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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Some Lyrics Says It All...

If silence is beautiful, words are powerful. It is the power of words, by which listening to an old song sometimes evokes so many untouched emotions in you. The emotions which were buried deep under the piles of all the debris in your heart. The poor emotions which could not surface above, no matter how much they tried to. But, just one old song is capable of bringing back all the old memories associated with it like a hurricane and churn you inside out, leaving you shattered for a long after its gone. All we can do is collect the broken pieces once again and try to bind them together and make sense of it, even though it made no sense then, nor today.

One of my most unforgettable memories related to a song is from the last days in my Engineering hostel. The memory which is deeply carved in my heart. One evening I and my best friend Surabhi were lying on her bed together and listening to the random songs on her cell phone. One earphone was in my ear and she was using the other. Then the song began playing which we loved the most. It was the song Kahi Toh Hogi Woh from the movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Initially, we were enjoying the song and its soulful lyrics but as the song proceeded we both slowly became quite. Completely quite. So quite that in a few moments, the tears began welling up in our eyes and soon after we begun weeping like babies, hugging each other. No words were required in that moment to convey each other the reason for us to weep. The pain of separation which we were avoiding to accept was approaching soon. It was the magic of the song, that made a way to our pain to surface out, which we were avoiding.

The song whose every word was meant for us and our state of mind at that moment. From then, even after so many years have passed, this song has remained close to my heart. And I am sure it is equally important to my friend Surabhi as well.

And here it goes...

Monday, 12 May 2014

365 days of happiness and still counting...

Its been one year today and yet it seems just like yesterday when we were united eternally in the bond of marriage. In between that day and today, I have felt the love in me only increasing with the every passing day. The more I knew you, the more I have fallen for you.

Today when I think of this same day as last year I remember how confused I was then. Not knowing where this life was taking me. Leaving everything on fate, completely unaware of each other, we began building the castle of our dreams.

Today after one whole year when I look behind, all I can see is our beautiful journey from being strangers to becoming soulmates. I can see how much I have changed and how graceful this change has been. I have changed from an irresponsible spoilt girl into a responsible sensible women with you in such a short time.

The way you support me everytime I get an interview call and motivate me to keep trying even though I have failed so many times in interview is one thing that keeps me going. Some times you make me wonder how do you know the art to handle my mood swings in such a perfect way. You exactly know when I am tired and when I am over enthusiastic. The way you take care of my every little thing, whether it may be your continue reminders to oil my hair every week or it may be to pack both of ours tiffin box early morning when I be in total hurry to wind up with other work, is truly lovable. Its only because of your support that today I am able to manage my office and house effortlessly.

I feel glad everytime, when I see that I am going to spend my entire life with a person like you. This one year was the most wonderful year of my life and I am happy that many more such years are awaiting to come ahead. 

I am left with no words to thank you enough for being such a loving husband. The only thing I can say now is,


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Memories Unlimited...

This is for all those moments we shared together which wouldn't have been so mesmerizing without you. 
This is for all that time we spent together which wouldn't have been so memorable without you. 
This is for you without whom my life would not be so colourful.
Here I am pouring my heart and collecting some of those memories which will cherish both of us when ever we will read this at any phase of our life.
This is for my best best bestest friend, SURABHI!!!
I don't know from where to start with because there are so many memories in my heart and they all rushing to be on this blog from the time I thought of writing some of them here. Okay!!! Fine, Let me start with the first day we met  in our 3rd semester when Chemical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering both the classes were combined for that M3 class of Mr.Anshi Sir. I thank our lecturers for making those combined classes because those were the best Mathematics class I ever attended in my lifetime as you were with me. Just recall our small introductory conversation on that day when you were wearing a green coloured salwar (Arrgghh!!! it was really bad) sitting on the last bench with Rekha when you asked me with your cheerful smile,
U:  Hi, What is your name?
Me: Hi, I am Sssonia and yourself?
U: I am Surabhi
Me: Very nice name(with the wide smile). Which place are you from?
U: Bangalore.
               and our this small conversation has now reached to this extent that we can never imagine a day without talking to each other.

Roaming in those hot streets of Gadag and than relaxing in that soda shop with full fan speed with chilled NIMBU SODA would not be so much fun without you. 
Walking such a long distance in that scorching sun just to have our favorite AMUL TRICONE ice cream from MY FOOD Restaurant would not be so awesome without you. And I must say that even now Amul Tricone taste at its best only when I have it along with you.

