Saturday, 24 May 2014

A Nightmare? Or a Serial Fever ?

The house was flooded with the guests. All my close relatives were busy in my marriage arrangements. I was on cloud nine as my dream was finally coming true. My wedding Saree, the traditional South Indian jewellery everything was set and I was almost ready to be dressed and walk as a most beautiful bride.  

Suddenly I sensed there was something wrong. My Mom and my aunt were discussing something seriously. I went close to them to know what was the matter. I heard them talking that the groom's family had rejected for the marriage. This matter did not shock me. As I was sure that even if his family had went against me in this very last moment, he will be there to support me and will find out some solution to this. I had so much of trust in him that I was sure he will come in few minutes and the marriage ceremony will go on as planned. 

It was then my eyes fell on the marriage invitation card. But, whose name have these people printed on this? There wasn't his name on the card. That means my parents already knew of all this and have fixed my marriage with someone else.This scared me like hell. The only thing that came in my mind at this moment is to call him and hear that everything was alright and he would be coming soon. I just wanted to listen that he love me. 

I went upstairs and called him. He received. I was still sure that he is not going to hurt me in any ways. The trust level was so high. 

I asked " Have you got ready for the marriage?" 
"No" he replied.
"So you want to marry me no?" I questioned.
"No I don't want to marry you" he said in a harsh tone.

I could not believe my ears. A chill ran down my spine. I was sweating profusely. Completely unaware of what went wrong all of a sudden I began to sob uncontrollably. The sweet memories spent with him were swirling in my mind. There was not even one such bad moment I could recall which could make him take such a cruel decision.

I somehow composed myself and went back to my dressing room. The last moment arrangements were still going on as if everything was normal. I thought that it was better to live everything on fate now. I did not want to hurt my mother even more by creating a scene. Being a single mother, she had done a lot of sacrifices while growing me up. So, at least now it was my duty to give her little happiness by all the possible ways that I could.  

I asked my aunt "What is the guys name to whom I am going to get married"?
Earlier when I had seen his name in the invitation card, my mind could not grasp it due to the adrenaline rush.
My aunt said "His name is Sarvagun".

Forget about seeing the guy, I had not even heard this name in my lifetime. Even the mere thought of spending my life with some stranger about whom I did not know even a little, gave me shiver. I heard someone speaking in the distance that the groom works for export and import company. Now the only thing I knew about my to-be-husband was that his name and his profession. Tears flowed down my cheeks again.

I missed him. Once again every moment spent with him played in front of my eyes. I cursed my fate. There was a strange sense of fear of loosing him for ever. I was trembling as the sweat slowly trickled down my forehead.

And then....

I heard a strong masculine voice shaking me "Wake up Sonia its 8. Even today you will be late to work ". I got up with a start and saw my husband lying next to me. A sense of relief embraced me. I thanked god that it was just a dream. I hugged him tight as I will never let him go. He asked what happened to me. I told him about my dream. He laughed and hugged me tight.

We might not realize the depth of our love for someone in day to day life. So, sometimes a nightmare is needed to know how much we love them. 

I have completed one year of my arranged marriage this month and now even the mere dream of going away from my husband has shaken me to my soul. My husband kept making fun of my dream all day long. I am watching a lot of serials (daily soaps) these days. I strongly feel my dream could be a good masala for a daily soap episode. :-P

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Recharged hair.. Recharged Life..

I have been hearing many stories since I was a child on how confidence changes ones life. Seldom did I believe that such thing existed. But, as they say nothing is permanent in this world, there came a day that changed everything. The day which not only gave me confidence but also evoked a feeling of completeness in me.

This year 2014, started with the rush of Indiblogger Sunsilk Contest. Initially when I heard of this product I was not sure what exactly this product is as it was something new in the market. Moreover, everyday a new shampoo launches with the promises to give silky-long-dark-thick-strong hair. But, I am not among one who keeps changing the product I use, every now and then. Being a loyal user of a GXXNXXR Shampoo and Conditioner from almost a decade I never imagined to change my shampoo even though my hair fall had increased a lot. Only solution that I had found was to chop down my hair to the shoulder length so that they would not get tangled and obviously not break. Days passed into months but my hair fall did not stop. I kept on ignoring it only until I met a old friend of mine who was shocked to see my reduced hair. Yes! My once thick-shiny hair had completely lost its charm. 

