Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Day of Love...

The Love is in the air. Cupid is too busy in shooting the arrow of love from the bow, to the hearts of people who ever is coming across him. The couples in Love were eagerly waiting for this day to come since such a long time. So many singles will be getting  into a relationship on this day of Love. And countless number of them have been planning to confess their love to their special one on this particular day. But, Hey you people in Love... Do u think cupid is on holidays on rest of the 364 days of the year? Do you really need a particular day to express this eternal feeling called as Love?

Today while travelling to my office I heard two college boys sitting next to me and making a plan to propose some girl. They were fully prepared and I could see some roses and some chocolates in their bags too. Well, this is their age to do such stuffs and I don't think it is wrong either but what made me think over it is both the guys together were making plans to propose the same girl and the line they told at the last was "Teri Nahi toh Meri" with the Hi-five. So is this what is called as True Love?

Well, if I am not wrong this trend of celebrating Valentines Day came in India since Rahul, Pooja and Nisha celebrated it for the first time. Yeah I am talking about a movie "Dil Toh Pagal Hai". And since then everyone came to a conclusion that this is the day of Love. But, was there no Love before this movie released? Was there no Love before Valentines Day was celebrated? 

Did Radha-Krishna celebrated this Day to show their love? No... Even than their love is considered as immortal.
Did Devdas-Paru shared the gifts on this specific day? No... Even than their love is remembered as one of the greatest love story in India.
Did Meera wait for this particular day to confess her love to Krishna? No... Even than her feelings are respected by every Indian even after decades. 

Love is eternal, unconditional and divine. So please do not wait for a particular day to cherish it or express it. Celebrate love every moment and enjoy its depth and purity rather than waiting for a particular day.

No, I am not against celebrating Valentines day in India or any such kind a crap that we keep hearing in media on every Valentines Day. It all depends on an individuals wish whether they want to celebrate it or not. And if they get happiness in celebrating it then they definitely should and must do it without any second thought. But, I wish this celebration should not last only for the particular day but it should last forever in every moment of their life. Well, that's it for today. And I would like to end this by wishing A very Happy Valentines Day to all my Reader's :-)

P.S: I had a beautiful day today as my day started with a special show for Valentines Day on Zoom TV called as Love Anthems . Those were some best romantic songs collection and that too without a single break.

P.P.S.S: And now I am reading my favorite book "I too had a Love Story". I am reading this book for the second time and I suggest everyone that if you like love stories then this book is going to be a treat for you. You will smile while going through some amazing pages of books, you will be in an imaginary world when you will read some of the romantic incidents, you will be in tears when you feel the Love between Khushi and Ravin, you will cry like you have lost your life while going through the last few pages of the book and the story will touch your heart so deeply that for days together you will not be able to come out from the hang over of the book. Author Ravin have made Khushi immortal. Every guy will wish to have a girl like Khushi and every girl will wish someone to love them as much as Ravin. 

Friday, 3 February 2012


Aaye ho tum,
Meri berang zindagi mein, Indradhanush ke saare rang chadaane
Meri sehmi dhadkan ko, Sangeet ke saare raag sunaane
Mere phike sapno mein, Sansaar ki saari mithaas bharne
Meri bejaan aatma ko, teri pavitrata se zinda karne
Mere sookhe mann ke aangann mein, teri maasumiyat ke phool sajaane
Aaye ho tum,
Meri niswarth mamata ko, Maa shabd se amar banaane

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Unexpected Thrilling Journey...

This Saturday I was going to my hometown Karwar and I was again excited as always for that . But this time the excitement was to the peak as I was going to attend my cousin sister's engagement ceremony which was on Sunday. The journey to my hometown Karwar from my work place is around 5 hrs and the only way to travel is by a Government Bus.

The most common thing I observe is whenever I have plans to go to my hometown I will be flooded with so much of work that it gets impossible for me to leave office early. The last bus to Karwar was at 5.30PM and to catch it I again need to travel to a nearby place for half an hour by another bus. I completed all the work and left office at 4.15 and was sure that without any hurdles I would easily get into 5.30 bus. But, life would have been so simpler if everything would go smoothly according to our plan, right?

When I reached half a way I got to know that the streets were blocked due to some big politician's visit to the nearby village and due to which my bus had to take another route which was around 15 Kms long than the usual route and to my good luck the roads of that village were too in a very bad conditions. Only few minutes were remaining for 5.30 and my bus was moving with a speed of which even the cycle could have left it far behind if there was a race in between the both and my watch was running with a rocket speed. The bus some how managed to reach near to the place from where I had to catch my Karwar bus and that made me a little relieved now. But this was only for few seconds as I saw my Karwar bus crossing the bus I was in with the full speed. I screamed at the top of my voice, " Oh Nooooo... My bus" and hurried and asked conductor to stop the bus so that I can get down. But till I got down from the bus I was in, the Karwar bus has gone far away from my sight and there I was in the middle of the road standing numb not knowing what to do next.

