Friday, 9 November 2012

The Battle Within...

I have always heard that happiness lies in the little things. And yes! I have learnt to enjoy the happiness in little things lately. But, in this meanwhile I have realized that I have even learnt to feel the sadness in little things.

Today morning when I woke up I heard my neighbours cat yelling so badly. I saw she was searching something vigorously everywhere. Initially I did not understand what was the reason. But when my mom told me the reason behind her grief my heart ached. Just 3 weeks back this cat has given birth to a very cute kitten. The baby was very active and naughty and would keep hoping all the day here and there. But, I got to know from my mom that since morning it was missing. It was a terrible moment to look at the mother cat searching her kid so helplessly.

I woke up with such a bad moment today and since than my mindset is very disturbed. Sometimes I feel the people who know us or meet us has an image about us that we are so strong. Our friends, our colleagues, our relatives, our siblings, our parents, nobody, absolutely nobody knows about the battle that we fight within. And all this is because we have mastered ourself in faking it.

"Its just impossible to mask sadness on your face when you are happy but its not difficult to fake a smile when you are dying inside" -Sonia

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Anjaan raasta...

Yu he nikle the sair par, 
Na jaane chalte chalte ye kaha aa gaye ham.
Sahi raaste ko dhundte dhundte or bhi zaada ulajh gaye ham.
Har chehra anjana sa, har raasta andekha sa,
Is anjaan duniya ko dekh kar darr gaye ham.
Ab to naa aage badne ka hosala hai or na he piche jaane ki himmat,
Ek aise mod pe aake bas tham gaye ham...

Friday, 12 October 2012


I am experiencing an absolute bliss at this moment..
The bare open wide sky with those twinkling stars smiling at me, the naughty cold wind from the wide open windows playing with my untied hair and caressing my face, iPod playing the playlist of my favourite songs. The night journeys are such a bliss. I'm suddenly feeling this world is such a beautiful place to stay.

We are so very blessed to have music, breeze, nights, stars, words, smile, colors, friends, love. What else we need to make our life beautiful when we are blessed with such amazing things.. isn't it?

On the way to Bangalore with mom and aunt. I love this long 10 hours journey even more then reaching the destination.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The cry of the soul...

Drenched in the rain of mistakes,
Flowed in the waves of sins,
I try to stand,
Walk to cover the miles on the endless road,
Unaware of where I am heading.

The moment I feel I am on the right path,
The very next moment I am
and tied to the cage of guilt,
From where escaping is just a myth.

Helpless I lie, in one corner of this dark cage,
I die hundred deaths every minute,
Lonely I scream, I yell,
Lonely I cry, I bleed,
None to heal.
I just wait to end this ordeal.

In this day to day life we commit so many sins and mistakes, we go against our ethics just for the temporary happiness, but in this meanwhile we always tend to forget the pain our soul undergoes each time we commit some sin.. 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Happy Birthday to me…:)

Today is my birthday and I have turned 1 year old. Confused ehh??? Well, it’s my blogs birthday today and 1 year back on the same day a new me has also taken birth along with my blog. I had not even expected that this blog would become my world in such a short period. I was new to the blogging world and totally unaware of how vast and beautiful this world is. I had started with absolutely nothing and today after 1 year it’s so much I have gained here. In one year I have shared so many things that took place in my life in this blog and it’s all of you my blog friends who read it and became a part of my life. Who has so much time in our so called real world to listen to the things that happen in our life? None.. But blog being a virtual world everyone here are so connected to each other and has time for each other to comment, to suggest and also to pray when one of us is in any kinda difficulty. And I can be sure that we blog friend’s who have never met, know about each other even more then our friends in the real world do. Agree??? J

Now when I look back and remember the day when I had started blogging and had written my first post, I remember I had absolutely no idea what would I be writing here. Even after writing 1st few posts I was still not at all sure about whatever I write in my blog is even worth to be read. So confused and without any confidence one fine day I sent the link of my blog to my best friend Surabhi. And she who is always there to support me in any thing I do, encouraged me by appreciating whatever I had written. I am not such a good writer but the way she appreciates me even the biggest writer of the world must not have got so much of appreciation. :-P. So in this way the journey of my blog started.

