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Friday, 9 November 2012

The Battle Within...

I have always heard that happiness lies in the little things. And yes! I have learnt to enjoy the happiness in little things lately. But, in this meanwhile I have realized that I have even learnt to feel the sadness in little things.

Today morning when I woke up I heard my neighbours cat yelling so badly. I saw she was searching something vigorously everywhere. Initially I did not understand what was the reason. But when my mom told me the reason behind her grief my heart ached. Just 3 weeks back this cat has given birth to a very cute kitten. The baby was very active and naughty and would keep hoping all the day here and there. But, I got to know from my mom that since morning it was missing. It was a terrible moment to look at the mother cat searching her kid so helplessly.

I woke up with such a bad moment today and since than my mindset is very disturbed. Sometimes I feel the people who know us or meet us has an image about us that we are so strong. Our friends, our colleagues, our relatives, our siblings, our parents, nobody, absolutely nobody knows about the battle that we fight within. And all this is because we have mastered ourself in faking it.

"Its just impossible to mask sadness on your face when you are happy but its not difficult to fake a smile when you are dying inside" -Sonia

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The cry of the soul...

Drenched in the rain of mistakes,
Flowed in the waves of sins,
I try to stand,
Walk to cover the miles on the endless road,
Unaware of where I am heading.

The moment I feel I am on the right path,
The very next moment I am
and tied to the cage of guilt,
From where escaping is just a myth.

Helpless I lie, in one corner of this dark cage,
I die hundred deaths every minute,
Lonely I scream, I yell,
Lonely I cry, I bleed,
None to heal.
I just wait to end this ordeal.

In this day to day life we commit so many sins and mistakes, we go against our ethics just for the temporary happiness, but in this meanwhile we always tend to forget the pain our soul undergoes each time we commit some sin.. 

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Najaane kab mithega yeh bebasi ka aalam
Najaane kab thamega yeh uljhano ka tufaan
Najaane kab bujhegi yeh sholon si jalan
Najaane kab milega ek pal bhar ka aaraam...

Ab saans bhi leti hu toh sene mein chubti hai
Dard itna hai ke yeh jaan nikalne ko tadapti hai
Ab na bardash hai in dhadkano ke shor ko sunna,
na or bardash hai in saanson ke boj ko uthana...

Najaane kab thairega yeh tadapta dil dhadakna
Najaane kab rukega in bebas sanson ka chalna...