I got disappointed as everybody were waiting for me at Karwar and leaving next day early morning was not at all a good thought. But all of a sudden an idea popped in my mind to chase the bus and catch it. But, it was a very filmy idea and chasing the bus wasn't that easy in a village like that. I again started thinking quickly that who can help me out now as by hook or crook I had to get into that bus and somehow reach Karwar. At that moment the only name that flashed in my mind was of my friend Raj.

Let me introduce Raj here. His name is Rajesh but we call him as Raj ( Naam toh suna hoga naa :-P ) He is working in one of the branch of my office in the same place where I was stuck in. Me and Raj met in a exam hall where we both had appeared for the job exam and we both together got appointment order too. Due to same job work we happened to meet many times in trainings and meetings. He is most naughtiest and most helping  among all the staff. He was the topic of fun for all of us 6 months back as he got married at the age of 24 years. And a guy getting married at such an young age isn't acceptable these days. The reason for his early marriage was his parents force as Raj was afraid of staying alone at home. He was least interested to get married but was left with no choice. But, now he is very happy with his marriage and  luckily his parents have chosen a perfect wife for him too. We all are happy for him :)

Well, now let me come back to where I was. Standing in the middle of the road I called him and asked him to come immediately with the bike. He did not get what I was trying to say but only he understood was that I was in hurry. Though he was busy with his work he came immediately like a real Hero. And than there our chase started.  I explained him everything on the way. We rode for more than 10 Kms and I could only recall Dhoom movie at that moment. Even after riding so much we could not find any trace of bus. He was loosing hope but I requested him to keep riding for some more time as I still had hopes of reaching Karwar. We enquired the people standing there on the streets of those little villages about the bus and they told that they saw the bus passing only sometime back. After covering some more distance I saw a bus and gave a sigh of relief, As we reached near to the bus I started showing my hand and making signs to stop the bus. The driver must have seen me through the rear view mirror and stopped it. I thanked Raj and in hurry I got into the bus happily.

This was a thrilling experience for me and so I wanted to preserve it in this digital diary of my life so that I can recall this thrilling incident and my victory of catching a bus which will bring a smile on my face even when I get old:-)

And Raj I would like to thank you a million times for helping me out to attend my cousins engagement. You have helped me when I needed it the most and so I can never repay it to you in any ways. So my this post is a very small gift for your big help. Thank you, Thank you soooooooo soooooooo much :-)

And next day I could attend my cousins engagement just because of Raj. Raj you are a real superhero. Stay Happy:-) 

Friday, 20 January 2012


Shabd tere sunn ke, mein ek geet bann jau!
Khusboo teri leke kasturi bann jau!
Saanse teri chuke, mein fir se ji jau!
Chabi teri dekh ke, mein ek darpan bann jau!
Aahat teri mehsus kar ke, baasuri mein bann jau!
Chule bas ek baar mujhe,
umar bhar ke liye teri Poojaran bann jau!


Today is one more day which I can list in one of the most embarrassing day in my life. In spite of being in such an embarrassing situation today, the mere thought of it is making me laugh on my stupidity.

This embarrassing time started with a phone call which I got this morning as I reached office. It was my colleague's call who asked me to hurry to the ground which was near to my office. On asking her the reason she told me that some competition is held there and so she wants me to come. Hearing this I got excited as I thought that there must be some competition in which kids would participate in singing or dancing or may be some rangoli competition which I could capture in my cell phone. Without a second thought I left office immediately and reached the place as told by her only to know that it was a complete different scene there from what I had expected it to be. 

To my shock it was not any easy participation but it was a women's throw ball competition of my office staff Vs some other office staff. Even before I was out of this shock they gave me another shock saying they want me to participate in it. My ear drums burst when I heard such a thing. All my efforts to deny it went it vain. A girl who was never involved in any outdoor sports even during the primary schooling was now a player in a team representing my office.  

A voice from my brain started taunting and teasing me with a wicked laugh *Khi Khi Khi Khi, Ab kya karegi Sonia?*

Within no time they instructed me the rules of the game and the game started. I was surprised to see a lady of age around 54 years who was so active and was playing so well and me being so young was standing numb like a statue looking here and there. I could not catch a single throw :-((. I heard my office political people commenting in Kannada, "Shaalege Hoglilva Ninu, Aata aadlilva? Ille direct appoint aagi bandiddiya?"(Din't you ever go to school and play? Are you directly appointed here?) I ignored them at that moment and prayed god to tear the earth wide open and engulf me inside it. I was just waiting eagerly for that embarrassing time to pass by soon and at last the game was finished.