Our craze for food which always made us so desperate to eat and try every thing that we found on that Tontadarya streets and restaurants. That famous Mirchi bhaji, Gobi Manchuri, Shev puri and Masala puri, Vada pav, Egg puff, Pastries, Watermelon pieces with salt, Tender coconut(shiyala), P-Fries(;-P) and of course that Omlet pav from down:-)
May be we  thought twice before spending our small pocket money even before buying the books but when it came to food we were even ready to spend the last rupee from our purse.
I agree now we can easily buy those costly pizza's from Domino's and those Zinger Burgers from KFC but all these things cant taste as good as that 7Rs Egg puff with tea for which we use to wait in a queue and give our names to that funny bakery uncle at hostel.

I still wont be able to control my laugh when I remember all of yours condition on the day when you along with Samreen and other girls at hostel were suffering from Madras eye and only I was spared from it. 
Even in that condition with those red eyes you came along with me in that heavy rain and we both in one umbrella went to the medical stores that evening to buy eye drops for Madras eye for everyone at hostel.
That journey we had on the tum tum that day and than that Kadak hot tea with egg bhaji in the heavy rain in that restaurant would not be so memorable if you weren't there.
The day I was so tensed for my project work and you came along with me to Hubli carrying that heavy laptop bag and our search for the institute in that hot sun and then after that our visit to Iskon Temple of Hubli would not be so divine if you weren't there. 

Our craze for movies which made us to go and watch every new release even on a day prior to our final external exams when everybody else would be seriously studying. 
So many flop movies we watched together in that SHANTI THEATER and after that, that lunch in HOTEL PRINCE would not be so yummy if you weren't there.
Those countless movies we watched on my laptop with lights off in my room with full curiosity as if we were in theater would not be interesting if you weren't there.
Those hilarious Hyderabadi movies would not be so funny if you weren't there and of course those horror movies would not be so scary if you were not there to squeeze my hand with fear.
How can I forget those lazy Sundays at hostel. Remember those oily puris prepared in mess which I would preserve for you till you would come from your Sunday extra classes and whenever I asked you to bunk those afternoon classes to watch a movie you would agree without even thinking as if you were waiting for this opportunity only.

Hmmmm... Let me come to our so called Maths combine studies in your room. Studying Maths had never been so interesting as it was with you and thats all because we studied less and did all those other activities more. We would not even realize when we would close our books and start our crazy stories.
Our combine study reminds me of our craze for music. I remember the time when we use to stop studying and on my laptop to listen to those favorite tracks of ours. 
I remember how we paused the new song after every line and wrote it down on a paper to learn the lyrics of it and than sung it together as if we were great singers of the world.

I pity those unknown guys who called us on our cell to impress us and the way we irritated them by our horrible loud singing. Masakkali and Emotional Atyachaar were the best songs we used to irritate them.:-P
Those songs that we sung together on top of our voice sitting behind the tum tum while on the way to hostel from market would not be so enjoyable if you weren't there.
I still wonder what was the reason which made both of us to cry at once while listening to song "Kahi to Hogi Vo" from movie "Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na". Who else would support me to do all these crazy things if you weren't there. :-)

And hey how can we forget that fare at Tontadarya temple. Those gaint amusement toys and the most worstest experience when Indu, Shirlz and Sneha forced us for that TORA TORA ride and than our mixed feeling after getting down from it of fainting and puking would not be so weird if you weren't there.;-)

I miss those chocolates which we shared only with each other locking the door of the room so that only we both could have it without sharing with anyone else. 
I miss your red coloured warm blanket. I must say it was really heaven kinda feeling to sleep using your blanket in that freezing cold.
I miss our laughs, our cries, our imaginary stories, our hugs, those long never ending talks sitting at the entrance of our hostel gate while having evening tea, having that awesome night tea at hostel during exams with u, that support, that care.
I miss those stupid jokes we cracked, those tears we shed while sharing our pain and most important I miss that relaxing AANKHON WALI KISS which made us forget the complete strain of the day.

I still remember that promise we made to each other sitting in TV room of our hostel while we were studying that we will remain best friends for ever. And I am proud that in spite of so many people who tried to create misunderstandings in between us we are still so close and will always remain the same no doubt.

