Thursday, 25 October 2012

Anjaan raasta...

Yu he nikle the sair par, 
Na jaane chalte chalte ye kaha aa gaye ham.
Sahi raaste ko dhundte dhundte or bhi zaada ulajh gaye ham.
Har chehra anjana sa, har raasta andekha sa,
Is anjaan duniya ko dekh kar darr gaye ham.
Ab to naa aage badne ka hosala hai or na he piche jaane ki himmat,
Ek aise mod pe aake bas tham gaye ham...


  1. no comments...:)
    if you have some close friends you should ask them..:)

  2. Sometimes our close friends give us the most weirdest suggestions ;) I wish I could use a GPS to get back on track :-P

    1. They can.That is why they are close friend..:P
      or make some new ones.

    2. Nope happy with old weirdos :-P

  3. थमने कोई ज़रुरत नहीं,
    क्यूंकि सफ़र का ये उसूल है
    हर नया चेहरा ,
    हर नया रास्ता,
    कुछ सिखाता ज़रूर है !

    उलझे रास्ते पर,
    कदम बढ़ा कर तो देखो,
    हर किसी के लिए,
    खुदा ने रखा, एक कोहिनूर है !

  4. Subhan-allah.. Kya baat kahi hai.. Shukriya :)

  5. You will eventually find the right path, of that I am very sure. :)

  6. Poetry has no language. And your poetry is brilliant in every language. I am sure you will enjoy the journey through this unknown path and also eventually get on to the right one that you seek. :) Beautifully written. :)

  7. Kise pata ye mod hi tumhari manzil ho ;)

    1. Shayad sahi keh rahe hai aap.. :)

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  9. Bahot hi pyari kavita hai...

    Aur koi baat nai, rukh jao tham jao,
    Ek din tumhe bhi tumhari manzil dhoond lengi..
    Shart yahi hai ki tum himmat na haro..

    Take Care

    1. Wow.. Thats such an uplifting comment.. Thanks u so much Fatima :)

  10. I tell you, not even a single road sign. Not your fault, anyone could get lost. :P

    Cheers, btw :D

  11. Kya baat hai Sonia. :) Beautifully written. BTW, use this and just press enter after writing each word. Hindi poems written in hindi looks wonderful too.

    Keep up the good work :)

  12. Yeh kaisa anjana safar hai ki manzil nahi dikhte:) Nice writing Sonia:)Saru, is a master so follow her tip!

  13. Aankhon mein sapne liye
    Ghar se hum chal to diye
    Jaane yeh raahein ab le jaayengi kahan
    Mitti ki khushboo aaye
    Palkon pe aansu laaye
    Palkon pe reh jaayega yaadon ke jahan
    Manzil nayi hai anjaana hai kaarvaan
    Chalna akele hai yahan
    Tanha dil, tanha safar
    Dhoonde tujhe phir kyoon nazar

    :):) Nice work Sonia :) :)

  14. Nice one. Aage barte rahiye Soniya Ji. Don't worry and just go with the flow :)