Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Trip to Nowhere...

So have you ever been on a trip where you are completely unaware of the destination?
The only plan about the journey is heading to any random location wherever the milestones fixed on the road side takes you.
So if your answer is no then now get ready for a roller coaster ride of the crazy road trip with me and Ambi Pur which will head you to a mind blowing destination. 

Since the day my husband told me that he has a fantasy of a road trip where we make a zero planning of the routes, stay or destination, it became my fantasy as well. In just a couple of weeks we both managed to take the off from our work for three long days. So what else we needed? We got our bags packed with a pair of jeans, shirts and camera and within no time there we were, on the road in our car with bags and of course with our Ambi Pur.

Day 1:
We started from my hometown Karwar, Karnataka in the early morning at around 5'o clock with the music player screaming on the top of its voice and took the exit from the city. The first milestone which came across us was of the nearest place Ankola of 33 KMS. The drive of few minutes took us to the place but it was the next milestone which grabbed our attention. So, our next destination was to Murdeshwara which was 83 KMS from our present place. 

The first image that pops out in my mind whenever I hear the word Murdeshwara is of a giant statue of Lord Shiva which is surrounded by Arabian Sea. It is the third highest statue of Lord Shiva in the world. We gave a quick visit to the temple and got mesmerized by the divine beauty this place has got. But unfortunately we had no much time as we had to cover a lot in so small period and so we were back on the wheels in search of our next destination.
Photos clicked at Murdeshwara, Karnataka

After traveling for the few miles we got our next destination to move on. It was to the beautiful city of Mangalore. But it would take pretty long time for us to reach our new destination as it was around 155 KMS from Murdeshwara. So, we had some snacks and started to drive again. The greenery all around and the enchanting fresh air welcomed us with the open arms to this beautiful place Mangalore. And upon that the cherry on the top was Malpe Beach. After having a lot of fun on the beach our stomach started growling. We decided to have popular tasty Mangalore fish curry with rice in our lunch. What else one need in life if one get a chance to experience such an amazing road trip, Isn't it? Now I did not wanted to leave this place so soon so we decided to halt here and feel this place some more.

Hotel Kumar's International, Mangalore, Karnataka
We halted at a hotel named Kumar's International. The hotel is located in the heart of the city and because of that our day was spent in lot of shopping. Evening we just went on a walk to the places which were nearby from our hotel room. After such a fun filled day how could one spend an evening without making it interesting. When I told Deep that I want to make even this evening more memorable then he said he was too tired and asked me to plan out something. I thought for a while and searched my bag to see if I get something. And to my surprise I got few floating candles which I had kept in my bag few days back. As we packed our bags in hurry while we left for this trip, I had not got much time to take it out of my bag. Finally an idea popped out in my mind. Yes, It was nothing but candle light dinner.
Candle light dinner in Hotel Kumar's International, Mangalore
We ordered some chicken and paratha for our dinner. I could not found any bowl or something like that to place these floating candles. So I just placed them and lit in a mug :-P
The entire tiredness of the day was gone in just a second when the light from these candles filled our room. The food was splendid as expected. The evening turned out to be even more memorable then we had thought as it was our first candle light dinner after all :)

Day 2:
Deep woke me up at 5 AM early morning. I was not willing to get up so early but had no option. But it was after travelling for a while that my excitement was on the peak after seeing this new milestone. That's because we realised we were only few miles away from entering the God's own country, Kerala. I had never been to Kerala earlier but always had a strong wish to visit the place. Finally, my wish had come true and that too in a such an unexpected way. Now I even had no complaints of waking up early. We kept travelling for a long time following every milestone that we got in between and clicked a lot of pics as well.
Clicked near Airport Road, Cochin, Kerala
We then decided that we will travel to the longest distance milestone which we see and then our
return journey will start from there. I was too sleepy by now and I slept off. When I opened my eyes I was totally surprised to see the surroundings. Everywhere till my eyesight reached I could just see the green plants. The tea plantation spreaded over miles and miles of area. On enquiring to Deep about our next destination I came to know that we were on the way to Munnar.

Las Palmas Resort, Munnar, Kerala

Munnar is a hill station so obviously the drive to the place was quite hectic as there were a lot of
curves and turns. We reached the place at around 5 in the evening and we directly checked in to the Hotel Las Palmas.

After getting fresh we went for a walk and had our evening tea in road side tea shop with cake. Having hot tea in the chilling cold with the greenery all around. Totally priceless :) At night we had Typical Keralian Food and slept off early as we had to explore Munnar even more as soon as the sun would rise the next morning. After all it was our return journey in the morning as well.

Day 3:
We got up early morning and left the hotel at around 6.30. All I can say is, if there is heaven anywhere on this earth then it is right here in Munnar. Every now and then this place mesmerised me with its enchanting beauty. My excitement would be on peak as I could see one waterfall after every ten minutes. There were many little shops on the way which sold out the local products of Kerala like Tea, Garam Masala, Juices, soaps and so on .
The images clicked on the way while driving back from Munnar
So have you ever seen honey growing on tree. Well, this was what we got to see after driving for a while. We found some tourists gathered at one place and taking pics of a tree. So out of curiosity we stopped just to get surprised once again. Yes, It was a honey tree.
Well, in reality honey doesn't grow on this tree. The name is such because there and hundreds of honey bee hives on this tree. The more surprising thing here was these honey bees have built there hives on just one tree. All the surrounding trees were totally normal. Strange, isn't it?
Honey Tree, Munnar, Kerala
It was the time for us to refresh our soul now as now we were in the  another soul touching place of Munnar, The Flower Garden. There were thousand of variety of flower gardening done in this area. Deep captured most of them in his camera and out of it some of my favourite clicks of his, I have uploaded in image below.
Flower Garden Munnar, Kerala

Well, now it was the time for us to get back to our home. The road trip of three amazing days was about to end in few hours drive. The amazing food, the friendly people, the mesmerising water falls, the beautiful flower garden, vast tea plantation spreaded over hundred of acres, we had it all in this road trip. I can now literally say that I have never seen any place as beautiful as Kerala in my lifetime.
Brought this little boat and wind chimes in memory of our road trip
Planning of next such unplanned road trip while getting back from one. Its just Priceless :)

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