If I start squeezing my heart I can still see so many memories but not possible to write them all here. 

Now I dont want to end this blog by saying "I wish I could get those days back" or " Where are those days gone" blah blah because I know we both are still the same. So what if we are not staying together? Our hearts are connected and they will be connected till the death or may be even after that ;-)

Lastly, please convey my thanks to your hubby Vishal for understanding our friendship and a special thanks to him for paying those huge postpaid bills of your number which is just by talking to me for hours together.

Love You :-)

This post is written for Dove: Guessing Game with my friend contest. Please click on the image below

 Dove Guessing Game with my friend

Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Trip to Nowhere...

So have you ever been on a trip where you are completely unaware of the destination?
The only plan about the journey is heading to any random location wherever the milestones fixed on the road side takes you.
So if your answer is no then now get ready for a roller coaster ride of the crazy road trip with me and Ambi Pur which will head you to a mind blowing destination. 

Since the day my husband told me that he has a fantasy of a road trip where we make a zero planning of the routes, stay or destination, it became my fantasy as well. In just a couple of weeks we both managed to take the off from our work for three long days. So what else we needed? We got our bags packed with a pair of jeans, shirts and camera and within no time there we were, on the road in our car with bags and of course with our Ambi Pur.

Day 1:
We started from my hometown Karwar, Karnataka in the early morning at around 5'o clock with the music player screaming on the top of its voice and took the exit from the city. The first milestone which came across us was of the nearest place Ankola of 33 KMS. The drive of few minutes took us to the place but it was the next milestone which grabbed our attention. So, our next destination was to Murdeshwara which was 83 KMS from our present place. 

The first image that pops out in my mind whenever I hear the word Murdeshwara is of a giant statue of Lord Shiva which is surrounded by Arabian Sea. It is the third highest statue of Lord Shiva in the world. We gave a quick visit to the temple and got mesmerized by the divine beauty this place has got. But unfortunately we had no much time as we had to cover a lot in so small period and so we were back on the wheels in search of our next destination.
Photos clicked at Murdeshwara, Karnataka

After traveling for the few miles we got our next destination to move on. It was to the beautiful city of Mangalore. But it would take pretty long time for us to reach our new destination as it was around 155 KMS from Murdeshwara. So, we had some snacks and started to drive again. The greenery all around and the enchanting fresh air welcomed us with the open arms to this beautiful place Mangalore. And upon that the cherry on the top was Malpe Beach. After having a lot of fun on the beach our stomach started growling. We decided to have popular tasty Mangalore fish curry with rice in our lunch. What else one need in life if one get a chance to experience such an amazing road trip, Isn't it? Now I did not wanted to leave this place so soon so we decided to halt here and feel this place some more.

Hotel Kumar's International, Mangalore, Karnataka
We halted at a hotel named Kumar's International. The hotel is located in the heart of the city and because of that our day was spent in lot of shopping. Evening we just went on a walk to the places which were nearby from our hotel room. After such a fun filled day how could one spend an evening without making it interesting. When I told Deep that I want to make even this evening more memorable then he said he was too tired and asked me to plan out something. I thought for a while and searched my bag to see if I get something. And to my surprise I got few floating candles which I had kept in my bag few days back. As we packed our bags in hurry while we left for this trip, I had not got much time to take it out of my bag. Finally an idea popped out in my mind. Yes, It was nothing but candle light dinner.
Candle light dinner in Hotel Kumar's International, Mangalore
We ordered some chicken and paratha for our dinner. I could not found any bowl or something like that to place these floating candles. So I just placed them and lit in a mug :-P
The entire tiredness of the day was gone in just a second when the light from these candles filled our room. The food was splendid as expected. The evening turned out to be even more memorable then we had thought as it was our first candle light dinner after all :)

Day 2:
Deep woke me up at 5 AM early morning. I was not willing to get up so early but had no option. But it was after travelling for a while that my excitement was on the peak after seeing this new milestone. That's because we realised we were only few miles away from entering the God's own country, Kerala. I had never been to Kerala earlier but always had a strong wish to visit the place. Finally, my wish had come true and that too in a such an unexpected way. Now I even had no complaints of waking up early. We kept travelling for a long time following every milestone that we got in between and clicked a lot of pics as well.
Clicked near Airport Road, Cochin, Kerala
We then decided that we will travel to the longest distance milestone which we see and then our
return journey will start from there. I was too sleepy by now and I slept off. When I opened my eyes I was totally surprised to see the surroundings. Everywhere till my eyesight reached I could just see the green plants. The tea plantation spreaded over miles and miles of area. On enquiring to Deep about our next destination I came to know that we were on the way to Munnar.