This incident alarmed me to take some action and save my hair from becoming even more worse. From then onward I decided that it's a high time now to change my shampoo. There begin my search for a good shampoo and a conditioner. But, to choose one right shampoo out of 1000's was not a easy task. There was I, once again in confused state, wishing to get some magical wand which could solve my problem. 

It was during this time I came across Indiblogger Sunsilk contest and I participated in it. Within few days I received a beautiful gift hamper from Sunsilk for participating in the contest. The hamper consisted of a Shampoo and a conditioner beautifully placed in between the green leaves, packed in a creatively designed container. This brought an end to my search. What else I needed? I immediately dumped my earlier shampoo and began to use this new one. 
Gift hamper by Sunsilk

To my surprise right from the first use I found that my hair fall had visibly reduced. The amazing smell from this product keeps me fresh all day long. The Ginseng root and oil contents in this product moisturizes every hair. Now, after using this shampoo and conditioner regularly since a month, I can see no more fallen dead hair strands on my pillow. My hair has slowly gained back its lustrous shine and I have gained a sense of completeness in me.

Few days later I got a mail in my Inbox. It was a mail from Indiblogger stating that I am the second runner up for the Sunsilk Contest that I have participated. My excitement knew no bound. After all, Sunsilk gave me one more reason to smile. This was the first time I won for a contest on IndiBlogger. Now I am even more confident when it comes to writing. Truly Sunsilk has not only recharged my hair but also my life.
Snapshot of the runner up page in Sunsilk Contest

As though all these exciting things were not enough, Sunsilk again decided to send us the free samples of Shampoo and Conditioner. Even this time I was left in awe after seeing the beautiful packing of the product. Now there is no way to look behind. I don't mind saying I am one loyal user of this wonderful product. 
Thank You Sunsilk !
Shampoo and conditioner sample by Sunsilk

I am not saying one will have a hair like Rapunzel by using Sunsilk recharge Shampoo and Conditioner. But, I am sure that this product is capable to beat the present shampoo that you are using. 

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Monday, 12 May 2014

365 days of happiness and still counting...

Its been one year today and yet it seems just like yesterday when we were united eternally in the bond of marriage. In between that day and today, I have felt the love in me only increasing with the every passing day. The more I knew you, the more I have fallen for you.

Today when I think of this same day as last year I remember how confused I was then. Not knowing where this life was taking me. Leaving everything on fate, completely unaware of each other, we began building the castle of our dreams.

Today after one whole year when I look behind, all I can see is our beautiful journey from being strangers to becoming soulmates. I can see how much I have changed and how graceful this change has been. I have changed from an irresponsible spoilt girl into a responsible sensible women with you in such a short time.

The way you support me everytime I get an interview call and motivate me to keep trying even though I have failed so many times in interview is one thing that keeps me going. Some times you make me wonder how do you know the art to handle my mood swings in such a perfect way. You exactly know when I am tired and when I am over enthusiastic. The way you take care of my every little thing, whether it may be your continue reminders to oil my hair every week or it may be to pack both of ours tiffin box early morning when I be in total hurry to wind up with other work, is truly lovable. Its only because of your support that today I am able to manage my office and house effortlessly.

I feel glad everytime, when I see that I am going to spend my entire life with a person like you. This one year was the most wonderful year of my life and I am happy that many more such years are awaiting to come ahead. 

I am left with no words to thank you enough for being such a loving husband. The only thing I can say now is,


Saturday, 5 April 2014

Cloud Power!!! A Quick Solution for the Big Disasters.

Won a Microsoft Certification Exam for this post.

“Slow and steady wins the race”. I heard this slogan when I was a child and always thought, this is a mantra to be successful.  But, it was only until I joined IT profession as a Software Developer. It did not take me much time to realize that this slogan has no place in today’s fast paced era. Here, in this place you either have to be fast or screw yourself for being slow.

The only expectation from you is to give good quality software/service that too in very less time. The deadlines mock at you with the every passing second. In such a case the only aim in programmers mind is to finish off the task in hand as soon as possible without wasting any time.

Every programmer would love to be correct right in their first attempt while writing a new code to avoid scrap and rework and most importantly to avoid frustration. More over what if someone asks you to rewrite the same old existing code once again? Well, writing such unnecessary code would only add the wastage of resources which in turn could be utilized in concentrating in some other productive work.

