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Thursday, 27 June 2013


Here and there,
 I searched for it everywhere.
In the temples and the churches
and in the prayers and the fair.
But, could found it nowhere.

The meditation did not heal
 nor did the supernatural charms.
If only I knew, my quest for solace,
would end in your arms.

Thursday, 31 January 2013


In my days and my nights,
and from the dawn to the dusk;
In my past and the present,
and in every bit of my essence;
Your fragrance I inhale by which 
my smile enhance. 

In the right and the wrong,
and in the rhymes and the songs;
In the stories and the poetries,
and in my mind and my heartbeat;
Your presence follow me everywhere 
like the shadow in the scorching heat.

How can one separate us?
When you have dissolved in me
like the deadly venom.
The more they try the more venom spreads.
How can one distant us?
When its not our body but 
our souls entangled.
The more they separate us, 
the more tangled gets our soul's threads.

In every thought that I think 
and the air that I breathe.
I feel you within me and also around,
intoxicating and giving me
the immense passion that seethe

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Anjaan raasta...

Yu he nikle the sair par, 
Na jaane chalte chalte ye kaha aa gaye ham.
Sahi raaste ko dhundte dhundte or bhi zaada ulajh gaye ham.
Har chehra anjana sa, har raasta andekha sa,
Is anjaan duniya ko dekh kar darr gaye ham.
Ab to naa aage badne ka hosala hai or na he piche jaane ki himmat,
Ek aise mod pe aake bas tham gaye ham...

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The cry of the soul...

Drenched in the rain of mistakes,
Flowed in the waves of sins,
I try to stand,
Walk to cover the miles on the endless road,
Unaware of where I am heading.

The moment I feel I am on the right path,
The very next moment I am
and tied to the cage of guilt,
From where escaping is just a myth.

Helpless I lie, in one corner of this dark cage,
I die hundred deaths every minute,
Lonely I scream, I yell,
Lonely I cry, I bleed,
None to heal.
I just wait to end this ordeal.

In this day to day life we commit so many sins and mistakes, we go against our ethics just for the temporary happiness, but in this meanwhile we always tend to forget the pain our soul undergoes each time we commit some sin.. 

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Music Magic...

Finding its way slowly through the ears,
Ripples of magic spreads through out.
Intimating with every senses, like an elixir,
Heals each wound, pushes every hidden pain out.

Smoothening the inner toughness,
Caresses every single inch inside.
Intruding in the heart, runs through the veins,
Forgive the sins, soothes the mind.

Passing through the layers of the mind,
Cleansing each layer, reaches the soul.
Soul now immersed in its magical vibe,
Dances with stride, and hence purifies.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Najaane kab mithega yeh bebasi ka aalam
Najaane kab thamega yeh uljhano ka tufaan
Najaane kab bujhegi yeh sholon si jalan
Najaane kab milega ek pal bhar ka aaraam...

Ab saans bhi leti hu toh sene mein chubti hai
Dard itna hai ke yeh jaan nikalne ko tadapti hai
Ab na bardash hai in dhadkano ke shor ko sunna,
na or bardash hai in saanson ke boj ko uthana...

Najaane kab thairega yeh tadapta dil dhadakna
Najaane kab rukega in bebas sanson ka chalna...

Friday, 3 February 2012


Aaye ho tum,
Meri berang zindagi mein, Indradhanush ke saare rang chadaane
Meri sehmi dhadkan ko, Sangeet ke saare raag sunaane
Mere phike sapno mein, Sansaar ki saari mithaas bharne
Meri bejaan aatma ko, teri pavitrata se zinda karne
Mere sookhe mann ke aangann mein, teri maasumiyat ke phool sajaane
Aaye ho tum,
Meri niswarth mamata ko, Maa shabd se amar banaane

Friday, 20 January 2012


Shabd tere sunn ke, mein ek geet bann jau!
Khusboo teri leke kasturi bann jau!
Saanse teri chuke, mein fir se ji jau!
Chabi teri dekh ke, mein ek darpan bann jau!
Aahat teri mehsus kar ke, baasuri mein bann jau!
Chule bas ek baar mujhe,
umar bhar ke liye teri Poojaran bann jau!