Las Palmas Resort, Munnar, Kerala

Munnar is a hill station so obviously the drive to the place was quite hectic as there were a lot of
curves and turns. We reached the place at around 5 in the evening and we directly checked in to the Hotel Las Palmas.

After getting fresh we went for a walk and had our evening tea in road side tea shop with cake. Having hot tea in the chilling cold with the greenery all around. Totally priceless :) At night we had Typical Keralian Food and slept off early as we had to explore Munnar even more as soon as the sun would rise the next morning. After all it was our return journey in the morning as well.

Day 3:
We got up early morning and left the hotel at around 6.30. All I can say is, if there is heaven anywhere on this earth then it is right here in Munnar. Every now and then this place mesmerised me with its enchanting beauty. My excitement would be on peak as I could see one waterfall after every ten minutes. There were many little shops on the way which sold out the local products of Kerala like Tea, Garam Masala, Juices, soaps and so on .
The images clicked on the way while driving back from Munnar
So have you ever seen honey growing on tree. Well, this was what we got to see after driving for a while. We found some tourists gathered at one place and taking pics of a tree. So out of curiosity we stopped just to get surprised once again. Yes, It was a honey tree.
Well, in reality honey doesn't grow on this tree. The name is such because there and hundreds of honey bee hives on this tree. The more surprising thing here was these honey bees have built there hives on just one tree. All the surrounding trees were totally normal. Strange, isn't it?
Honey Tree, Munnar, Kerala
It was the time for us to refresh our soul now as now we were in the  another soul touching place of Munnar, The Flower Garden. There were thousand of variety of flower gardening done in this area. Deep captured most of them in his camera and out of it some of my favourite clicks of his, I have uploaded in image below.
Flower Garden Munnar, Kerala

Well, now it was the time for us to get back to our home. The road trip of three amazing days was about to end in few hours drive. The amazing food, the friendly people, the mesmerising water falls, the beautiful flower garden, vast tea plantation spreaded over hundred of acres, we had it all in this road trip. I can now literally say that I have never seen any place as beautiful as Kerala in my lifetime.
Brought this little boat and wind chimes in memory of our road trip
Planning of next such unplanned road trip while getting back from one. Its just Priceless :)

This post is written for Ambi Pur Contest on IndiBlogger.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Happy Birthday to me…:)

Today is my birthday and I have turned 1 year old. Confused ehh??? Well, it’s my blogs birthday today and 1 year back on the same day a new me has also taken birth along with my blog. I had not even expected that this blog would become my world in such a short period. I was new to the blogging world and totally unaware of how vast and beautiful this world is. I had started with absolutely nothing and today after 1 year it’s so much I have gained here. In one year I have shared so many things that took place in my life in this blog and it’s all of you my blog friends who read it and became a part of my life. Who has so much time in our so called real world to listen to the things that happen in our life? None.. But blog being a virtual world everyone here are so connected to each other and has time for each other to comment, to suggest and also to pray when one of us is in any kinda difficulty. And I can be sure that we blog friend’s who have never met, know about each other even more then our friends in the real world do. Agree??? J

Now when I look back and remember the day when I had started blogging and had written my first post, I remember I had absolutely no idea what would I be writing here. Even after writing 1st few posts I was still not at all sure about whatever I write in my blog is even worth to be read. So confused and without any confidence one fine day I sent the link of my blog to my best friend Surabhi. And she who is always there to support me in any thing I do, encouraged me by appreciating whatever I had written. I am not such a good writer but the way she appreciates me even the biggest writer of the world must not have got so much of appreciation. :-P. So in this way the journey of my blog started.

In this journey I met so many wonderful people in this little world which make me feel so lucky to have been met you all. And after meeting you now I feel this is the real world and the world which I knew one year back was some alien world. There is so much of peace, love, creativity, encouragement, sweetness, support, good listeners, purity here and absolutely no place for jealousy, ego, hatred or any such kinda useless emotions in our world.