Thanks to cloud computing for being there and bringing an end to such issues.

What is Cloud Computing?

If someone would have asked me this question 10 years back then it was acceptable. But now cloud computing being so extensively used, almost everyone related to IT sector have hit the search engine to know anything and everything about this term creating so much buzz.

But yet, to summarize in simple terms “Cloud Computing is sharing and using the computing resources hosted on the internet rather than having our own local resources”. These resources can be anything like virtual machines, database, servers, software applications and so on.

To make it even more simpler let us consider an Example of a new Online Shopping Website named ‘’. Now initially when this was launched not many people knew about it and so even the visitor traffic was very less. But with the each passing day this site began to gain the popularity. More and more people visited to shop from Shopkart.The servers were not able to handle so much of load and the performance of the site began to gradually reduce. Inturn, increasing the risk of financial loss due to customer dissatisfaction. To overcome from this difficulty the new servers had to be brought and accordingly the code had to rewritten for the entire application to make it more vulnerable, to handle load and stress of increasing traffic. But this disaster recovery was time consuming as well as costly.

So, the Shopkart decided to go for cloud. Instead of rewriting the entire code the application was just migrated to cloud saving a lot of time of developers from rewriting the existing code. Also the servers were shared from cloud and this prevented the huge cost overhead for getting new own servers. This was a quick, efficient, reliable and cost friendly solution by which the people shopping from Shopkart had always a happy experience.

By this we come to a conclusion that with cloud computing a company can speed up and reduce the costs of existing processes. They make setting up of online applications extremely easier and much cheaper, then before. If we wouldn’t have cloud computing then most of the developer’s time would be wasted in figuring out the server and setting up the routers. But, now we are able to instead focus on actual product as all these things are taken care by cloud.

Click the below image to migrate to cloud and enjoy the benifits...

Monday, 10 March 2014

Smell the hell...

We are been blessed with so many things from the almighty. He created this beautiful world and showered on us with unbeatable and uncountable things. Just imagine, how would the earth be if there was no colour, no sound, no music or no smell. Would it be the same as it is now? Can't even imagine the world without these things right?

Well, let us take a moment now and think. How many times do we really appreciate the good things? Hmm.. We do it sometimes,isn't it?
But, We do appreciate good things only because we know how the evil things are. And that is why god created the evil along with the good. With music came noise and with the good smell came the bad one. Once the god found out that there is no appreciation for the good sound, he created noise. Similarly, when he realized that the people started to take the good smell he created for granted, he just created the bad one as well and said, "Smell the hell..."

            Now this imports my mind back to the days when few of the incidents, I had to experience, when I have literally "Smelled the hell ". Let me share some of them with you.

           One day I was late to office. Since I travel by bus to my office, I had no other option but get into a bus fully crowded. However, I just managed to fit my self in a very little space available. While I was struggling to avoid from being sandwiched in between the other people in the bus, my nose suddenly smelled some kind of a hell of a smell. Initially I could not make it out from where the smell was coming from. But it did not take me much time to find out that this rat like a smell was from one of the man standing near me. The smell was becoming more and more unbearable as the time was passing. I couldn't take it any more and just wanted to breath a fresh air. So, I pushed myself in between the crowded people and somehow managed to reach the bus door and got down from the bus as soon as the bus stopped and inhaled a gallons of a fresh air. Aahh.. relaxed. I did not mind being late for some more time. To me saving my self from the life threatening smell was more important then my boss screwing me for being late to the office.

           The most stinkiest smells, that I often get to smell are in the trains and buses. One can find every kinda odour available in the world in this crowded public transports. If someone had to do some research on most stinkiest smell on the planet then all you have to do is just board some train or bus in India and you are done. Every kind of smell will be available to you free of cost.

           Well, the stinky guy from the bus was however for time being. Just imagine what would you do if you had to stay with a stinky person at your room. During my college days I had a room mate who use to have shower once in 2 days. And God forbids, if there were the examinations going on, then this girl would not have the shower for days together. That would not affect her in anyways, but we, being her room mate would die because of the stinking smell of hers. This time there were no escape also. One day we decided to discuss with her the reason for her not having bath regularly. She replied,"Its very cold outside and there is no hot water available in hostel". Honestly when I heard of this contest in Indiblogger I just remembered my room mate. I wish I knew of Racold Water heaters then. I would have definitely gifted her one and save my self from the horrible smell.

