Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Unexpected Thrilling Journey...

This Saturday I was going to my hometown Karwar and I was again excited as always for that . But this time the excitement was to the peak as I was going to attend my cousin sister's engagement ceremony which was on Sunday. The journey to my hometown Karwar from my work place is around 5 hrs and the only way to travel is by a Government Bus.

The most common thing I observe is whenever I have plans to go to my hometown I will be flooded with so much of work that it gets impossible for me to leave office early. The last bus to Karwar was at 5.30PM and to catch it I again need to travel to a nearby place for half an hour by another bus. I completed all the work and left office at 4.15 and was sure that without any hurdles I would easily get into 5.30 bus. But, life would have been so simpler if everything would go smoothly according to our plan, right?

When I reached half a way I got to know that the streets were blocked due to some big politician's visit to the nearby village and due to which my bus had to take another route which was around 15 Kms long than the usual route and to my good luck the roads of that village were too in a very bad conditions. Only few minutes were remaining for 5.30 and my bus was moving with a speed of which even the cycle could have left it far behind if there was a race in between the both and my watch was running with a rocket speed. The bus some how managed to reach near to the place from where I had to catch my Karwar bus and that made me a little relieved now. But this was only for few seconds as I saw my Karwar bus crossing the bus I was in with the full speed. I screamed at the top of my voice, " Oh Nooooo... My bus" and hurried and asked conductor to stop the bus so that I can get down. But till I got down from the bus I was in, the Karwar bus has gone far away from my sight and there I was in the middle of the road standing numb not knowing what to do next.

I got disappointed as everybody were waiting for me at Karwar and leaving next day early morning was not at all a good thought. But all of a sudden an idea popped in my mind to chase the bus and catch it. But, it was a very filmy idea and chasing the bus wasn't that easy in a village like that. I again started thinking quickly that who can help me out now as by hook or crook I had to get into that bus and somehow reach Karwar. At that moment the only name that flashed in my mind was of my friend Raj.

Let me introduce Raj here. His name is Rajesh but we call him as Raj ( Naam toh suna hoga naa :-P ) He is working in one of the branch of my office in the same place where I was stuck in. Me and Raj met in a exam hall where we both had appeared for the job exam and we both together got appointment order too. Due to same job work we happened to meet many times in trainings and meetings. He is most naughtiest and most helping  among all the staff. He was the topic of fun for all of us 6 months back as he got married at the age of 24 years. And a guy getting married at such an young age isn't acceptable these days. The reason for his early marriage was his parents force as Raj was afraid of staying alone at home. He was least interested to get married but was left with no choice. But, now he is very happy with his marriage and  luckily his parents have chosen a perfect wife for him too. We all are happy for him :)

Well, now let me come back to where I was. Standing in the middle of the road I called him and asked him to come immediately with the bike. He did not get what I was trying to say but only he understood was that I was in hurry. Though he was busy with his work he came immediately like a real Hero. And than there our chase started.  I explained him everything on the way. We rode for more than 10 Kms and I could only recall Dhoom movie at that moment. Even after riding so much we could not find any trace of bus. He was loosing hope but I requested him to keep riding for some more time as I still had hopes of reaching Karwar. We enquired the people standing there on the streets of those little villages about the bus and they told that they saw the bus passing only sometime back. After covering some more distance I saw a bus and gave a sigh of relief, As we reached near to the bus I started showing my hand and making signs to stop the bus. The driver must have seen me through the rear view mirror and stopped it. I thanked Raj and in hurry I got into the bus happily.

This was a thrilling experience for me and so I wanted to preserve it in this digital diary of my life so that I can recall this thrilling incident and my victory of catching a bus which will bring a smile on my face even when I get old:-)

And Raj I would like to thank you a million times for helping me out to attend my cousins engagement. You have helped me when I needed it the most and so I can never repay it to you in any ways. So my this post is a very small gift for your big help. Thank you, Thank you soooooooo soooooooo much :-)

And next day I could attend my cousins engagement just because of Raj. Raj you are a real superhero. Stay Happy:-) 


  1. Kudos girl!!! You seriously managed to do it. Amazing!!

  2. That was a real time chase what they always say when you want to do something you can always find a way..I'm glad your safe too Sonia..that would have been so fast plus all the worries of least after all the hustles you can attend your cousin's smile now :)

  3. awwww what an experience!!! no wonder you wanted to preserve it forever in your digital diary :)

  4. Great and finally Mission accomplished:)Entry of Raj in this story increased the grace and the image of Dhoom 2 is the perfect image for this post..Ingredients of humour great...nicely and wisely you put all the essential ingredient which is making this dish absolutely delicious...:):) Keep Writting:)

  5. WoW! What an awesome story, Sonia! I'm so glad that you preserved it here :-) Raj sounds like an angel + a hero :-) So glad that you arrived at your intended destination on time! I loved the images you used here and have I mentioned how much I LOVE your blog? Oh, the colors are divine *wink* :-) x0x

  6. @Neha: Hey Thank you:)

    @~♥Sie♥~ : *smiles* for your lovely comment.. Ya ur right.. Achieving something after a long struggle is really too much fun.. Thank u:)

    @Sujatha Sathya: Thanks for the comment.. Along with preserving it here its also a way to Thank Raj:)

    @Mithlash: Hey Thank u sooo much for such a Yummy comment.. Glad you found it delicious wat I have cooked up here.*Big Smiles*

    @~*Princesa Fiona*~: Oh dear m flying on cloud nine after reading such a lovely comment from u.. Thank u soo much.. *LOVE*

  7. hmmmmm Dude Thank you so much that u dedicated me like

  8. Amazing post .Raj is really a super hero.Your posts always make me happy .

  9. hmm,,your blog posts are interesting, I need to catch some bunches of time to read it all..I like your writings girl..keep sharing1
    Thanks for your sweet comment at my blog!

  10. Quite exciting and I could feel the adrenalin rush...Doom shot is a great choice to lift the spirits of the post...

  11. @♥●• İzdihër •●♥: Thank u.. Hoping to c u more...

    @CREATIVE MIND: Thank u so much for taking time to comment here.

    @Saru Singhal: Thank u dear.. I feel glad wen I get a comment from u:)

  12. That is one thrilling experience. Your narrative style is really good Sonia. :)I'm glad you finally managed to attend your cousin's engagement after so much trouble.

  13. that's one kind of experience! your friend raj is awesome
    your blog is adorable dear :)

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  14. wow.. this one seems straight out of a movie. :) So exciting and great that you were able to catch the bus thanks to Raj. :) Nicely written.

  15. @Akshay Kumar G: Thank u so much.. M glad u liked it:)

    @Raj: Hey Thanks for reading Raj.. Ya its like a Bollywood scene:-P But yet it hapnd in reality.. It was a nice experience..

  16. dears thank you,,, i think . nothing

  17. Appreciate your presence of mind at panic situation Sonia. Very well scribbled.