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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Day of Love...

The Love is in the air. Cupid is too busy in shooting the arrow of love from the bow, to the hearts of people who ever is coming across him. The couples in Love were eagerly waiting for this day to come since such a long time. So many singles will be getting  into a relationship on this day of Love. And countless number of them have been planning to confess their love to their special one on this particular day. But, Hey you people in Love... Do u think cupid is on holidays on rest of the 364 days of the year? Do you really need a particular day to express this eternal feeling called as Love?

Today while travelling to my office I heard two college boys sitting next to me and making a plan to propose some girl. They were fully prepared and I could see some roses and some chocolates in their bags too. Well, this is their age to do such stuffs and I don't think it is wrong either but what made me think over it is both the guys together were making plans to propose the same girl and the line they told at the last was "Teri Nahi toh Meri" with the Hi-five. So is this what is called as True Love?

Well, if I am not wrong this trend of celebrating Valentines Day came in India since Rahul, Pooja and Nisha celebrated it for the first time. Yeah I am talking about a movie "Dil Toh Pagal Hai". And since then everyone came to a conclusion that this is the day of Love. But, was there no Love before this movie released? Was there no Love before Valentines Day was celebrated? 

Did Radha-Krishna celebrated this Day to show their love? No... Even than their love is considered as immortal.
Did Devdas-Paru shared the gifts on this specific day? No... Even than their love is remembered as one of the greatest love story in India.
Did Meera wait for this particular day to confess her love to Krishna? No... Even than her feelings are respected by every Indian even after decades. 

Love is eternal, unconditional and divine. So please do not wait for a particular day to cherish it or express it. Celebrate love every moment and enjoy its depth and purity rather than waiting for a particular day.

No, I am not against celebrating Valentines day in India or any such kind a crap that we keep hearing in media on every Valentines Day. It all depends on an individuals wish whether they want to celebrate it or not. And if they get happiness in celebrating it then they definitely should and must do it without any second thought. But, I wish this celebration should not last only for the particular day but it should last forever in every moment of their life. Well, that's it for today. And I would like to end this by wishing A very Happy Valentines Day to all my Reader's :-)

P.S: I had a beautiful day today as my day started with a special show for Valentines Day on Zoom TV called as Love Anthems . Those were some best romantic songs collection and that too without a single break.

P.P.S.S: And now I am reading my favorite book "I too had a Love Story". I am reading this book for the second time and I suggest everyone that if you like love stories then this book is going to be a treat for you. You will smile while going through some amazing pages of books, you will be in an imaginary world when you will read some of the romantic incidents, you will be in tears when you feel the Love between Khushi and Ravin, you will cry like you have lost your life while going through the last few pages of the book and the story will touch your heart so deeply that for days together you will not be able to come out from the hang over of the book. Author Ravin have made Khushi immortal. Every guy will wish to have a girl like Khushi and every girl will wish someone to love them as much as Ravin. 

Friday, 20 January 2012


Shabd tere sunn ke, mein ek geet bann jau!
Khusboo teri leke kasturi bann jau!
Saanse teri chuke, mein fir se ji jau!
Chabi teri dekh ke, mein ek darpan bann jau!
Aahat teri mehsus kar ke, baasuri mein bann jau!
Chule bas ek baar mujhe,
umar bhar ke liye teri Poojaran bann jau!