Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Izdiher has tagged me in her post which u can see here and I need to follow certain rules that are set and  I have to answer her questions as well in my post. Well, Izdiher do not need any introduction as she is so much popular in Blogosphere. If you are still unaware of this extremely lovely Pakistani Girl then you can visit here here. The more you will read her the more you will like her and her frank writing.

Writing bee has also tagged me in her post and so I have combined even her questions in this post. U can see her questions here. Her blog's name is Confession of a Life-a-holic which you can visit here. She writes in a very cute way. Her fictional stories will definitely make you fall in love with her writing. Do visit her and check it out. Well, let me start with the tough work now.

11 Facts about me:- 
1) I  love sleeping.
2) I like experimenting with new recipes in kitchen and my experiments are mostly successful.
3) I got my nose pierced when I was 12 years old. No its not for fashion, its our tradition.
4) I am a only daughter. I have no siblings.
5) My mother tongue is Konkani. Besides that I can talk, read and write in four other languages like English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi.
6) I am proud that I am born in one of  the beautiful small town called Karwar. Don't believe me? Then you can see the images of my hometown here.
7) I am crazy about Ranbir Kapoor. Well, not exactly. I think crazy would be a wrong word. I just like him on screen.
8) I don't like shopping as much as usually a girl is supposed to like.
9) I love to dress myself in a Saree but only occasionally.
10) I don't like using a lot of make up. But I do use a eye kajal and  lip gel.
11) Uupss.. Taking a sigh of relief as I have finished writing a most toughest task to write 11 facts about myself.

Answers to the questions of Izi:-
1) You look like?
A: Obviously, I look like a girl.

2) You live like?
A: I live a simple life as I spend my day in my office and evening after getting back to home I spend time with my Mom, I watch TV and after having dinner I sleep off.

3) Where are your keys?
A: Sorry, I don't run by keys. ;-) Well, my house keys are in my bag.

4) How much money do you have in your pocket at a moment?
A: Right now I am wearing a Salwar Kameez so I don't have a pocket.

5) You love those places where?
A:  I love those places where there is peace. 

6) Where is Africa?
A: Definitely on planet earth :-)

7) You are hooked on?
A: Right now to Chetan Bhagats novel 2 states.

8) What came first egg or hen?
A: A crow which laid an egg and hen came out of it.. Believe it or not ;-)

9) Why zebra wear stripped dress?
A: Because it doesn't like to wear a coloured dress.

10) Why sun is yellow?
A: Yellow? Are you sure its yellow?

11) Your dream BF/GF is?
A: *blush-blush* For that I have written one whole post.. You can read it here.

Answers to the questions of Bee:-

1) Your favorite colour and why?
A: Black. Because any thing in black looks attractive whether its dress, foot wear, bags, hair accessories, laptop, cell phone and the list goes on...

2) Do you agree with the concept of eloping with your guy/girl without the knowledge of your parents?
A: No I don't agree with it. I believe in love but I also believe that our parents and their happiness comes first.

3)The most memorable moment of your life?
A: Its the memories of the time which I had spent with my friends at hostel.

4) Would you rather live life adventurously taking risks whenever possible, or would you prefer living a peace and quiet life?
A: Would prefer a peaceful and a quite life.

5) An incident that changed your life?
A: The day I passed out and left my college my life changed drastically.

6) Bed coffee, coffee with newspaper or coffee along with the breakfast?
A: Coffee along with breakfast.

7) Have you ever been compared to a person you never thought you had any resemblance to? If so who?
A: Yes,  Mrs. Sakshi Dhoni. ( Cricket player Dhoni's wife).

8) A dream yet to be fulfilled but hope to be completed soon?
A: To learn driving a four wheeler.

9) Something you miss from your childhood?
A: My 3-wheeler cycle :-)

10) Nail painted leg or Mehendi scented hands?
A: Mehendi scented hands.

11) One person you cannot live with out?
A: Mummy.

