Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My Childhood Through The Eyes of My Real Hero...

Its said that "If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older"

The most beautiful phase in every individuals life is their childhood. No matter how old we become but these childhood memories are like a treasure which always remain with us throughout our life as a sweet smile. Even the mere thought of childhood gives us a tickle and takes us to the flashback of those sweet memories. So how many of them remember these ice candies in the above photo which were sold just outside your school and no matter how many warnings your mother gave you not to eat it, you always had that one rupee in your pocket to buy these icy cold candies. 

Now just imagine, What if you get to re-live your entire childhood once again? Wouldn't that be awesome? But, is it really possible to re-live your childhood once again?  If somebody would have asked me this question then my answer would be definitely a big Yes... I have no idea about others but Yes I have something with me, a treasure, a gift, hmmm a most precious gift that is for a life time gifted by my real Hero, My DAD :-) 

My Dad has capsulated and insulated my entire childhood and its memories by capturing it in photos and making a album of it which will be with me till my last breath. Its my only pride possession which is very close to my heart and a most precious thing to me. Here, I am sharing some of the photos in this post.

During my childhood days there were no Digi-Cams by which u can take multiple number of pictures anytime. But the Kodak cameras were used with a roll which consisted a photographic film. Later these rolls were given to the studio and then the studio people would develop the photos out of the negatives generated from photographic films. Unlike digital  cameras there were no technique which could be used to date the photo. So as you can see in these pictures my dad has made use of the date seal to date each and every photo taken. Date seal is something which had a date marks on it as shown in the picture. On adjusting the wheels the required date could be obtained and then this date stamp had to be tapped to the ink pad and then tap it back immediately to the required sheet of paper on which you need the date marked. In my case, Dad used the similar to mark the date on each photo.

After inserting the photos in the transparent pockets of the album, he has sealed the open end of the pocket by a transparent sticking tape so that the photos doesn't come in contact with moisture contents and last longer or say forever :-) Isn't it lovely?

What could be more exiting then seeing the way you have dressed up with your little school bag and water bottle on the first day of your school. Yes, my dad has taken this picture on the first day of my school. I still remember I had cried the whole day in school but later was completely happy as my dad took me to beach after my school  and captured this photo of mine. How easily such little joys would make us forget our big pain with in fraction of seconds then.:)

Since I have been  born and brought up in a coastal area going to the beach at evening, on every alternate days as a kid was a routine. After playing in the water for sometime we would move towards the kids park and then playing in the park on the kids amusement toys would be like I have got the happiness of the entire world. My dad's encouragement to make me try some other amusement toys which according to me were very gaint at that time, always went in vain. As I always liked to play the girly games which included swings, seesaw, marry go round or catching catch with other kids playing in the park.

And the most best moment of the day would be while getting back home as I would get a chance to visit all the ice-cream and toy stalls which were just outside the beach, making good business by kids like me. And the happiness after getting something from the stall would have no bound. My dad would love to capture such moment in the photo like he has done after he bought this hand-made hat for me and I was on the top of the world, laughing uncontrollably with joy.

I remember the day so well when me and my mom went for shopping along with my aunt and I had liked this green dress which I am wearing in this photo. My like for this green dress was only because it had some kinda golden accessory pinned at the chest and to me it looked so attractive that I felt that there could be no other dress as beautiful as that on this whole planet. My mom did not buy it and instead took some other dress for me and we returned back to home. I was sad and was still missing the dress. But, to my surprise my dad came home with the same dress which mom had not bought even after I had insisted so much. My eyes sparkled and I was on cloud 9 knowing that the most beautiful dress of the world was mine now. And it was also the day of my victory and I  still remember so well, how I teased my mom by making animated actions with my one hand holding the dress in the other hand and dancing all around the room, screaming at the top of my voice. But i had wondered that day, how my dad got to know that I had liked that dress and brought it for me as he was not with us when I had went for shopping with mom and aunt. I still wonder even now about it, whether it was really a co-incidence or what was it, I still wonder :-)

As we know certain things never change with the age and one such thing in me is my love for cats. I love cats since I was a kid and I think this love is passed to me from my dad as he loved the cats too. Cats have always played an important role in my life since I was a kid. It has been my best friend from then till now with whom I have shared all my happiness, guilt, pain, worries or love and it has unconditionally loved me back too.

