rahul: Thank u so much:)

    @Izdiher: And u r sweetheart :)

    @Saru : Thanks dear u deserve it:)

    @Mithlash: Hehe.. Cant help.. Its some kinda addition to watch daily soaps:)

    @Sunakshi: Thank u so much.. LOL.. yeah forgot to write a speech:P

  13. Hi Sonia..:) I was thinking now, where is my comment here?hehe, all I dropped my comment the day you shared me the award,hhaha but it's gone..Lol, Oh..:(

    Anyway,first let me congratulate you with my hug and kisses..:)muahhhhh!!! and like what I've wrote here before, it's a great honor to be one of your recipients.. I'm so happy!!:)

    Thank you so much Sonia! :) Thank you and thank you a bunch!!:) God bless you always! :)

  14. @Sagittarian : Ohh I guess technical error:) Hmm Thank u for commenting once again:) *Hugs*

  15. Congrats on the awards, the third one is so perfecto!!

  16. Congratulations to you on getting the awards... may you get many many more in your life... :)

    congrats to the others who got the awards especially the princess and sujatha :)

    and you know there are people in this world (me) who just enjoy tasting some good food :) after 5days of work, one can use a little bit of rest on weekends and stay fresh ...

  17. Hey thanks sooooo much for the award!!! :) Taking a bow!! :) Sorry for the late reply...

  18. WOW....awards!! They really make you feel so special and loved. Thank you so very much.

    God bless your friendship!!

  19. Sonia congratulations for the wonderful awards that you've got :) :) You surely touch hearts and bring a smile :) Bless you :) And yes I am grateful for that award too :) :)


  20. I know it's extremely late, but THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D