Monday, 10 March 2014

Smell the hell...

We are been blessed with so many things from the almighty. He created this beautiful world and showered on us with unbeatable and uncountable things. Just imagine, how would the earth be if there was no colour, no sound, no music or no smell. Would it be the same as it is now? Can't even imagine the world without these things right?

Well, let us take a moment now and think. How many times do we really appreciate the good things? Hmm.. We do it sometimes,isn't it?
But, We do appreciate good things only because we know how the evil things are. And that is why god created the evil along with the good. With music came noise and with the good smell came the bad one. Once the god found out that there is no appreciation for the good sound, he created noise. Similarly, when he realized that the people started to take the good smell he created for granted, he just created the bad one as well and said, "Smell the hell..."

            Now this imports my mind back to the days when few of the incidents, I had to experience, when I have literally "Smelled the hell ". Let me share some of them with you.

           One day I was late to office. Since I travel by bus to my office, I had no other option but get into a bus fully crowded. However, I just managed to fit my self in a very little space available. While I was struggling to avoid from being sandwiched in between the other people in the bus, my nose suddenly smelled some kind of a hell of a smell. Initially I could not make it out from where the smell was coming from. But it did not take me much time to find out that this rat like a smell was from one of the man standing near me. The smell was becoming more and more unbearable as the time was passing. I couldn't take it any more and just wanted to breath a fresh air. So, I pushed myself in between the crowded people and somehow managed to reach the bus door and got down from the bus as soon as the bus stopped and inhaled a gallons of a fresh air. Aahh.. relaxed. I did not mind being late for some more time. To me saving my self from the life threatening smell was more important then my boss screwing me for being late to the office.

           The most stinkiest smells, that I often get to smell are in the trains and buses. One can find every kinda odour available in the world in this crowded public transports. If someone had to do some research on most stinkiest smell on the planet then all you have to do is just board some train or bus in India and you are done. Every kind of smell will be available to you free of cost.

           Well, the stinky guy from the bus was however for time being. Just imagine what would you do if you had to stay with a stinky person at your room. During my college days I had a room mate who use to have shower once in 2 days. And God forbids, if there were the examinations going on, then this girl would not have the shower for days together. That would not affect her in anyways, but we, being her room mate would die because of the stinking smell of hers. This time there were no escape also. One day we decided to discuss with her the reason for her not having bath regularly. She replied,"Its very cold outside and there is no hot water available in hostel". Honestly when I heard of this contest in Indiblogger I just remembered my room mate. I wish I knew of Racold Water heaters then. I would have definitely gifted her one and save my self from the horrible smell.

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