Thursday, 31 January 2013


In my days and my nights,
and from the dawn to the dusk;
In my past and the present,
and in every bit of my essence;
Your fragrance I inhale by which 
my smile enhance. 

In the right and the wrong,
and in the rhymes and the songs;
In the stories and the poetries,
and in my mind and my heartbeat;
Your presence follow me everywhere 
like the shadow in the scorching heat.

How can one separate us?
When you have dissolved in me
like the deadly venom.
The more they try the more venom spreads.
How can one distant us?
When its not our body but 
our souls entangled.
The more they separate us, 
the more tangled gets our soul's threads.

In every thought that I think 
and the air that I breathe.
I feel you within me and also around,
intoxicating and giving me
the immense passion that seethe