Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Is This The Right Time To Get Committed???

I don't know how to start with as there are so many thoughts striking my mind at the same time. But, all these thoughts ends with the same question.
Is This The Right Time To Get Committed???

I even don't know if I am doing right by sharing these thoughts in a Blog. You must be thinking about which commitment am I thinking so deeply. Obviously, what can be more bigger commitment then getting married. Yeah! Thinking about my marriage. But, it ends with the same question again.
Is This The Right Time To Get Committed???

I being a only daughter have led a life of a Princess. Have always got what ever I have wished. Or I can even say I am being granted with more then that I have wished. But, once I get married will all the things remain same? Well, every girl has this question in her mind pre-marriage. And the answer for this question is 'NO'. Nothing is going to remain same. A new beginning, a new journey, a new life with so many new responsibilities will all of a sudden change my life with this new commitment. I am aware of all this and that is why I have the question.
Is This The Right Time To Get Committed???

Right from the time I realized what marriage is I had a very strong thought that I would definitely go for an arrange marriage. I wanted my Mom to find a match for me. But, my Mom as she has always given me the full freedom to take the major decision's of my life whether it was in choosing my Education Field or it was in choosing my career, she again gave me full permission even to take this important decision of finding a match myself. Only few lucky people get the chance to choose their own life partner with the parents support and I am the one among those lucky people. But, this time I dint want this chance. In fact I wish I could grant this chance to someone who was really in need of it. I wish at least that person  could utilize this chance and make it an opportunity to marry their loved one without any objection from there parents. But in my case this freedom is just a waste due to my interest in an arrange marriage. This interest was because I had a strong belief that arrange marriages are more successful. But, one day while discussing with my friend on this topic just one sentence of my friend changed my complete opinion. The sentence was "Any kinda marriages are successful the only necessity is finding a right partner". How true :-)

Hmmmmm... My Mom is going to take a charge of finding a match for me in the first month of coming year. Well, This is the thing which  I had always dreamed of.  But even when everything is going on according to my wish.. Why is that I am having so many questions still running in my mind? Is it normal to think so much? May be Yes. Might be all girls have same kind a thoughts which I have right now prior to taking such an important decision of life. So many unanswered questions, so many weird thoughts. But all thoughts start with the same question.
Is This The Right Time To Get Committed???

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Expectations... A Real Wierdest Word.

Expectations, Expectations, Expectations...............

Nowadays wherever we go, whomever we meet the most common thing we come across is Expectations.

Every time it makes me wonder, Why do people have so many expectations? Is having Expectations is really a worth?

Some people say to be successful in life one need to have high expectations and then try hard to achieve them. But, what when they are not able to achieve that height as they expected. Will they be able to take this failure in positive way? May be some people might take it in positive manner also but not everyone can. After all everyone are different and so is there thinking too.

Few days back I just shared a thought in my Facebook which was like "We Always get what we "DESERVE" and not what we "EXPECT"". It was really surprising to see that so many of them agreed with it. But, this again made me think that when people really agree with it then why do they have so many expectations.

Well, will I be ever able to find someone who has no expectations from anyone as I do???

Hmmmmm... :-) These are just thoughts which has no ending and this is what is making me think 
"Expectations... A Real Wierdest Word."

Monday, 25 July 2011

An Initiative For My New Interest...

Hi Readers.. 

As This Is My First Blog The First Thing I Would Like To Share Is How I Developed A New Interest In Blogging.. 

I Am An Active Reader Of My Pal's Blogs And Enjoy Reading It The Most..But Never Had An Idea About Blogging Myself And That's Because I Know I Am Not So Good In Writing..

But Today Morning While I Was Travelling From My Home To Office All Of A Sudden A Thought Striked My Mind.. So What If I Am Not So Good In Writing? Blog Is A Place To Express So Many Things Which You Have Kept Deep In Your Thoughts.. So "LETS START BLOGGING" [However Most Of The Initiative Thoughts Strike My Mind While I Travel :-P]..

And That's The Reason I Am Here With AN INITIATIVE FOR MY NEW INTEREST..

Lots More To Come And I Hope You Will Like It..