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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Smile... A Real Magic...

Its been pretty long time I have not written any post but I have tried reading all of yours posts whenever I got a little bit of time and also left a comment. I still apologize if I have missed reading any of your posts friends. I hope I have not missed any. Reasons to be precise for not writing any posts are many. As I was stuck in work at office as well as it was my dearest cousins wedding whose engagement picture you have seen in my post Unexpected Thrilling Journey and have also read how I have reached after so much of thrill to her engagement.  But, these are not the only reasons, the most biggest reason is I had nothing in my mind to write. To be honest right now even at this moment I have got nothing in my mind to scribble in this holy place. Lots of things happened with me these days which I could have shared with you guys but my mind set these days is very much content and peaceful and may be that is the reason because I am not thinking of anything much. But since many days I am trying hard to think of a topic and blog about it but I could not. So I finally decided to write this post about smile

What is this smile? Just the flexing of the muscles on both the end of the mouth. But, this mere flexing of muscle has so much of power that it can make many impossible things possible. Its makes us more attractive then actually we are in reality:) Don't agree??? Then try it in front of mirror and check out. Well, I am definitely sure you all must have tried it already many a times. But today try once again and feel the difference.

U remember the moment spend with someone special and can't stop your self from smiling even when your parents are around. The time spent with your friends or some jokes cracked with them makes you to smile sometimes even when you are walking in the middle of the crowded market but you try hard to control it or hide it by all possible ways to avoid people thinking you have gone crazy. That soothing feeling you get when you see a stranger kid looking at you and smiling is of million dollar. That sudden feeling when your heart skip a beat when you see your love of life smile. That relaxation you get when your parents have a smile on their face just because of you. That feeling of satisfaction when you give a smile to an elderly person and they feel so much of happiness just because of your one smile as if they were waiting for it since ages can not be compared to anything else. We are so lucky to have been gifted this true magic called smile which has given us so many such beautiful things which are priceless.

Smile changes our mood. It actually brings happiness and a positive vibrations from and to the person with whom we have exchanged smiles. When we keep smiling then even the blood pressure is lowered and also it releases natural pain killer in our body. Smile boost our immune system and relieves stress too. So these reasons are best enough to keep smiling and also to make everyone around us smile.

According to Mother Theresa, "Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." And I completely agree with her. Yes I have seen magic happen with smile. There are so many countless situations I remember when I have just smiled and all the difficulties have vanished within the seconds. God must have not sent us to earth with magical wand as we are not the angels, but in turn he has sent everyone on this earth with this true magic called smile.  Then why not make use of this and spread this magic to the world. Keep Smiling Mates :-)

Meowwww.. Keep Smiling :-)

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Little Joys...

In this journey of life, when we are in the rat race for achieving something big, we ignore and forget to appreciate the small things which bring smile on our lips. Why do we always forget the fact that the happiness is not always in achieving the big things in life, but it also lies in enjoying those simple moments which give us the feeling of joy. We have so many countless complaints that God did not grant us the wish we desired but we never be grateful to God for those awesome small things that he has given us and made our life so beautiful.  

So, my this blog is dedicated to some of those small moments that gives me the joy of happiness. So in which small moments does the happiness lies? Lets check out few of them ;-)

Happiness lies when the first rain drops of the first rain falls on my face and I feel it with closed eyes and open arms.
Happiness lies when I sit at the window seat while travelling listening to my favorite songs and the naughty breeze tickles me by playing with my untied hairs.
Happiness lies when a small cute stranger kid smiles looking at me and tries to touch me as if it knows me from years together.
And OMG, how can I stop that wide smile spreading my face when i see my closest once name blinking on my cell phone.
Well, happiness also lies when I start getting infinite number of calls at midnight on my birthday and some of the stupid friends of mine talks all the stupid stuffs of the world and hangs the call without wishing me to irritate me. I love you all stupids for doing such crazy things that makes me smile even now when I think of it.
To me happiness lies when I see people's crazy dance on festivals like Ganesh Chaturti and Holi and I feel like joining them and dancing as if nobody is seeing me.
Happiness lies when I realize my friends are listening to a boring song along with me just because its my favorite.
Happiness lies when my friend Surabhi reads every blog of mine with so much of interest even though its pakavu and compliments me for my writing ;-)

Even though if we are in search and struggle for something big, we need to learn to identify these small moments from our life and feel it as much as we can. So readers, just take a small break from your busy life and think about those little moments that gives you joy and start enjoying its feeling to the fullest.

Monday, 3 October 2011

The Generation Gap...

A Small Conversation that I had with my Aayi (Grani, Mom's Mom) some years back when I got ready to go out with my friends.