So I feel this is the perfect time and occasion to tell some of you how special you are. So let me start with my first follower and yes there is no particular order okay..

Risha Kalra of I-Topia my first follower. In my initial days of blogging I luckily happened to land on her blog and to my surprise her blog was like a fairy tale world for me that’s because her writing was so mesmerizingly beautiful that I being a newbie had never even thought that such blog also exist. I have read her entire blog in first few days and was awestruck with her talent. I also explored many other talented bloggers through her blog. I left some comment on her blog and she inturn read my posts and also left some sweet comments on them and followed me back. Awww.. it was really a big honor to be read and followed by such an awesome writer. I can never forget you Risha for being so humbleJ

Saru Singhal of Words. Now what should I say about this lady? Words fall short to describe her but still let me attempt. Everyone amongst us knows her here. She is a celebrity in our world of blogging. Our inspiration. Our guide.  A lady who is to be adored,  admired and respected. So talented yet so down to earth. There is so much to learn from her as a writer and as a human being. Lucky to know you Saru Di J

Mithlash Jha of My Hope. He is poet, a very simple down to earth person who writes simple yet so touchingly beautiful poems. A person who believe in simplicity and frankness. I have only talked to him through G-talk a few times and I must say he is a very good human being who has got a very pure heart. A heart that is away from all the impurities of the world. It’s an honor to know you J

Akshay Kumar G of The EternalFighter, The Ultimate Comeback Kid:  Just like the name of his blog he is a real fighter. I have known about him through his blog, fighting so many battles of life all with a smile. He has overcome so many difficulties without any complain and it’s his spirit and posivity which always inspire and also make me realize that there is no problem in the world which cannot be solved. Akshay, your sweet comments on my posts always leave a wide smile on my face. He has also helped me to set the Reply option in the comment section of my blog by giving me necessary instructions. I am Glad to know you a cat lover, Shakira lover, founder of a most popular Indiblogger group on Facebook, a co-founder of IBL Team and A Eternal Comeback KidJ Now stop smiling Akshay and leave a good comment below. ;)

Fida Bosu of Live Laugh Love. If you are depressed or low then just visit Fida’s Blog and I bet it will make you smile and will definitely make you happy. She is so much of positivity, so much of good thoughts and full of life that it feels there is no place for sadness in life when we read her. She is a like happiness pills. With such a positive attitude towards life she has even fought Cancer and have taught me the art of living life. A bird lover, dog lover, cat lover.No, actually she is a life lover. Luckily she has agreed to be my Mom-in-law because I am in love with her boy Celis. Celis is the most handsome Cat of hers. J I am so happy that you are a part of my life Fida.

Ifrah Imam of Izdiher. She is so candid so frank that you will love her the way she is. I usually do not chat online but izi is the only person with whom I chat on Facebook. A girl who is just like me or lets call her as my Soul Sister. She loves Hindi movies and Bollywood songs too. Even she is in search of her Prince Charming like me and I hope we both will find our Mr.Right this year. :-P I can write a big post on her but let me make it simple and sweet. You are the best Izi. I am really really lucky to have you as my friend J

You guys rock my world. And I mean it. Whenever I post something I don't bother if anyone else read it or not but I eagerly wait for you all to read it and leave a comment. I feel my post in complete if you guys doesn’t read it. Completion of one year in this Blog world is just the beginning. There is a big way called life to travel along with you all. And I know this journey of life is going to be a best journey with you. Cheers to our friendshipJ

Friday, 15 June 2012

Something to Learn..

Sachin ni maarli six,
Aaji la aala chakkar,
Mama ni aandli riksha,
Riksha che paise sodaa,
Aaji ni maarla dolaa... ;-)

I heard this very sweet poem which is in Marathi language yesterday evening from this little boy Laxman.

Hindi Translation for those who don't understand Marathi: 

Sachin Ne maari six,
Nani ko aaya chakkar,
Mama ne laayi riksha,
Riskha ke paise chodo,
Nani ne maari aankh.. [Well, the poem doesn't rhyme in Hindi :( ]

Laxman is nine years old and studies in 3rd standard Kannada medium in one of the nearby village. Yesterday evening when I reached home after my work this boy came to my home along with one of my mothers friend Kalpana Aunty. She is a teacher in the same school where this boy studies and is heartly a very lovely lady. As soon as he got inside my house he directly came and sat on the floor. I felt bad when he did that. I asked him to sit on the chair and he followed it. On asking Kalpana Aunty about his whereabouts she told that his dad is a milk seller in the village and due to the financial problems is not able to take proper care of him. Laxman's mother left Laxman, his father and his 2 brothers just after giving birth to Laxman and is now with some other person. People think  that extra marital affairs happens only in metros or big cities but if we look very closely into the villages then the number of such things are really in large number even in our villages. Shocking but its a fact. 

