Sunday, 12 January 2014

Hairy Tale...

Every girl's heart is a cocoon of thousands of wishes. May it be a girl next door who has never applied a hint of makeup in her lifetime or may it be someone titled as Miss Universe. The wishes are the one common factor that binds all the girls in one group despite of any differences.

To burn out that extra flab bulging out from the hips, to have a clean and clear complexion, to master the art of  applying the eye liner perfectly, to be a better cook, to eat her's heart's content without caring of the calorie count, to find a true love. The list that occupies a special place in every girl's heart is never ending.

I am no different. Like any other girl even I have a special wish. A wish that grew in my heart when I read a fairy tale of Rapunzel. It is a story of a girl with a long and strong hair who was been caught by an enchantress who shut her in a tower which had neither stairs nor door but only one window. But one fine day her prince climbs the tower with the help of her strong hair and reaches her. And then they fall in love and live happily ever after.

My wish is something similar. Well, not to have so long hair as Rapunzel but to have thick dark hair to my waist. To have most wonderful tresses anyone can ever imagine, smooth and silky, falling thick and full clear to my waist, rippling and flowing down my back like liquid sunshine. Hair on which I could actually sit. Every time I pulled a brush through them, they should shine like a diamond. To be blessed with each hair as soft as a silk strand and as strong as a metal string. Which I could proudly flaunt where ever I go and delight the feel of those magnificent masses floating down my back when the breeze played with it vibrantly that made every girl envious and left every guy in an awe. Hair flowing like a river when untied and when tied the escaped side locks dancing with joy to the rhythm of the breeze and tickling my face with its soft touch. Hair which I could easily convert into naughty when partying out or turn them elegant while attending a family function. Graceful in either ways.

But as we know, not all dreams come true. As I grew up I realized managing long beautiful hair isn't easy at all. It needs a lot of care and time which I rarely have. Moreover the pollution sucks out life from every hair of yours and  all you can do is helplessly collect those fallen strands where ever you move in your house and throw them in dustbin. My wish to have long beautiful hair died hundred deaths everyday with my every fallen hair. Due to this reason I never let my hair grow beyond my shoulder so that I could protect it from falling. But my wish for long hair is still within my heart. I pray someday I get some magical wand that could make my wish come true.

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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Yes!!! Priorities do change with time...

It's a strange feeling these days when I open my Facebook account. Its just like yesterday my Facebook feed use to be flooded with the pics of the beautiful girls dressed in super amazing outfit partying hard and today all I can see is the same girls posting their wedding pics or pics either with their babies or with baby bump. 

They say that the marriage changes everything. Yes! that's true. It has beautifully changed my dull boring routine life suddenly into a fairy tale. Well, not everyone are equally lucky. It all depends on the person you choose to spend your entire life with. Mine is an arrange marriage. And I totally believe arrange marriage is like gambling with your own life. If you are lucky enough you win happiness for a lifetime and if your stars aren't with you then its a hell forever. I am lucky enough to get a life partner like Deep. He is someone who cares without limit and love without boundaries. Hmmm.. something like "unconditional" wala love. He plays a guitar for me, cooks food for me when I am bored of cooking, gets bugged but still watches any of my stupidest favorite movie with me without complain, food ordered in restaurant is always according to my choice, he eats anything and everything I cook even if the food is spicy, bitter, salty or has no salt at all, I become a total kid when I am with him and he takes care of me with all his heart. What more then this can a girl ask for! :-)

Life is changing even more rapidly. The things for which I was crazy just a few months back interests me no more. Expense tracker app on my cell phone is more active then whatsapp now. My eyes whose attention was once grabbed by designer bags and sandals now checks out fresh vegetables or house decorative items shops. Just few months back the biggest task for my mom was to wake me up in the morning and now this little Mumma's girl is managing house and work at the same time in a complete new city. Journey from a small town to the busiest metro city of India, Mumbai was never difficult or tiring. As my companion in this journey has taken care of me in every single step that I took.

Year 2013 was a roller coaster ride for me. Life changed and so did priorities. In this one year I quit one job, got married, shifted to new city Pune, once again shifted to a new city Mumbai, joined a new job. Though I am left with no time for myself I am just loving the life I am living.