AAYI :  What is that you are wearing?
ME     : My new Jeans and a Sleeveless top.
AAYI  :  But why are you wearing the clothes like a boy wear and where are the hands of your top?
ME     : Oh Aayi, this is the way nowadays most of the girls dress up.
AAYI  :  But I never dressed up like this and nor did your Mom. So from where did you learn
ME     : (In a hurry who had no answers for my Grani's questions with a sarcastic laugh)
             Bye Aayi :-)

Everyone amongst us must have gone through a similar kind a situation. May be with our grand parents or even with our parents. There is so many times when I buy certain dress and my friends love it, but my mom finds the same dress weird. This is the most common thing we all must have come across. The Television shows which we watch and our parents watch are so completely different. The same fight for remote control in everybody's house. And finally its we younger generation who compromises with the TV shows and ends the fight by silently handing over the remote to our parents. Why is that our likes and dislikes vary so much. Is this is what called as  THE GENERATION GAP?

Whenever I liked to do something during my High school days and if I was being restricted by my elder cousins I hated it. I use to think so backward and old fashioned my cousins are. But, now when my younger cousin who is studying in 7th standard wanted to create her Facebook account, I was the first person to restrict her in spite of knowing the fact that most of her classmates already has a FB account. OMG!!! What is wrong with me now???  Well, this restriction is just because of my own experience. I am thinking when I myself am so much addicted to FB then how much will she be, as she is now stepping into her teen age which is the best age to get distracted. Obviously, even she might be thinking the same about me as I am backward and old fashioned as I would think about my elder cousins.

I was allowed to use a cell phone from the time I joined my Graduation college and that too because it was a necessity as I was staying away from home at a hostel. But, now my younger cousin brother is using a cell phone right from the class 8th even after staying at home. He even has a personal computer with internet access. Is this the development in technology or a Generation Gap again?

If this is the case now itself then what will be our kids demand. May be they will demand for a cell phone right from the Kinder Garden. And when I did not allow my cousin to create a FB account, will I allow my kids to use a cell right from their KG class.? Or I will be among those strict sunkey Mother who screws all the freedom of her kids? How will they feel about me when all their other friends will use a cell phone but I would not permit them? Ohh Nooo..... Why am I thinking all this? When I have got so much of freedom from my Mom and when all my wishes have been fulfilled then obviously even my kids wishes also will be. No doubt.

After experiencing all these things the thoughts which I am getting is, the only reason why the elder generation restricts their younger generation is they care for them and so they don't want their younger generation to commit the same mistake as they themselves had once committed. But, it is only after falling one learn to stand. We learn  only after committing mistakes and we have to accept the fact that even our younger generation will learn from their own mistakes and not from our suggestions and restrictions. The more we restrict some one the tendency of that person to break the restriction also increases and its a human nature. So its good to be a friend to the younger generation rather then restricting them for each and everything. I think restriction can only make them hide the mistakes that they commit because of our fear and which may lead them in a wrong path.

The only way to understand both our elder as well as younger generation is that we need to keep our self in their shoes and think how would we react if we were to be in their place. Only then we will realize neither our elders who keeps questioning us are wrong and nor our younger's who keep committing mistakes are wrong. The only differences in all these people is nothing but THE GENERATION GAP..

Saturday, 1 October 2011

My Present Job... A Curse Or A Boon???

I always had so many complaints about my present job. May be this was because I had a dream of working in a MNC and not in a Government office. Unfortunately, being a 2009, Computer Science & Engineering passed out it was such a tough time to get placed during the time of recession. But, even during such a tough time when most of my batch mates were struggling to get placed, I luckily got a job so easily which had so many plus points. Plus points like my office was in my hometown, good designation, Mom made food, living at home and of course  a good payment (no private companies were paying so much for a fresher at the time of recession as much as my office offered me). Only a fool would refuse such an offer and I was not the one. So with out a second thought I jumped into it and this is how the story of my first job begins. 

So, now I had stepped into a journey of complete new experience. I started meeting some good people in this journey whom I will never forget in my lifetime and even met many irritating peoples too, whom I can never forget as well ;-P. From these day to day experiences i learnt a new lesson everyday which made me to understand people and life in a more better way. Well, initially I thought that I would have people around me at work place who has got similar thinking as that of mine, but here it was completely different. The most shocking thing for me was is and will always be is that even a highly qualified Officer with so many years of experience have to follow the orders of an illiterate politician who has no knowledge of anything which I hated from the core of my heart. I started hating such rules and regulations which had no sense at all.
So many wrong things keep happening around me everyday and there are none to stop them, as nobody think it is wrong. A very simple example I can give here is usage of Paper. I am very stingy while making use of office paper. I don't usually take printouts unless and until it is very necessary. But, they make fun of my this behavior at office. Even my boss asks me to take printouts of certain things which he wont even give a look and those papers directly go into his dustbin. If I say something regarding this my colleagues give a common comment " GOVERNMENT KA PAISA HAI, TU KYU TENSION LE RAHI HAI". I don't want to argue more with them on this matter because I believe in a policy "Live and Let Live, without interfering in anyone's business". Nor I want to protest against all these things and become a great personality. I am a common girl and happy with what I am. Hmmmm... if I keep on counting the negativities now then it will be a never ending list.