My dad passed away when I was 5 years old and along with that even me posing to the camera also stopped as no one else was interested to take my pictures after that. But even after almost 20 years, I can still feel his presence, his care, his affection, his love for his only princess through this gift of life time which he has created only for me. As much time me and my dad have spent together, is freezed in this album and will remain forever with me. This album not only connects me to my childhood but it also connects me to my dad :)

This post is specially written for The Kissan 100% Real Blogger Contest by indiblogger. You can see the post at indiblogger here.
Planning to go on a trip with Mummy if I win :)


  1. One of the most beautiful and nostalgic posts I have read. Lovely pictures, Sonia. I was wondering how you were so happy on your first day of school, later I got to know your Dad had taken you to the beach which made you happy. I never lived in a coastal area but I can feel your joy. And yeah we both share the love for cats, they are just amazing animals, showing unconditional love.

    I was really shocked to know about your Dad's passing when you were so young, made me really sad. But at least you have those priceless pictures with you and your Dad. Never lose them. They are really beautiful. :)

    All the best for the contest, Sonia. :)

  2. Superb post Sonia! You know what, my love for cats started because of my dad too.. He just love cats so much.. He'll be sitting and pat the cats while talking to them and I'll be joining him. And now I'm doing the same with my babies ;) hehe.. :))


  3. this is so sweet Sonia..I love my papa too and we share the same laughs..I am not that close to my Mom but I'll always be a papa's girl..my papa is so kind and caring..I'm sorry to hear of your dad's passing away but Sonia I know he is happy seeing you now and I know you made him more than proud to be his daughter..passing by Sonia *hugs* ;)

  4. Lovely post and photos here Sonia..:) Thanks for sharing.. Nothing can compare with the love that comes from our hero,as reading your post now, I feel how happy and proud of you with your father. You are blessed with a great father. Remembering your childhood days with him is a living rock that will not end and remain forever with you and your heart.

    You are so sweet and loving daughter that is why you were blessed with a hero that will stay in your heart forever.. Thanks a lot for this inspiration Sonia..:) Muaaahhhh!! God bless you and your whole family too..:) Keep smiling, keep sharing..:)

  5. An excellent memoir of emotions! The last paragraph made me really sad, but I am sure he is still there looking at you and your well being always.

  6. Awww...such a lovely post and the pictures were all stamped. You know, my nick name is Sonia. And, I hope you know Sonia is a French name which means wisdom...

    Sorry for your father's loss...

    It's such a warm read...

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you...:)

  7. @Akshay: To be honest it was a bit difficult for me to write this post. Many a times I got emotional while the memories flashed my mind. But chalta hai.:) Thank u so much Akshay and thanks for the wishes too:)

    @Fida: Tanks Fida. I like to take the cat on my lap and when we caress it on its neck with our fingers it lifts its neck up and allow us to do it, which is clear indication that even it feels good. Its feels soo nice.:) Isn't it??

    @Sie: Thank u so much Sie.. But now I am Mumma's girl. She is the best mother I feel:)

    @Sagittarian: Hey thanks for such a lovely comment dear. U made me a bit more emotional by saying so. Its so sweet of you for such kind words:)

    @Arnab: Hmmm even I am sure that he is around me. Thank u:)

    @Saru: Hey its so nice to know that we share the same name.. And yes I am aware that Sonia means Wisdom in french:) Thank u soo much for the wishes.. Its means a lot:) *hugs*

  8. Childhood memories really are the bestest time of our lives!! :) And always and forever embrace your Dad who still lives on in your lovely little heart! :) I loved all your pictures.They are so darn cute :)