My Questions:-
1) What is your favorite past time?
2) What food do u like to have?
3) Colour of your outwears that you are wearing right now?
4) What is that which makes you angry?
5) What all are you carrying in your wallet/purse?
6) How will you react if you all of a sudden get a call from your childhood best friend after 20 years?
7) If you are given a chance to be invisible for a day then what would you do?
8) If you get a chance to hit some one hard then who would it be?
9) If you get an Aladin ka Chirag( A wish Lamp) then what 3 wishes would you ask for?
10) The celebrity you hate the most?
11) What did you eat yesterday in dinner?

So these 11 friends of mine are been tagged:-
9) Raj
11) Izdiher (Well, Izi.. Rules are made to be broken) ;-)

1) Post 11 random facts about yourself.
2) Answer the 11 questions I asked.
3) Tag 11 other bloggers and create 11 other questions for them to answer.
4) Inform those that you have tagged them.

Have a good day Friends :-)


  1. I like the answer to the 8th question. Thanks for tagging me along. Fun post...:)

  2. Hi, passing by..:)I love all your answers..:) Nice knowing more about you Sonia..:) Hugs..:)

  3. oh my Sonia we have lots of similarities..I am an only child, I love cooking, I also don't shop and shop, I just go to the mall often to do groceries, I am not also into make-up, and I like to sleep a lot too..

    thank you for sharing Sonia..I love your answers..so YOU ;)

  4. Saru: Hehehe.. Thank u:)

    Sagittarian: Hugs Back.. Thank u dear:)

    Sie: Oh its so nice to know that we are so similar friend. Love you too :-*

  5. Hehe.. thanks for tagging me? ;) been working on the post the whole noon ;)was having fun n headache too lolz..

  6. Hey ^.^ Nice to meet your blog yay! =) Thanks for sharing. Take care

  7. I love the 11 'fact' about you :P!!! And I hope you attain your four wheeler drivers license soon :)!!
    I think Sakshi Dhoni looks really cute. At times actually!!

  8. first tag...
    i don't know whether i would be writing a return post.i am very bad at explaining myself..

    anyway thank you for tag..

  9. :) It was very interesting to read the 11 facts about you. Small towns have their unique charm. :)

    It was fun reading all your answers to the questions. You have a nice sense of humor.

    And thank you so much for the tag. :)

  10. @ Vatinam+
    Wish you a good day and full of joy...

  11. @Fida: Thanks for taking time and answering my tag. I enjoyed the 11 facts abt u:)

    @Dana: Thank u so much:)

    @Writing Bee: Thanks for the tag Bee. And I enjoyed answering your questions:)

    @Sumukh Bansal.. Well, for that all I can say is you can try and I am sure u ll be good and u ll enjoy writing this post. By such games only we can know each other a bit more as a person.

    @Raj: Thanks for the compliments Raj. This was the honest attempt to answer whatever came in my mind 1st after reading the question. Just like a rapid fire round:) Glad u liked it.

    @Pham: Thank U and wish u d same:)

  12. How fun!! I enjoy the post,,Izrehar is shoo shweeet..
    Enjoy Larkio *(*

  13. Nicely done! :) And i like ur answers.

  14. Lovely answers dear and thanks a lot for tagging me. Sorry not been able to come online since the past few days and you know the reason very well.

  15. @Khadija: Shukriya Ji:)

    @Ria: Hey Thanks Ria.. I M glad:)

    @Akshay: Yes I do know Akshay.. :) Never mind:) Keep the focus on your goal and ya take care too:)

  16. this was a fun post and nice to know some more things about you Sonia

    btw,nice DP pic

  17. 2nd fact about you is interesting...lucky you you always succeed with your experiment and here I always repent on my experiment.

    Good to know You have controll on four other languages apart from MT, is quite appreciable.

    your 8th fact is also gud rather different indeed:)

    About your 10th point: You dont required any make up, your smile is enough to create positive vibe.

    Thank you so much for tagging me along and very smartly you answered everything...

    Its good to know more about you...Keep writing:)

  18. Awww... Dats such a lovely comment.. Thank u Mithlash:)

  19. Hen answer was too good, now if somebosy ask me,i will also give the same answer..