Friday, 29 August 2014

Hope makes every dream come true...

This is something I was thinking to write from a long time but due to one or the other reason it did not happen. But, today morning when I woke up I made my mind to write this post. This is my real experience of how I got placed in one of the Software Company after trying for so long. 

After completing my BE in Computers I worked in a government firm where I had gained zero knowledge and zero growth for 3 years. After my marriage I quit that job and shifted to Pune. With my weak academics and 3 years of waste past work experience it was next to impossible for me to get placed in any software firm. So, I decided to learn Software Testing thinking that it would help me. After researching a bit on Internet I joined Seed Infotech, Chinchwad branch to do my Diploma in Software Testing.

It was a 1 month course where I got a good knowledge on Software Testing. My tutors Rahul Sir and Shakuntala Mam were the best and even the books provided by Seed helped me gain a lot of knowledge. Apart from this a personality development class of 1 day gave me a complete insight of how to behave and answer in an interview. All this made me think that I was born to be a Software Tester :) 

After 1 month the class was over. I started getting mails about the openings from Seed everyday. I kept applying but due to my gap of 3 years I got rejected in many companies. Rejections really affected me. Even though I did best in the interviews it was of no use. In this world where there is so much of competition the companies would obviously prefer someone who have recently passed out or has some experience in that field. And here I was, who had neither. The most worst part was that in the every company where I gave the interview I was rejected in the last round. I did not get placed anywhere even after 3 months of passing out.

Due to my husband's transfer I shifted to Mumbai. Seed used to send me mails only for Pune companies. I requested Seed to send me Mumbai companies mails instead of Punes. After completing some basic online formalities, within a day I started getting the job opening mails from Mumbai.

But, again the same story was repeated here in Mumbai too and I got rejected in every interview. I was disheartened. So I started applying for the post which were in other fields. Like, I got one mail from Seed for the post of Support Co-ordinator. I applied for it and was selected. Though this was not what I wanted to do, I started working there thinking that its better to do something then doing nothing.

I did not leave the hope and kept preparing about Software Testing when ever I got a little bit of time. Seed kept sending me job openings mails and I kept applying and I was as usual rejected for obvious reason. 1 year passed and still I was not placed as a Tester which had become my dream now. 

One fine day I applied for a company which was very close to my house. As usual I cleared all the rounds which were like. 
1st round - Technical paper.
2nd round - Face to face technical round with Test lead
3rd round - Face to face technical with Test Manager.
4th round - Some HR questions.

And the 5th and the last round was pending which was with the MD. After getting back home I had no hopes that I would be called back for this last round as it had become a habit for me of getting rejected in last round. 

To my surprise next day I got a call from the company. My interview with the MD was over and I was asked to wait outside. I was making my mind ready to accept one more rejection sportively. And guess what!!! The HR came out with an offer letter.
Yes, I was finally selected as a Software Tester after waiting for 1 whole year. And my dream came true :)

If you keep on trying without loosing hope then definitely you will succeed one day. People who write bad review on the internet about Seed infotech, please keep in mind that Seed just give us knowledge and sends us for interview. But, cracking the interview is on us. Seed cant help us in that. 

These days the online job portals like monster or naukri does not help anyone. Forget about landing a job but not even it gets us an interview. At least with the help of Seed we get to know where the current openings are. 

I recommend Seed Infotech for everyone who want to do any course after completing their degree.

Thank you seed for making this possible for me :)