  9. Wonderful post and deserve to win..
    I am surprised ye ice candy wahan par bhi milti thi..Kuch cheese kitni universal hoti hai
    The way your dad kept pics seems he was very organized and loved you very much.
    All the pics are lovely….btw catching catch is not girly game, it can be played by boys as well..
    Lucky you – beach is so common for you but excitement for me..I remember when I visited zuhu beach(Mumbai) last year, I wanted to settled in Mumbai.
    It also got me surprised how come your dad picked the same dress for you which you wanted to buy..
    Sorry for your father loss ….
    Your loved for cat is quite visible..
    Best of Luck for the contest and post deserve to win :):)

  10. @Jen: Thank u sooo much Jen:)

    @Mithlash: Hmmm even now I have these ice candies sometimes :-P Well, I thought foot ball or cricket are guys game. And ya beach is quite common for us and its quite near to my home too. I can just go to my apartment terrace and see beach whenever I feel like. Thanks for the wishes:)

  11. awesome post :)
    check my blog or follow sometimes :)



  13. awesome...
    i would prefer not to say anything for post for it's just incredible...

  14. Very beautiful and personal post! Good job! I love cats too.. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my post and voting for the same. Good luck with the contest

  15. wow how sweet and wonderful of your dad! the photos tell the journey of your life - those 5 precious years you had with him. and i am sure he is still with you

    """me posing to the camera also stopped as no one else was interested to take my pictures after that. """ that was a bit sad line

  16. wow... this is such a sweet post. :) Gave me absolute nostalgia. I was really touched by the efforts your dad had taken for the photos by dating them and sealing them to keep them intact. And those were some lovely pictures worth treasuring. Going to beach almost every evening was my routine too. :) And I used to love those ice candies too. :) I was really sad for your father's loss. But I am sure he will be with you forever.

  17. @Tino: Hey thanks for passing by my blog. U have a wonderful blog to. The pictures are just awesome:)

    @izdiher: Thank u sweet heart :) *love*

    @Sumukh: Thanks sumukh.. Even if u have preferred not to say anything this small comment of yours have spoken thousand words of appreciation. Thanks a lots:)

    @SRS: Thank u so much:) Glad u liked it too:)

    @Sujatha: Thanks dear:) Ya its a fact..

    @Raj: Nice to know dat u too spent your childhood near beach. And ya most of the kids love eating these ice candies:-P Thanks Raj:)

  18. Sonia, your dad would have been so proud to read this. Am sure his soul would be a happy one.
    Fantastically written. I do remeber those ice candies :).

  19. beautiful tribute to your hero and a lovely visit back to your childhood too!

    best wishes for the contest!!

  20. Hey, how have you been? You have an award on my blog :) Take care

  21. This is so full of meaning, this post. And adorable. And all those pictures with your dad. Sigh. You are a beautiful person.

  22. Wow.. you not just brought those memories of urs but mine too..! what a lovely smiling kid you were.. the transition from the innocence was so very cute and i love cats too..!

    So sad about your dad.. he is a genius.. and lives in your mind..

    keep writing dear.. and all the best! :)

  23. @Mak: Thank u soo much Mak.. Glad u liked it:)

    @Savita: Thank Savi:)

    @Magic Eye: Thank u :)

    @Neha: Hey dats so sweet of u dear.. Thank u soo much.. Feeling honored:).

    @Zeba: Hey dats such a sweet comment sweetie:) *hugs*

    @KP: Hey Thank u sooo much KrishnaPriya.. I love your name:)
    I am glad that to receive a comment from you dear.. It really means a lot to me.. *love*

  24. It really take some guts to lay bare open to the entire world, the most intimate and innocent details of one's childhood !
    I will be too overcome with emotions for even thinking about such an undertaking; but you have managed to pull it off with such panache and frank intimacy !
    Respect - Heartfelt respect....

  25. Such cute pictures :)
    A father is indeed a Hero for us :) The perfect man, who loves us unconditionally.
    Lovely post :) How I wish I could be a child once again..

  26. A very sweet post, Sonia! Best of luck for the contest:)