Monday, 28 May 2012

Kyra... The Sunshine girl...

When I heard about Lakme Diva Indiblogger Contest I was totally excited. Excited to know about Kyra. The girl who live her life to the fullest even during such super hot summers. So because of the curiosity to know more about her I started to google about Kyra and luckily found her in FB. I always wanted to have a friend someone as lively as Kyra so I sent her a friend request. Within no time Kyra accepted my  request and we started to chat. It was fun to know more about her as our likes and dislikes matched a lot. First few days we continued chatting and very soon we became best buddies. On one day I was talking about my home town Karwar and she became totally excited to know more about it as she loved beaches. She immediately surfed photos of it on google and was very much excited as well as curious to visit Karwar and to feel the beauty of it by her own eyes. I invited her to Karwar and also insisted to visit my home on coming weekend itself. Kyra's curiosity and the love for beach did not make her deny and she reached my home on the same weekend.

It was the first time I was seeing Kyra face to face and I was awestruck by seeing her glowing skin.  I was amazed how can a girl who love to travel and play in beach have such a radiant and beautiful skin. I asked her to take rest for sometime as it was 11 A.M and in the month of May the sun would be very cruel at this time of the day. But I had forgotten that Kyra is a sunshine girl and a Lakme Diva. Kyra started laughing and did not agree and dragged me to get ready as she did not wanted to waste any time and wanted to enjoy as much as possible. I was totally impressed by Kyra's enthusiasm and we got ready and left to beach. We both started to play in water but I was very scared that I would get sun burn in such harsh summer heat but Kyra never bothered of it.There were nobody on the beach except me and her as none dared to step out at that time. Till evening Kyra had lots of fun there enjoying every minute of the day and evening she spent a great time taking the pictures of the sunset. 

Then we returned home but Kyra was still looking damn radiant despite of the whole day's sun exposure. When she looked at the damage my skin has got due to sun she gave me her LAKME SUNEXPERT and questioned me why I had not started using it yet. I told her that I had thought even this is just like another cream but after seeing her today i have realized that this is really worth using. I thanked her for LAKME SUNEXPERT and promised that I will regularly use it here on wards. 

Someone visiting to Karwar and not tasting the sea food is like committing a biggest sin. :) Night my Mom has prepared some delicious sea food which Kyra enjoyed to the core of her heart and definitely she will never forget it in her lifetime.

Next day morning we decided to go to Devbagh beach which was around 10 Kms from Karwar. This time I had no fear for sun as I was having LAKME SUNEXPERT and the sunshine girl along with me. We spent the time around the beach for few minutes and then we had fun on speed boating. It is a very relaxing place where we spent our whole morning exploring the entire beach and the beach resorts.  After that we headed back to Karwar and there on the way I took her to Estaury Resort from where the entire Karwar surrounded by sea can be viewed. Kyra was extremely delighted to see the view from there. We spent our time there with the very tasty evening chaats and then left back to home.

Next morning Kyra left to her place along with beautiful memories of the summer on the beaches of Karwar. There on wards I was totally carefree even after the super hot sun rays in the super hot summer as now I had LAKME SUNEXPERT.        [ ;-) :-P ;-) :-P ]

This post is written for LAKME DIVA BLOGGER CONTEST on  INDIBLOGGER here is the link

Monday, 7 May 2012

Sweetness added, stirred and diluted...

I had a perfect Sunday this week. Well, a perfect Sunday to me is a lazy day which starts with my Mom's so many failed attempts to wake me up. Finally when I get up, the first thing to do as my daily routine is to on the TV and switch it on to MTV and listen to the songs while I get fresh and then stuff myself with the perfectly heavy tasty South Indian breakfast like Idli or Dosa prepared by my Mom and become even more lazier. After that again sit in front of the TV and watch anything aired to pass the time and then get into kitchen to cook the menu of the day. I was bored of fish and chicken curry's and chicken biryani so i decided to prepare Daal and Fish fry along with it. Yes Daal and fish fry is a very tasty combination. What can be more soothing to soul then having a peaceful afternoon nap as soon as you finish with your lunch? And after getting up from my dreamy world having a kadak tea with some snacks along with a Hindi movie makes my perfect Sunday. Yes, I don't even have to step my foot outside the door to make my day perfect.

Evening I had nothing to do and so I was just lying on my bed and I randomly begin to view the old pictures in my cell phone. While viewing them I found one old photo which literally brought a wide smile on my face. The photo of the cute little innocent kids whom I met few months back. Though the picture might not be so clear as it was shot in the low evening light from my cell phone camera which is just 3.2 Mega Pixels, the serene smile of these kids makes this photo truly admirable. Let me share this sweet incident with you now.

It was in the month of February when I was getting back to my home after my office. Evening around 6.30 I reached bus stand to find out there were no bus which can take me to my home. So I took out the book "The Lost Story" which I was reading then  from my bag and began to read it. I realized some one came and sat very close to me but I was so much engrossed in the book that I did not care to bother and look who it was. Few minutes later I was distracted by the giggles which made me to look at the person sitting next to me. I noticed these kids smiling looking at me and also prompting each other something. I too smiled looking at them and immediately noticed that the elder girl gave some signals to her younger bro by hitting her elbow to him and making some animated signals by her eyes with a smile. I kept looking at their innocence with a smile and was surprised when this little boy gave me an Alpenliebe Chocolate and innocently said, " Chocolate lo na Didi". At that moment I really did not get how to react. I just took the chocolate and thanked them. Then I realized that this girl was making the signals to her brother to give that chocolate to me. I asked them for a photograph to which they posed happily and then asked their names. The little boy told me he is Mohammed Yusuf and girl was Sameena. And then we had a little chat and I had to leave as my bus had arrived.
It was a very small meeting of not more then 5 minutes indeed but now these kids and their sweetness will remain in my memories with me forever through this photograph and through this post. :)

P.S: Thank you so much Saru, Mithlash and Izdiher for motivating me to write something new by constantly asking me about my next post when ever there is a long gap in between my posts. Feels loved. :) 

P.P.S: I have finished reading the book "The Lost Story" almost 2 months back but now when I have already mentioned about the book then let me share a few lines about it. The Lost Story is a fictional book written by authors Amit Goyal and Sudhanshu Gupta. This is the first book by both the authors but the work they have done is of genius. There are many stories in the book but we will not find a single instant which makes us feel that we are disconnected from the main story. Very interesting book with each stories which have got unexpected twist and turns and  an jaw dropping end too. In short, the must read and it definitely keeps us hooked till the end.