Result was obvious. My office lost terribly. Well, its an understood fact that how can a team win if it has great players like me. :-P

I did nothing much there on ground rather than two or three failed attempts to catch the ball but I can sense that some of the bolts of my body parts are loosened and can even sense a little pain in my right leg too. I think I need a recharge after getting back home. Oh God why have I become so delicate or may be a better name would be dumb.:-/

So readers, have you ever been in such an awkward moment in your life? Then share it here in comments and lets laugh out hard and overcome that awkwardness which is still somewhere in our mind :-)

P.S: Just finished reading a book "Life is what you make it" by Preeti Shenoy. A very nice book with a inspiring story of Ankita's life. The author is capable to create the magic of words in this. I suggest every girl has to read this book. :)

Friday, 13 January 2012


I have penned this down on a paper notepad while I was attending a office Staff Meeting in the meeting hall of my office. I knew I would have no work to do there as there was no such subject related to my concerned section to be discussed but still I had to attend it and get bugged. So to save my self from dozing off I thought I would at least do this holy work ;-)

President and Commissioner of my office have decided to conduct a meeting today but I have nothing to do here. Just sitting idle on the chair looking at the people around me. The people who have spent more than 40+ years here, contributing more than half of their life in serving this office. In this huge time they even lost their hair and developed a big tummy but still everyone are happy with the life they have spent here. They must have joined this place when they were young and enthusiastic but this place has snatched all their charm and now the only thing they have is a dull face with a bald head and a big tummy. This makes me scared of turning like this after some years if I continue working here. "OH GOD PLEASE LISTEN TO ME, I DESPERATELY NEED A CHANGE"

The meeting has started and now I can hear all blah blah in Kannada. This is so nostalgic and I remember the time when I could rarely understand Kannada just couple of years back and people would laugh their ass out if I would try to talk in this language but thankfully these two years have made me not only understand but also to talk and write in Kannada. *My achievement* :-P.

Getting back from this nostalgic journey of learning Kannada language I can see different expression on everybody's face. Some face full of curiosity, some are pretending to write down something on paper, some fiddling with their cell phone, some looking at the wall clock for every few minutes,  some sleepy, some rusted brains are working almost after decade and that too just to think about the fake answers to give if a question regarding their work is been asked and some looking at me to figure out what am I penning down so seriously.

I always wonder why these people around me are so much curious to know everything that I do. Sometimes I feel I have dropped into some other planet where all the aliens around me are keeping an eye on me and sometimes I feel like I am an alien from other planet who is left back here on earth and all the people around me are very keen to observe every moment of mine.

Seeing my terribly bored face one of my colleague sent me a text who was sitting just opposite to me. I opened the message to read and it displayed, " Why this Kolavari Kolavari D?". With the same mood I replied him, "Because D comes after C, so it is Kolavari D" and gave a very artificial smile looking at him. 

Finally the time came for which I was eagerly waiting. Ya it was a tea time. I had a cup of tea and some snacks and the meeting got over. 

This is what happens in a meeting in a Government Office :)

Please spare me if you are bored after reading this as I have written it when I was completely bugged up.

P.S: After reading some good reviews in flipkart.com got a new book to read. "Few things left unsaid". Have finished just few pages but I must say I am really disappointed. Book is not worth reading even once. *tears* :-(

Monday, 2 January 2012

Notice for Celebrating New Year...

It was since more than one month me and my cousins  were planning for New Year Party. This years New Year party meant a lot for us as one of my cousin is getting married this year and so probably we may not get a chance to celebrate this occasion together from now on wards. I promised my little cousin Aishu who was most excited amongst us for this party that I will take a leave on 31st and will reach my home town early morning and we will make all the arrangements.
The party was planned. It was a beach party with some good food, some games, gifts and other stuffs.

So, finally the day had come. It was 30th and I had to apply for the leave(I have saved some leaves so that I can easily get it on 31st), I completed all my work before afternoon and with full excitement I applied for a leave. And guess what??? My leave was not sanctioned. My heart broke into thousand pieces :-(How could I cancel the entire plan just because of my silly boss who did not grant me a leave? Neither I wanted to break my little cousin Aishu's heart who was waiting for me and nor I wanted to cancel the entire plan just because of me. I requested my boss that its really urgent and I have completed all the office work. But he replied with  a big NO. I told him since its an emergency I will have to go even if leave won't be granted. But, my stoned hearted boss did not agree. I told myself, *Leave ki toh aisi ki taisi, Maar goli office ko* and I bunked the office.

We enjoyed the  party to the fullest and welcomed the year wholeheartedly. 

So 1st was Sunday and I spent it enjoying with my lovely cousins and today is the 1st day of this year at my office. As I entered today morning I was been welcomed by a notice for being absent on 31st. Notice states that my 1 day salary will be deducted and I need to give a reply to it within 24 hours or strict action will be taken against me :-P

Well, this is how my new year has started. Now let me see what all this year has got for me along with it.:-)

A Very Happy New Year Readers:-) May this year brings a lot of good luck to u all:) Happy Blogging:-)

P.S:  After a long wait from Flipkart.com and Bluedart couriers finally the book reached me today. Starting this year with the book Of Course I Love You..! I hope it is up to my expectations :-)