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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Some Lyrics Says It All...

If silence is beautiful, words are powerful. It is the power of words, by which listening to an old song sometimes evokes so many untouched emotions in you. The emotions which were buried deep under the piles of all the debris in your heart. The poor emotions which could not surface above, no matter how much they tried to. But, just one old song is capable of bringing back all the old memories associated with it like a hurricane and churn you inside out, leaving you shattered for a long after its gone. All we can do is collect the broken pieces once again and try to bind them together and make sense of it, even though it made no sense then, nor today.

One of my most unforgettable memories related to a song is from the last days in my Engineering hostel. The memory which is deeply carved in my heart. One evening I and my best friend Surabhi were lying on her bed together and listening to the random songs on her cell phone. One earphone was in my ear and she was using the other. Then the song began playing which we loved the most. It was the song Kahi Toh Hogi Woh from the movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Initially, we were enjoying the song and its soulful lyrics but as the song proceeded we both slowly became quite. Completely quite. So quite that in a few moments, the tears began welling up in our eyes and soon after we begun weeping like babies, hugging each other. No words were required in that moment to convey each other the reason for us to weep. The pain of separation which we were avoiding to accept was approaching soon. It was the magic of the song, that made a way to our pain to surface out, which we were avoiding.

The song whose every word was meant for us and our state of mind at that moment. From then, even after so many years have passed, this song has remained close to my heart. And I am sure it is equally important to my friend Surabhi as well.

And here it goes...

Monday, 28 May 2012

Kyra... The Sunshine girl...

When I heard about Lakme Diva Indiblogger Contest I was totally excited. Excited to know about Kyra. The girl who live her life to the fullest even during such super hot summers. So because of the curiosity to know more about her I started to google about Kyra and luckily found her in FB. I always wanted to have a friend someone as lively as Kyra so I sent her a friend request. Within no time Kyra accepted my  request and we started to chat. It was fun to know more about her as our likes and dislikes matched a lot. First few days we continued chatting and very soon we became best buddies. On one day I was talking about my home town Karwar and she became totally excited to know more about it as she loved beaches. She immediately surfed photos of it on google and was very much excited as well as curious to visit Karwar and to feel the beauty of it by her own eyes. I invited her to Karwar and also insisted to visit my home on coming weekend itself. Kyra's curiosity and the love for beach did not make her deny and she reached my home on the same weekend.

It was the first time I was seeing Kyra face to face and I was awestruck by seeing her glowing skin.  I was amazed how can a girl who love to travel and play in beach have such a radiant and beautiful skin. I asked her to take rest for sometime as it was 11 A.M and in the month of May the sun would be very cruel at this time of the day. But I had forgotten that Kyra is a sunshine girl and a Lakme Diva. Kyra started laughing and did not agree and dragged me to get ready as she did not wanted to waste any time and wanted to enjoy as much as possible. I was totally impressed by Kyra's enthusiasm and we got ready and left to beach. We both started to play in water but I was very scared that I would get sun burn in such harsh summer heat but Kyra never bothered of it.There were nobody on the beach except me and her as none dared to step out at that time. Till evening Kyra had lots of fun there enjoying every minute of the day and evening she spent a great time taking the pictures of the sunset. 

Then we returned home but Kyra was still looking damn radiant despite of the whole day's sun exposure. When she looked at the damage my skin has got due to sun she gave me her LAKME SUNEXPERT and questioned me why I had not started using it yet. I told her that I had thought even this is just like another cream but after seeing her today i have realized that this is really worth using. I thanked her for LAKME SUNEXPERT and promised that I will regularly use it here on wards. 

Someone visiting to Karwar and not tasting the sea food is like committing a biggest sin. :) Night my Mom has prepared some delicious sea food which Kyra enjoyed to the core of her heart and definitely she will never forget it in her lifetime.

Next day morning we decided to go to Devbagh beach which was around 10 Kms from Karwar. This time I had no fear for sun as I was having LAKME SUNEXPERT and the sunshine girl along with me. We spent the time around the beach for few minutes and then we had fun on speed boating. It is a very relaxing place where we spent our whole morning exploring the entire beach and the beach resorts.  After that we headed back to Karwar and there on the way I took her to Estaury Resort from where the entire Karwar surrounded by sea can be viewed. Kyra was extremely delighted to see the view from there. We spent our time there with the very tasty evening chaats and then left back to home.

Next morning Kyra left to her place along with beautiful memories of the summer on the beaches of Karwar. There on wards I was totally carefree even after the super hot sun rays in the super hot summer as now I had LAKME SUNEXPERT.        [ ;-) :-P ;-) :-P ]

This post is written for LAKME DIVA BLOGGER CONTEST on  INDIBLOGGER here is the link

Thursday, 13 October 2011

In Memories of My Best Friend Veena...

It was when I was 8 years old. I use to stay along with my Aunt and Grani. My only best friend at that time was Veena. Veena, my Lovely CAT. I don't remember from when she was staying with me. I don't even remember why have I named her as Veena. But, the only thing I know is she was most closest friend of mine.

Every day when I came back from school with my school bag and water bottle it was Veena who came running and welcomed me with her affection.
Whenever I was happy,  it was Veena with whom I shared my happiness and she cherished in my joy.
Whenever I was sad, it was Veena with whom I shared my sadness and  she cried along with me.
Whenever Veena was hurt it would hurt me the most and I wept in her pain.

Veena... I can still remember her soft touch, her warm affection, her trust in me, her silent love, her sweet gesture. My days started wit Veena and ended with Veena. She had silently become my life, my best friend in my loneliness, who knew all the mistakes that I did as a kid.

It was one of the most worsetest night when I wished Veena goodnight and went to my bed. I still remember that morning so clearly when my aunt at around 7.00 am woke me up and said, "Veena is no more". My heart stopped beating for a while. For a moment I thought my aunt was lying to make me get up early. I just looked at my aunt and she told Veena fell in well which was next to my house. I went running to the well to see what has happened but could only helplessly see some people removing her dead body from the well.

What could I do now? I could do nothing other than crying looking at her. We become so helpless when God takes away someone we love. And the most worst part is God only take that person away from us and not the memories, which keep killing us every moment.

I kept crying for days together. I blamed God for taking my Veena away from me. The thought which I had during my childhood that everything I love God takes away from me became more stronger. Even after weeks I kept crying all alone remembering her, hiding my tears from my aunt. After all, this time I dint even had my best friend Veena with whom I use to share my sadness. I started skipping my food and became weak. I guess my aunt was silently observing all this and she told my uncle.

One day when I came back from school my uncle told me that Veena has come back. I cherished with joy and threw my school bag and water bottle and asked where she is? My uncle replied, that she is sitting under the cot. I bent down the cot and saw her starring at me. I lift my hand to touch her but she was scared of me. Then I realized no it was not Veena but some other cat my uncle has brought so that I can forget Veena.

This new cat has best eyes and was very beautiful. My aunt started calling her as Veena but I could not. So, I named her as Sini. I never shared my happiness or sadness with her and she never came running to me when i got back from school. My uncle has brought her in replacement of Veena but she could never take my Veena's place.

Some relationship's are always special and can never be replaced by anyone. Veena will always be that special one till my last breath. MISS YOU VEENA.