Laxman's mother never came to see him or even his two elder brothers who are in 7th and 8th standard respectively. Kalpana aunty after listening to Laxmans story could not stop herself from taking Laxmans care  till it is possible by her hands. Now Laxman stay along with Kalpana Aunty since last few days and she looks after his food and also school. Despite of so many problems this little boy is so full of life that I could not take of my eyes from looking at him. I gave him two perk chocolates which aunty asked him to have it after getting back to home and he obeyed her without saying a word. I can bet on anything the kids which are born and brought up at our house with all the facilities and luxuries would never ever behave the way Laxman did. When I served him a dosa and tea he again went and sat on the floor to have it. Looking at his innocence I could not stop my self and I too joined him to the floor and we had a great time talking to each other. On asking him to tell a poem he sung those few funny Marathi lines which are at the starting of my post. Then I teared opened one of the perk and asked him to have it which he had. He wanted to have other one to but due to aunt's order of having it after getting back to home this obedient boy stopped himself. As my habit of taking pictures of whatever I like I took this picture of Laxman smiling happily which you can see in this post.

My mom asked if Laxmans dad is ready to give Laxman, as one of my uncles friend was interested in adopting a child. Kalpana Aunty told that she would let us know after asking Laxmans father. If Laxman gets a good life if some good family accepts him as their son then why not. Isn't it? Well, only if his dad agrees. Its all left on him now. But I wish whatever the decision might be Laxman's way of living life always remains same..

The most admiring fact about Laxman's dad is that despite of his financial problems he has given education to all his children's.

We who have got everything that is necessary. In fact we have got more then it is required but still have so many complaints about our life. Our parents unconditional love and pamper, education in some reputed schools and colleges, just one demand and our favorite food is ready for us and if its not we go to bed with empty stomach but even after that we say our life is so imperfect. We need to learn something from the boys like Laxman to whom even the little things give lots of joy and who knows the real mantra to remain happy no matter what :-) 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Sweetness added, stirred and diluted...

I had a perfect Sunday this week. Well, a perfect Sunday to me is a lazy day which starts with my Mom's so many failed attempts to wake me up. Finally when I get up, the first thing to do as my daily routine is to on the TV and switch it on to MTV and listen to the songs while I get fresh and then stuff myself with the perfectly heavy tasty South Indian breakfast like Idli or Dosa prepared by my Mom and become even more lazier. After that again sit in front of the TV and watch anything aired to pass the time and then get into kitchen to cook the menu of the day. I was bored of fish and chicken curry's and chicken biryani so i decided to prepare Daal and Fish fry along with it. Yes Daal and fish fry is a very tasty combination. What can be more soothing to soul then having a peaceful afternoon nap as soon as you finish with your lunch? And after getting up from my dreamy world having a kadak tea with some snacks along with a Hindi movie makes my perfect Sunday. Yes, I don't even have to step my foot outside the door to make my day perfect.

Evening I had nothing to do and so I was just lying on my bed and I randomly begin to view the old pictures in my cell phone. While viewing them I found one old photo which literally brought a wide smile on my face. The photo of the cute little innocent kids whom I met few months back. Though the picture might not be so clear as it was shot in the low evening light from my cell phone camera which is just 3.2 Mega Pixels, the serene smile of these kids makes this photo truly admirable. Let me share this sweet incident with you now.

