Saturday, 5 April 2014

Cloud Power!!! A Quick Solution for the Big Disasters.

Won a Microsoft Certification Exam for this post.

“Slow and steady wins the race”. I heard this slogan when I was a child and always thought, this is a mantra to be successful.  But, it was only until I joined IT profession as a Software Developer. It did not take me much time to realize that this slogan has no place in today’s fast paced era. Here, in this place you either have to be fast or screw yourself for being slow.

The only expectation from you is to give good quality software/service that too in very less time. The deadlines mock at you with the every passing second. In such a case the only aim in programmers mind is to finish off the task in hand as soon as possible without wasting any time.

Every programmer would love to be correct right in their first attempt while writing a new code to avoid scrap and rework and most importantly to avoid frustration. More over what if someone asks you to rewrite the same old existing code once again? Well, writing such unnecessary code would only add the wastage of resources which in turn could be utilized in concentrating in some other productive work.

Thanks to cloud computing for being there and bringing an end to such issues.

What is Cloud Computing?

If someone would have asked me this question 10 years back then it was acceptable. But now cloud computing being so extensively used, almost everyone related to IT sector have hit the search engine to know anything and everything about this term creating so much buzz.

But yet, to summarize in simple terms “Cloud Computing is sharing and using the computing resources hosted on the internet rather than having our own local resources”. These resources can be anything like virtual machines, database, servers, software applications and so on.

To make it even more simpler let us consider an Example of a new Online Shopping Website named ‘’. Now initially when this was launched not many people knew about it and so even the visitor traffic was very less. But with the each passing day this site began to gain the popularity. More and more people visited to shop from Shopkart.The servers were not able to handle so much of load and the performance of the site began to gradually reduce. Inturn, increasing the risk of financial loss due to customer dissatisfaction. To overcome from this difficulty the new servers had to be brought and accordingly the code had to rewritten for the entire application to make it more vulnerable, to handle load and stress of increasing traffic. But this disaster recovery was time consuming as well as costly.

So, the Shopkart decided to go for cloud. Instead of rewriting the entire code the application was just migrated to cloud saving a lot of time of developers from rewriting the existing code. Also the servers were shared from cloud and this prevented the huge cost overhead for getting new own servers. This was a quick, efficient, reliable and cost friendly solution by which the people shopping from Shopkart had always a happy experience.

By this we come to a conclusion that with cloud computing a company can speed up and reduce the costs of existing processes. They make setting up of online applications extremely easier and much cheaper, then before. If we wouldn’t have cloud computing then most of the developer’s time would be wasted in figuring out the server and setting up the routers. But, now we are able to instead focus on actual product as all these things are taken care by cloud.

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