Sunday, 22 April 2018

Dream Bigger... #DefinitelyPTE

Today I am going to tell you a story of Lakshmi. Lakshmi is a small town girl but her dreams are much bigger. She was not made to be bounded and live all her life in that small town. In fact, she was born to fly. She continuously made self-improvements and took baby steps to move ahead in life. She was a technical goof and read and learned every new thing she came across.

Lakhsmis dedication and eagerness made her technical knowledge too strong and soon she got an opportunity to work for a multinational company in a metropolitan city. It was a completely new life for her. She met many different types of people whom she never knew even existed. Some of them left her in awe due to their multi-talent. They spoke different languages all with an ace and Lakshmi, on the other hand, was from Hindi medium and hence could not communicate in English as well as others. Though she was lacking in this field, she had total confidence in her technical knowledge that she had gained since so many years. And honestly, nobody could beat her in that.

Days passed into weeks and weeks into months. Lakshmi was doing great in the project that she was assigned to. She impressed everyone in her team and almost major part of the project has been completed by her. She was extremely happy to have made her place in a completely new city, being from a small town, until that fateful day.

One day Lakshmi's team got to know that they are getting an excellent opportunity to fly to the United States of America in just a few days for the project that they were working on. Everyone in the team was super excited to know it. Lakshmi's happiness knew no bound that day. From a small town to a metropolitan city and from there to the USA that too in the span of few months gave her a big high. She slowly pats her back when she was isolated and made a little happy dance to herself. But, if only everything was so easily achieved.

On the same day later, their manager asked for their passport from the team for the future formalities. Lakshmi, in her excitement, collected her passport and almost ran to submit it. Her manager on seeing her with the passport, told her in a blank tone, that her passport was not needed as she was not going to the USA. She was shocked and asked the reason for this unfair treatment. The answer she got left her in shock once again. She was told that her English communication is not good and hence she is not nominated. All the hard work and her talent were brought down to nil just because of one factor. Lakshmi was shattered. Since she was from Hindi medium, she has never taken this one factor so seriously and that led her to this day today.

But, Laksmi was not someone who would remain bounded. This incident stirred something deep within her and she made her mind that this is not the place where she has to stop herself. From that day she decided that she will learn English and travel abroad on her own terms without being dependent on anyone. She began her research on how to grab a job abroad. It was at that time she came to know about the most important and mandatory factor to travel abroad. It was to pass English Test. She came to know that if this test is passed, it becomes easier to get into the companies abroad.

On reading more about it, she came across many English tests and was confused on which one to take. She compared every available test and then came to a conclusion that there was nothing better than Pearson PTE. And hence she would go for #DefinitelyPTE.

Who would not go for it? After all, it provides so many features like,

  • Multiple test centers present all across the world in more than 50 countries and still expanding.
  • You get multiple options to prepare for the tests in forms of practice materials developed by test developers. To have a look click here.
  • You get accurate assessments of your skill online with their scored practice tests.
  • An amazing access to practice with their interactive test tutorials, videos, and tips.
  • Recognised by a vast number of list of universities which also includes some of the highly prestigious institutions across the globe. Some of them are Standford University, Harward University, Imperial College London and there is a long list.
Lakshmi knew this was the best test for her. She quickly enrolled and selected the available center and dates as per her convenience and thereafter she knew that the door for multiple opportunities has opened for her. The practice materials provided by PTE helped her a lot to know more about the test. Her test date was approaching near and with that, even her confidence was increasing and this was because of the practice test online where she could check her real score after the mock test.

Lakshmi, also saw this interesting video to know what she can expect when she will be appearing in the test centers and was pre-prepared for everything before the tests.

And finally came the day of Lakshmis English test. She reached on said time to the center. Everything went on smoothly as due to the practice materials provided by PTE, Lakshmi knew beforehand what to expect and was totally prepared for it. It was hassle free test. She did well in all three sections which included Speaking and writing, reading and Listening which was for the duration of single three hours. She was also allowed to take a break of 10 minutes in between. This is how Lakshmi completed her test and was more than happy with her performance.

After the test, the wait for the result started. But this wait was not much longer as the results were announced in just 5 working days. Lakshmi cleared this test with flying colors as expected.

Thereafter, she began to apply for the jobs in the US. Now since she even had the Pearson PTE test passed, she did not find it that difficult to grab a job. And as we all know she was already technically strong. The only barrier she had was also cleared by taking this test and clearing it.

Now 6 months later, Lakshmi is working in Mountain View, California, US for one of the most sought company to work in the world. All thanks to #DefinitelyPTE.

When you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it - Poulo Coelho


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