It was in the month of February when I was getting back to my home after my office. Evening around 6.30 I reached bus stand to find out there were no bus which can take me to my home. So I took out the book "The Lost Story" which I was reading then  from my bag and began to read it. I realized some one came and sat very close to me but I was so much engrossed in the book that I did not care to bother and look who it was. Few minutes later I was distracted by the giggles which made me to look at the person sitting next to me. I noticed these kids smiling looking at me and also prompting each other something. I too smiled looking at them and immediately noticed that the elder girl gave some signals to her younger bro by hitting her elbow to him and making some animated signals by her eyes with a smile. I kept looking at their innocence with a smile and was surprised when this little boy gave me an Alpenliebe Chocolate and innocently said, " Chocolate lo na Didi". At that moment I really did not get how to react. I just took the chocolate and thanked them. Then I realized that this girl was making the signals to her brother to give that chocolate to me. I asked them for a photograph to which they posed happily and then asked their names. The little boy told me he is Mohammed Yusuf and girl was Sameena. And then we had a little chat and I had to leave as my bus had arrived.
It was a very small meeting of not more then 5 minutes indeed but now these kids and their sweetness will remain in my memories with me forever through this photograph and through this post. :)

P.S: Thank you so much Saru, Mithlash and Izdiher for motivating me to write something new by constantly asking me about my next post when ever there is a long gap in between my posts. Feels loved. :) 

P.P.S: I have finished reading the book "The Lost Story" almost 2 months back but now when I have already mentioned about the book then let me share a few lines about it. The Lost Story is a fictional book written by authors Amit Goyal and Sudhanshu Gupta. This is the first book by both the authors but the work they have done is of genius. There are many stories in the book but we will not find a single instant which makes us feel that we are disconnected from the main story. Very interesting book with each stories which have got unexpected twist and turns and  an jaw dropping end too. In short, the must read and it definitely keeps us hooked till the end.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My Childhood Through The Eyes of My Real Hero...

Its said that "If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older"

The most beautiful phase in every individuals life is their childhood. No matter how old we become but these childhood memories are like a treasure which always remain with us throughout our life as a sweet smile. Even the mere thought of childhood gives us a tickle and takes us to the flashback of those sweet memories. So how many of them remember these ice candies in the above photo which were sold just outside your school and no matter how many warnings your mother gave you not to eat it, you always had that one rupee in your pocket to buy these icy cold candies. 

Now just imagine, What if you get to re-live your entire childhood once again? Wouldn't that be awesome? But, is it really possible to re-live your childhood once again?  If somebody would have asked me this question then my answer would be definitely a big Yes... I have no idea about others but Yes I have something with me, a treasure, a gift, hmmm a most precious gift that is for a life time gifted by my real Hero, My DAD :-) 

My Dad has capsulated and insulated my entire childhood and its memories by capturing it in photos and making a album of it which will be with me till my last breath. Its my only pride possession which is very close to my heart and a most precious thing to me. Here, I am sharing some of the photos in this post.

During my childhood days there were no Digi-Cams by which u can take multiple number of pictures anytime. But the Kodak cameras were used with a roll which consisted a photographic film. Later these rolls were given to the studio and then the studio people would develop the photos out of the negatives generated from photographic films. Unlike digital  cameras there were no technique which could be used to date the photo. So as you can see in these pictures my dad has made use of the date seal to date each and every photo taken. Date seal is something which had a date marks on it as shown in the picture. On adjusting the wheels the required date could be obtained and then this date stamp had to be tapped to the ink pad and then tap it back immediately to the required sheet of paper on which you need the date marked. In my case, Dad used the similar to mark the date on each photo.

After inserting the photos in the transparent pockets of the album, he has sealed the open end of the pocket by a transparent sticking tape so that the photos doesn't come in contact with moisture contents and last longer or say forever :-) Isn't it lovely?

What could be more exiting then seeing the way you have dressed up with your little school bag and water bottle on the first day of your school. Yes, my dad has taken this picture on the first day of my school. I still remember I had cried the whole day in school but later was completely happy as my dad took me to beach after my school  and captured this photo of mine. How easily such little joys would make us forget our big pain with in fraction of seconds then.:)

Since I have been  born and brought up in a coastal area going to the beach at evening, on every alternate days as a kid was a routine. After playing in the water for sometime we would move towards the kids park and then playing in the park on the kids amusement toys would be like I have got the happiness of the entire world. My dad's encouragement to make me try some other amusement toys which according to me were very gaint at that time, always went in vain. As I always liked to play the girly games which included swings, seesaw, marry go round or catching catch with other kids playing in the park.

And the most best moment of the day would be while getting back home as I would get a chance to visit all the ice-cream and toy stalls which were just outside the beach, making good business by kids like me. And the happiness after getting something from the stall would have no bound. My dad would love to capture such moment in the photo like he has done after he bought this hand-made hat for me and I was on the top of the world, laughing uncontrollably with joy.