In this journey I met so many wonderful people in this little world which make me feel so lucky to have been met you all. And after meeting you now I feel this is the real world and the world which I knew one year back was some alien world. There is so much of peace, love, creativity, encouragement, sweetness, support, good listeners, purity here and absolutely no place for jealousy, ego, hatred or any such kinda useless emotions in our world.

So I feel this is the perfect time and occasion to tell some of you how special you are. So let me start with my first follower and yes there is no particular order okay..

Risha Kalra of I-Topia my first follower. In my initial days of blogging I luckily happened to land on her blog and to my surprise her blog was like a fairy tale world for me that’s because her writing was so mesmerizingly beautiful that I being a newbie had never even thought that such blog also exist. I have read her entire blog in first few days and was awestruck with her talent. I also explored many other talented bloggers through her blog. I left some comment on her blog and she inturn read my posts and also left some sweet comments on them and followed me back. Awww.. it was really a big honor to be read and followed by such an awesome writer. I can never forget you Risha for being so humbleJ

Saru Singhal of Words. Now what should I say about this lady? Words fall short to describe her but still let me attempt. Everyone amongst us knows her here. She is a celebrity in our world of blogging. Our inspiration. Our guide.  A lady who is to be adored,  admired and respected. So talented yet so down to earth. There is so much to learn from her as a writer and as a human being. Lucky to know you Saru Di J

Mithlash Jha of My Hope. He is poet, a very simple down to earth person who writes simple yet so touchingly beautiful poems. A person who believe in simplicity and frankness. I have only talked to him through G-talk a few times and I must say he is a very good human being who has got a very pure heart. A heart that is away from all the impurities of the world. It’s an honor to know you J

Akshay Kumar G of The EternalFighter, The Ultimate Comeback Kid:  Just like the name of his blog he is a real fighter. I have known about him through his blog, fighting so many battles of life all with a smile. He has overcome so many difficulties without any complain and it’s his spirit and posivity which always inspire and also make me realize that there is no problem in the world which cannot be solved. Akshay, your sweet comments on my posts always leave a wide smile on my face. He has also helped me to set the Reply option in the comment section of my blog by giving me necessary instructions. I am Glad to know you a cat lover, Shakira lover, founder of a most popular Indiblogger group on Facebook, a co-founder of IBL Team and A Eternal Comeback KidJ Now stop smiling Akshay and leave a good comment below. ;)

Fida Bosu of Live Laugh Love. If you are depressed or low then just visit Fida’s Blog and I bet it will make you smile and will definitely make you happy. She is so much of positivity, so much of good thoughts and full of life that it feels there is no place for sadness in life when we read her. She is a like happiness pills. With such a positive attitude towards life she has even fought Cancer and have taught me the art of living life. A bird lover, dog lover, cat lover.No, actually she is a life lover. Luckily she has agreed to be my Mom-in-law because I am in love with her boy Celis. Celis is the most handsome Cat of hers. J I am so happy that you are a part of my life Fida.

Ifrah Imam of Izdiher. She is so candid so frank that you will love her the way she is. I usually do not chat online but izi is the only person with whom I chat on Facebook. A girl who is just like me or lets call her as my Soul Sister. She loves Hindi movies and Bollywood songs too. Even she is in search of her Prince Charming like me and I hope we both will find our Mr.Right this year. :-P I can write a big post on her but let me make it simple and sweet. You are the best Izi. I am really really lucky to have you as my friend J

You guys rock my world. And I mean it. Whenever I post something I don't bother if anyone else read it or not but I eagerly wait for you all to read it and leave a comment. I feel my post in complete if you guys doesn’t read it. Completion of one year in this Blog world is just the beginning. There is a big way called life to travel along with you all. And I know this journey of life is going to be a best journey with you. Cheers to our friendshipJ

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Music Magic...

