Saturday, 12 August 2017

Open Talk - A way to connect to the world!

Life is so short and there is so much to know and learn in this short period. Thankfully, in this era of the internet, we have so many mediums by which we can gain the knowledge of multiple things. There are articles, online courses, blogs, videos and the list is never ending. One can learn anything and everything he wants just by having an internet connection. But, despite all these mediums, there is one such simple thing which cannot be replaced no matter how many technologies come. And yes, that simple thing is nothing but communication. We human beings are designed to talk to each other and communicate by sharing our thoughts, rather than being restrained by just having a one-way interaction by reading or watching videos.

But talking to the same old people we know can help us for no good deal. Our thoughts and knowledge remains limited. So it's important to explore more and know new people across the world. And to this, all we need to do is install an app named 'OPEN TALK' on our phone and indulge yourself by being able to explore a whole new horizon. Open Talk is an app which not only helps us connect to the new people around the world, but it also helps us find like-minded people whom we could never have been able to connect otherwise. 

How to use the OPEN TALK App:

1) Download and install the Open Talk App from here.
2) Create your profile and select the topic of your interest from the below screen.

3) Click on Talk Now.

4) You instantly get connected to a new person from anywhere in the world with a similar interest as that of yours.

5) Once you are done with the talking and the call ends you can also rate the call with the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down with respect to your call experience.

Isn't it simple?

So guys what are you waiting for. Come on, grab up your phone and witness a whole new way of connecting to the world and knowing new people just with your fingertips with Open Talk.