Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Smile... A Real Magic...

Its been pretty long time I have not written any post but I have tried reading all of yours posts whenever I got a little bit of time and also left a comment. I still apologize if I have missed reading any of your posts friends. I hope I have not missed any. Reasons to be precise for not writing any posts are many. As I was stuck in work at office as well as it was my dearest cousins wedding whose engagement picture you have seen in my post Unexpected Thrilling Journey and have also read how I have reached after so much of thrill to her engagement.  But, these are not the only reasons, the most biggest reason is I had nothing in my mind to write. To be honest right now even at this moment I have got nothing in my mind to scribble in this holy place. Lots of things happened with me these days which I could have shared with you guys but my mind set these days is very much content and peaceful and may be that is the reason because I am not thinking of anything much. But since many days I am trying hard to think of a topic and blog about it but I could not. So I finally decided to write this post about smile

What is this smile? Just the flexing of the muscles on both the end of the mouth. But, this mere flexing of muscle has so much of power that it can make many impossible things possible. Its makes us more attractive then actually we are in reality:) Don't agree??? Then try it in front of mirror and check out. Well, I am definitely sure you all must have tried it already many a times. But today try once again and feel the difference.

U remember the moment spend with someone special and can't stop your self from smiling even when your parents are around. The time spent with your friends or some jokes cracked with them makes you to smile sometimes even when you are walking in the middle of the crowded market but you try hard to control it or hide it by all possible ways to avoid people thinking you have gone crazy. That soothing feeling you get when you see a stranger kid looking at you and smiling is of million dollar. That sudden feeling when your heart skip a beat when you see your love of life smile. That relaxation you get when your parents have a smile on their face just because of you. That feeling of satisfaction when you give a smile to an elderly person and they feel so much of happiness just because of your one smile as if they were waiting for it since ages can not be compared to anything else. We are so lucky to have been gifted this true magic called smile which has given us so many such beautiful things which are priceless.

Smile changes our mood. It actually brings happiness and a positive vibrations from and to the person with whom we have exchanged smiles. When we keep smiling then even the blood pressure is lowered and also it releases natural pain killer in our body. Smile boost our immune system and relieves stress too. So these reasons are best enough to keep smiling and also to make everyone around us smile.

According to Mother Theresa, "Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." And I completely agree with her. Yes I have seen magic happen with smile. There are so many countless situations I remember when I have just smiled and all the difficulties have vanished within the seconds. God must have not sent us to earth with magical wand as we are not the angels, but in turn he has sent everyone on this earth with this true magic called smile.  Then why not make use of this and spread this magic to the world. Keep Smiling Mates :-)

Meowwww.. Keep Smiling :-)

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