I remember the day so well when me and my mom went for shopping along with my aunt and I had liked this green dress which I am wearing in this photo. My like for this green dress was only because it had some kinda golden accessory pinned at the chest and to me it looked so attractive that I felt that there could be no other dress as beautiful as that on this whole planet. My mom did not buy it and instead took some other dress for me and we returned back to home. I was sad and was still missing the dress. But, to my surprise my dad came home with the same dress which mom had not bought even after I had insisted so much. My eyes sparkled and I was on cloud 9 knowing that the most beautiful dress of the world was mine now. And it was also the day of my victory and I  still remember so well, how I teased my mom by making animated actions with my one hand holding the dress in the other hand and dancing all around the room, screaming at the top of my voice. But i had wondered that day, how my dad got to know that I had liked that dress and brought it for me as he was not with us when I had went for shopping with mom and aunt. I still wonder even now about it, whether it was really a co-incidence or what was it, I still wonder :-)

As we know certain things never change with the age and one such thing in me is my love for cats. I love cats since I was a kid and I think this love is passed to me from my dad as he loved the cats too. Cats have always played an important role in my life since I was a kid. It has been my best friend from then till now with whom I have shared all my happiness, guilt, pain, worries or love and it has unconditionally loved me back too.

My dad passed away when I was 5 years old and along with that even me posing to the camera also stopped as no one else was interested to take my pictures after that. But even after almost 20 years, I can still feel his presence, his care, his affection, his love for his only princess through this gift of life time which he has created only for me. As much time me and my dad have spent together, is freezed in this album and will remain forever with me. This album not only connects me to my childhood but it also connects me to my dad :)

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Planning to go on a trip with Mummy if I win :)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

In Memories of My Best Friend Veena...

It was when I was 8 years old. I use to stay along with my Aunt and Grani. My only best friend at that time was Veena. Veena, my Lovely CAT. I don't remember from when she was staying with me. I don't even remember why have I named her as Veena. But, the only thing I know is she was most closest friend of mine.

Every day when I came back from school with my school bag and water bottle it was Veena who came running and welcomed me with her affection.
Whenever I was happy,  it was Veena with whom I shared my happiness and she cherished in my joy.
Whenever I was sad, it was Veena with whom I shared my sadness and  she cried along with me.
Whenever Veena was hurt it would hurt me the most and I wept in her pain.

Veena... I can still remember her soft touch, her warm affection, her trust in me, her silent love, her sweet gesture. My days started wit Veena and ended with Veena. She had silently become my life, my best friend in my loneliness, who knew all the mistakes that I did as a kid.

It was one of the most worsetest night when I wished Veena goodnight and went to my bed. I still remember that morning so clearly when my aunt at around 7.00 am woke me up and said, "Veena is no more". My heart stopped beating for a while. For a moment I thought my aunt was lying to make me get up early. I just looked at my aunt and she told Veena fell in well which was next to my house. I went running to the well to see what has happened but could only helplessly see some people removing her dead body from the well.

What could I do now? I could do nothing other than crying looking at her. We become so helpless when God takes away someone we love. And the most worst part is God only take that person away from us and not the memories, which keep killing us every moment.

I kept crying for days together. I blamed God for taking my Veena away from me. The thought which I had during my childhood that everything I love God takes away from me became more stronger. Even after weeks I kept crying all alone remembering her, hiding my tears from my aunt. After all, this time I dint even had my best friend Veena with whom I use to share my sadness. I started skipping my food and became weak. I guess my aunt was silently observing all this and she told my uncle.

One day when I came back from school my uncle told me that Veena has come back. I cherished with joy and threw my school bag and water bottle and asked where she is? My uncle replied, that she is sitting under the cot. I bent down the cot and saw her starring at me. I lift my hand to touch her but she was scared of me. Then I realized no it was not Veena but some other cat my uncle has brought so that I can forget Veena.

This new cat has best eyes and was very beautiful. My aunt started calling her as Veena but I could not. So, I named her as Sini. I never shared my happiness or sadness with her and she never came running to me when i got back from school. My uncle has brought her in replacement of Veena but she could never take my Veena's place.

Some relationship's are always special and can never be replaced by anyone. Veena will always be that special one till my last breath. MISS YOU VEENA.