Well, now let me come to the advantages part. The most biggest and beautiful advantage of doing a job here is I got a chance to stay along with my Mom. Mom due to her work responsibilities could not stay with me since my childhood as she had to migrate from one place to other due to the frequent official transfers, she could not even take me along with her as it would effect my academics. So this was the first time in my lifetime, that is after 22 years of my  birth I started staying along with my mom. Its being almost 2 years now. This job has given me a chance to know my mom in more better way. The closeness that we share now was not there when we were not staying together.  I learnt so many good things from her which will be helpful to me throughout my life. Though there are lots of negative points in my job this one advantage puts a shadow over all the negativities.


Now when I question myself "My Present Job... A Curse Or A Boon???" My heart spontaneously answers me Yeah!!! It is a boon :-)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Is This The Right Time To Get Committed???

I don't know how to start with as there are so many thoughts striking my mind at the same time. But, all these thoughts ends with the same question.
Is This The Right Time To Get Committed???

I even don't know if I am doing right by sharing these thoughts in a Blog. You must be thinking about which commitment am I thinking so deeply. Obviously, what can be more bigger commitment then getting married. Yeah! Thinking about my marriage. But, it ends with the same question again.
Is This The Right Time To Get Committed???

I being a only daughter have led a life of a Princess. Have always got what ever I have wished. Or I can even say I am being granted with more then that I have wished. But, once I get married will all the things remain same? Well, every girl has this question in her mind pre-marriage. And the answer for this question is 'NO'. Nothing is going to remain same. A new beginning, a new journey, a new life with so many new responsibilities will all of a sudden change my life with this new commitment. I am aware of all this and that is why I have the question.
Is This The Right Time To Get Committed???

Right from the time I realized what marriage is I had a very strong thought that I would definitely go for an arrange marriage. I wanted my Mom to find a match for me. But, my Mom as she has always given me the full freedom to take the major decision's of my life whether it was in choosing my Education Field or it was in choosing my career, she again gave me full permission even to take this important decision of finding a match myself. Only few lucky people get the chance to choose their own life partner with the parents support and I am the one among those lucky people. But, this time I dint want this chance. In fact I wish I could grant this chance to someone who was really in need of it. I wish at least that person  could utilize this chance and make it an opportunity to marry their loved one without any objection from there parents. But in my case this freedom is just a waste due to my interest in an arrange marriage. This interest was because I had a strong belief that arrange marriages are more successful. But, one day while discussing with my friend on this topic just one sentence of my friend changed my complete opinion. The sentence was "Any kinda marriages are successful the only necessity is finding a right partner". How true :-)

Hmmmmm... My Mom is going to take a charge of finding a match for me in the first month of coming year. Well, This is the thing which  I had always dreamed of.  But even when everything is going on according to my wish.. Why is that I am having so many questions still running in my mind? Is it normal to think so much? May be Yes. Might be all girls have same kind a thoughts which I have right now prior to taking such an important decision of life. So many unanswered questions, so many weird thoughts. But all thoughts start with the same question.
Is This The Right Time To Get Committed???

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Expectations... A Real Wierdest Word.

Expectations, Expectations, Expectations...............

Nowadays wherever we go, whomever we meet the most common thing we come across is Expectations.

Every time it makes me wonder, Why do people have so many expectations? Is having Expectations is really a worth?

Some people say to be successful in life one need to have high expectations and then try hard to achieve them. But, what when they are not able to achieve that height as they expected. Will they be able to take this failure in positive way? May be some people might take it in positive manner also but not everyone can. After all everyone are different and so is there thinking too.

Few days back I just shared a thought in my Facebook which was like "We Always get what we "DESERVE" and not what we "EXPECT"". It was really surprising to see that so many of them agreed with it. But, this again made me think that when people really agree with it then why do they have so many expectations.

Well, will I be ever able to find someone who has no expectations from anyone as I do???

Hmmmmm... :-) These are just thoughts which has no ending and this is what is making me think 
"Expectations... A Real Wierdest Word."

Monday, 25 July 2011

An Initiative For My New Interest...

Hi Readers.. 

As This Is My First Blog The First Thing I Would Like To Share Is How I Developed A New Interest In Blogging.. 

I Am An Active Reader Of My Pal's Blogs And Enjoy Reading It The Most..But Never Had An Idea About Blogging Myself And That's Because I Know I Am Not So Good In Writing..

But Today Morning While I Was Travelling From My Home To Office All Of A Sudden A Thought Striked My Mind.. So What If I Am Not So Good In Writing? Blog Is A Place To Express So Many Things Which You Have Kept Deep In Your Thoughts.. So "LETS START BLOGGING" [However Most Of The Initiative Thoughts Strike My Mind While I Travel :-P]..

And That's The Reason I Am Here With AN INITIATIVE FOR MY NEW INTEREST..

Lots More To Come And I Hope You Will Like It..