Thursday, 20 November 2014

Today's Healthy Child, Tomorrow's Successful Adult...

They say,  'In every adult there exists a child that was. In every child there exists an adult that will be'.

In this fast paced era, there is a race in every field. Academics, sports, general knowledge or dance, there is a  tough competition a child has to go through, in its day-today life. And this competition is not limited only up till school. There is so much more to do even after the school hours, in so less time. While in this race of life, who has the time to fall ill? If ever someone feels sick then there is no doubt that he has lost the competition.

I personally don't remember falling sick that often even as a child. The credit for this obviously goes to my Mom. I am born and brought up in a small town near Goa named as Karwar. Spending my childhood close to the nature have given me an exposure to many such stuffs which city kids can never even imagine.

In this harsh city life, day by day kid's health is becoming more and more difficult to manage. Even after taking so much of the precautions we can't stop them from feeling sick. Lately, my little niece use to feel very tired. As soon as she would get back home after the school she would directly go to the bed. Once charming and naughty kid all of a sudden changed into a silent girl. We initially thought this was common. But, later she started to have fever frequently. Now this was alarming and we consulted a good doctor. The doctors'  reports were clear that my niece was suffering from typhoid. This was a heart breaking news for all of us. Seeing someone you love the most suffer is one biggest punishment one can get. The treatments went on for almost a month and the entire house was just praying for her recovery. However she recovered soon and is fit and fine now. And with her smile once again our house is illuminated.

Today when I look at myself, I can see a strong independent woman managing the house and work at the same time. I sometimes wonder, if I would still have the same strength and same activeness if I kept falling Ill when I was a kid? Probably the answer is NO. If the roots of a tree itself are weak the tree wouldn't be strong enough.

This post is written for an Indi-blogger and Dabur Chyawanprash  contest 'A healthy child makes a healthy home'