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Hairy Tale...

Every girl's heart is a cocoon of thousands of wishes. May it be a girl next door who has never applied a hint of makeup in her lifetime or may it be someone titled as Miss Universe. The wishes are the one common factor that binds all the girls in one group despite of any differences.

To burn out that extra flab bulging out from the hips, to have a clean and clear complexion, to master the art of  applying the eye liner perfectly, to be a better cook, to eat her's heart's content without caring of the calorie count, to find a true love. The list that occupies a special place in every girl's heart is never ending.

I am no different. Like any other girl even I have a special wish. A wish that grew in my heart when I read a fairy tale of Rapunzel. It is a story of a girl with a long and strong hair who was been caught by an enchantress who shut her in a tower which had neither stairs nor door but only one window. But one fine day her prince climbs the tower with the help of her strong hair and reaches her. And then they fall in love and live happily ever after.

My wish is something similar. Well, not to have so long hair as Rapunzel but to have thick dark hair to my waist. To have most wonderful tresses anyone can ever imagine, smooth and silky, falling thick and full clear to my waist, rippling and flowing down my back like liquid sunshine. Hair on which I could actually sit. Every time I pulled a brush through them, they should shine like a diamond. To be blessed with each hair as soft as a silk strand and as strong as a metal string. Which I could proudly flaunt where ever I go and delight the feel of those magnificent masses floating down my back when the breeze played with it vibrantly that made every girl envious and left every guy in an awe. Hair flowing like a river when untied and when tied the escaped side locks dancing with joy to the rhythm of the breeze and tickling my face with its soft touch. Hair which I could easily convert into naughty when partying out or turn them elegant while attending a family function. Graceful in either ways.

But as we know, not all dreams come true. As I grew up I realized managing long beautiful hair isn't easy at all. It needs a lot of care and time which I rarely have. Moreover the pollution sucks out life from every hair of yours and  all you can do is helplessly collect those fallen strands where ever you move in your house and throw them in dustbin. My wish to have long beautiful hair died hundred deaths everyday with my every fallen hair. Due to this reason I never let my hair grow beyond my shoulder so that I could protect it from falling. But my wish for long hair is still within my heart. I pray someday I get some magical wand that could make my wish come true.

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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Yes!!! Priorities do change with time...

It's a strange feeling these days when I open my Facebook account. Its just like yesterday my Facebook feed use to be flooded with the pics of the beautiful girls dressed in super amazing outfit partying hard and today all I can see is the same girls posting their wedding pics or pics either with their babies or with baby bump. 

They say that the marriage changes everything. Yes! that's true. It has beautifully changed my dull boring routine life suddenly into a fairy tale. Well, not everyone are equally lucky. It all depends on the person you choose to spend your entire life with. Mine is an arrange marriage. And I totally believe arrange marriage is like gambling with your own life. If you are lucky enough you win happiness for a lifetime and if your stars aren't with you then its a hell forever. I am lucky enough to get a life partner like Deep. He is someone who cares without limit and love without boundaries. Hmmm.. something like "unconditional" wala love. He plays a guitar for me, cooks food for me when I am bored of cooking, gets bugged but still watches any of my stupidest favorite movie with me without complain, food ordered in restaurant is always according to my choice, he eats anything and everything I cook even if the food is spicy, bitter, salty or has no salt at all, I become a total kid when I am with him and he takes care of me with all his heart. What more then this can a girl ask for! :-)

Life is changing even more rapidly. The things for which I was crazy just a few months back interests me no more. Expense tracker app on my cell phone is more active then whatsapp now. My eyes whose attention was once grabbed by designer bags and sandals now checks out fresh vegetables or house decorative items shops. Just few months back the biggest task for my mom was to wake me up in the morning and now this little Mumma's girl is managing house and work at the same time in a complete new city. Journey from a small town to the busiest metro city of India, Mumbai was never difficult or tiring. As my companion in this journey has taken care of me in every single step that I took.

Year 2013 was a roller coaster ride for me. Life changed and so did priorities. In this one year I quit one job, got married, shifted to new city Pune, once again shifted to a new city Mumbai, joined a new job. Though I am left with no time for myself I am just loving the life I am living.