Finding its way slowly through the ears,
Ripples of magic spreads through out.
Intimating with every senses, like an elixir,
Heals each wound, pushes every hidden pain out.

Smoothening the inner toughness,
Caresses every single inch inside.
Intruding in the heart, runs through the veins,
Forgive the sins, soothes the mind.

Passing through the layers of the mind,
Cleansing each layer, reaches the soul.
Soul now immersed in its magical vibe,
Dances with stride, and hence purifies.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Something to Learn..

Sachin ni maarli six,
Aaji la aala chakkar,
Mama ni aandli riksha,
Riksha che paise sodaa,
Aaji ni maarla dolaa... ;-)

I heard this very sweet poem which is in Marathi language yesterday evening from this little boy Laxman.

Hindi Translation for those who don't understand Marathi: 

Sachin Ne maari six,
Nani ko aaya chakkar,
Mama ne laayi riksha,
Riskha ke paise chodo,
Nani ne maari aankh.. [Well, the poem doesn't rhyme in Hindi :( ]

Laxman is nine years old and studies in 3rd standard Kannada medium in one of the nearby village. Yesterday evening when I reached home after my work this boy came to my home along with one of my mothers friend Kalpana Aunty. She is a teacher in the same school where this boy studies and is heartly a very lovely lady. As soon as he got inside my house he directly came and sat on the floor. I felt bad when he did that. I asked him to sit on the chair and he followed it. On asking Kalpana Aunty about his whereabouts she told that his dad is a milk seller in the village and due to the financial problems is not able to take proper care of him. Laxman's mother left Laxman, his father and his 2 brothers just after giving birth to Laxman and is now with some other person. People think  that extra marital affairs happens only in metros or big cities but if we look very closely into the villages then the number of such things are really in large number even in our villages. Shocking but its a fact. 

Laxman's mother never came to see him or even his two elder brothers who are in 7th and 8th standard respectively. Kalpana aunty after listening to Laxmans story could not stop herself from taking Laxmans care  till it is possible by her hands. Now Laxman stay along with Kalpana Aunty since last few days and she looks after his food and also school. Despite of so many problems this little boy is so full of life that I could not take of my eyes from looking at him. I gave him two perk chocolates which aunty asked him to have it after getting back to home and he obeyed her without saying a word. I can bet on anything the kids which are born and brought up at our house with all the facilities and luxuries would never ever behave the way Laxman did. When I served him a dosa and tea he again went and sat on the floor to have it. Looking at his innocence I could not stop my self and I too joined him to the floor and we had a great time talking to each other. On asking him to tell a poem he sung those few funny Marathi lines which are at the starting of my post. Then I teared opened one of the perk and asked him to have it which he had. He wanted to have other one to but due to aunt's order of having it after getting back to home this obedient boy stopped himself. As my habit of taking pictures of whatever I like I took this picture of Laxman smiling happily which you can see in this post.

My mom asked if Laxmans dad is ready to give Laxman, as one of my uncles friend was interested in adopting a child. Kalpana Aunty told that she would let us know after asking Laxmans father. If Laxman gets a good life if some good family accepts him as their son then why not. Isn't it? Well, only if his dad agrees. Its all left on him now. But I wish whatever the decision might be Laxman's way of living life always remains same..

The most admiring fact about Laxman's dad is that despite of his financial problems he has given education to all his children's.

We who have got everything that is necessary. In fact we have got more then it is required but still have so many complaints about our life. Our parents unconditional love and pamper, education in some reputed schools and colleges, just one demand and our favorite food is ready for us and if its not we go to bed with empty stomach but even after that we say our life is so imperfect. We need to learn something from the boys like Laxman to whom even the little things give lots of joy and who knows the real mantra to remain happy no matter what :-)